Sakura’s J-pop Coner – Momoiro Clover are going to the USA ! ! !


Momoiro Clover Z

Hi J-Poppers ! ! !

Great news ! ! !  The fablous Momoiro Clover Z are going to perform in the USA ! ! !

If you have never heard of them . . .well  . . . .WAKE UP ! ! !

They are a great mix of J-pop Idol, punk, heavy metal and  . . .well Momoiro Clover ! ! !

They are my favoutite Idol group just now and are really famous for thier fantastic live shows, so if you can go and see them ! ! !

Here two clips of them in action ! ! !

Momoiro clover Z  – Saraba Itoshiki Kanashimi-Tachi Yo

And of  course you need to learn the chants the fan can sing when they perform . . .

Momoiro Clover Z – Yumeno Ukiyoni Saitemina

If you can make any of the shows – I promise you will love them ! ! !

4 thoughts on “Sakura’s J-pop Coner – Momoiro Clover are going to the USA ! ! !

    • I hope they do ! ! ! Thank you for reading and taking the time to comment. Actually I am thinking of writting a post about how and why they are they became the biggest live act in Japan. I think it is an interesting story. I just need to find the time ! ! !

      I hope you are well and happy


      Sakura x x x

  1. It does look like a spectacular show. Not the kind of thing I would go to see as a rule but probably a lot of fun if you are actually there. Anyway, I hope they do well in the USA.

    • Hi Severin! They really are a lot of fun and the shows are really spectacular! Thanks for reading and commenting ! ! !

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