Sounds on Sunday (3)

So much music, so little time, I will have to re-name this feature “Sounds in the Early Hours of Monday Morning”. Tonight I have a Soundcloud playlist for you, let me know what you think in the comments section below:

1. Indian folk-pop duo Parekh & Singh from Kolkata with “Philosophize,” ” a windswept tune about feeling out of place in ones’ surroundings, written while the duo were living in India about a shared longing towards the west.” They are the latest signees to Peace Frog Records (Little DragonJose Gonazelez).

2. From the USA, Fiamma, and “Naked” – her debut song, “a mix of vintage rock with trap and hard electronics”.

3. Liverpool band The Shipbuilders – nostalgic single released earlier this month, “Feeling in my Pocket“.

4. From Manchester, a very catchy song from Liam Browne and The Love – “Baby Grow” – ” they have a bit of a cult following and their music crosses into many different genres, giving it a uniqueness. Liam can rap, sing and provide eloquent spoken word, he is a man of many talents and has plenty of stories to go with it.”

5. From NYC, Opvs & Ye. – “Stranded” – a  collaboration by the producers Opvs from NYC,  “and the rising star we’ve come to know as ye. out of Syracuse, NY… following his most recent track, ‘hlsy flip,’ which peaked at #1 on Hype Machine.”

6. From Los Angeles, Sidizen King / The Strike – “Eye for an Eye” – “It’s a weird/ unconventional mix of nu disco, hip hop, funk, and pop but I’m hopeful that it will find its audience.”

7.  Also from Los Angeles – The Otherside – “California King” – funk rock?

6 thoughts on “Sounds on Sunday (3)

  1. I liked the first four. And my “meh” on hearing the first notes of the Naked track disappeared. So that was good as was Feeling in my pocket. The Shipbuilders need a more creative sound engineer/producer. (Jimmy Page by the looks of what he is doing with the Led Zep catalogue is available)
    The last three didn’t give much “pull” as we say here. Still all the best to all and their endeavours.
    I’m repeating myself but lovely thread Ali: Thanks so much.
    My suggestion: There’s a gypsy band out of Austria (I think) who have been gradually garnering accolades over the past couple of years.

    Their site
    And two clips – Hypnotize me is from their first record last year
    while the second Dirty is later. They jam with You Tube sensations Post Modern Jukebox as well,

    Hypnotize Me

    • Love Marina and the Kats. Tried to buy the first album on iTunes but it says it’s not available (although you can preview it). However they are releasing the second album on 4 November, all being well, so definitely worth looking out for. Of the others I like Liam Browne and The Love best, my son really liked it too. Also Parekh and Singh.

  2. Got a chance to listen at last. Standout for me was the t’riffic off kilter Opvs track, like bats trapped in a drum machine.

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