Tune of the Week #3

Challenge rules for any newbies – pretty simple and not too strict.   Just pick a tune you heard this week and want to share, and add it to the playlist.  Could be a new release, discovered or rediscovered oldie, a tune you stumbled across, or what you’re listening to these days.

Ravi is a genius and finally got the link sorted for adding to the list yourselves – for future reference for anyone else attempting a collab playlist, you just have to hotlink it in some text.  I hope.

Try This Link

Not a new release but newtome this week – released on EP in 2012.  Seems that one of my printmaking teachers has musical taste right up my alley, and not much on her playlists i can quibble with – dream pop and psych that’s perfect to work to. Especially as, like Shane, i’ve been a bit melancholy on and off these days.  Lovely stuff.

32 thoughts on “Tune of the Week #3

  1. Thanks for the compliment. It works for me and I will add Walls by Kings of Leon though The Boss has a couple of neat songs as well as Leonard Cohen.

      • Never been a big fan either. I heard them on one of the TV talk shows and quite liked what I heard. There’s another number in the album called Muchacho that’s also good. And I don’t think they’re going folie, just improving the song writing (hopefully).

  2. Last Saturday we went to an all-day indoor festival, across multiple locations in Bristol called Simple Things. This was mainly to see Steve Mason and Warpaint but there are so many things to see and listen to that we arrived in time to see the opening acts.

    One person I particularly enjoyed was Kayla Painter, who is a Bristol-based ambient musician, producer and remixer that I’d not previously heard of, but whose show was brilliant, with Kayla sandwiched between two huge transparent screens upon which videos and lighting and graphic effects were projected. I’ve put one of her videos on the playlist but here is a link to her Soundcloud page – https://soundcloud.com/misskaylapainter

  3. My sister, brother and niece all went to a gig last week but I stayed at home. They saw British group, Dana Immanuel and the Stolen Band and compared them to Katzenjammer which I can hear. Kind of.
    I have added a vid to the list but it seems to have arrived at the top and I can’t seem to change that. Here is a sound cloud thingy too.


  4. Has to be Ravi’s find (mentioned in “Sounds on Sunday”) – Marina and the Kats – Dirty. Will try and add it to the playlist.

  5. Have been listening to a lot of harsh noise this week and deepening my appreciation for Prurient and his Hospital Productions label, but I won’t subject everyone to that if melancholia is in the air.

    Instead here’s a banging tune from my favourite label of the year, Orange Milk. I don’t really know how to describe this, so I’ll just call it future everything!

    Honnda – Box Outs

    …should be on the playlist

  6. Amy, did you add Cigarettes After Sex? It reminded me of Lana Del Ray’s delivery and Rowland S Howard’s discordance. I am adding David Bowie’s Heat, because it came up on shuffle this morning and I remembered how much I love the bass and the deepness of his vocal. Could be later Scott Walker

    • yep, it’s mine. I like the Lana Del Rey comparison, i’ve found to my surprise that i quite like a lot of her work. I’ve heard comparisons to Mazzy Star too.

  7. I got the release of the early collection of stuff by the short lived Folk Devils who I liked a lot in the 80’s. The album is called Beautiful Monsters, named after one of their singles. They were fronted by vocalist Ian Lowery who’s lyrics, vocals and whole demeanour were magnificently acerbic. So I’ll add a B side, Art Ghetto, to the playlist and remember jumping around to it in my youth!

  8. Like Panthersan I’ve been listening to a lot of noise this week. Sometimes you just have to. I read an interview with Aiden Moffat of Arab Strap in The Quietus where he talked through 13 records that were important to him. Many of them I knew, but one he had a lot to say about was Spiderland by Slint. Never heard of them, but have now listened to the 6 songs on Spiderland at least 4 times this week and am totally captivated by it. I’ll see if I can add a track to the list. Quiet noise is how is describe it….

  9. I added The Close Lobsters.

    vanwolf recommended “Going to Heaven to See if it Rains” a couple of weeks ago and since then I’ve been on a bit of a C86/jangle pop rush. Anyway, I saw the Close Lobsters had made some new tunes… And, damn me! C86/jangle pop filtered through all those years of being an adult. The melancholy! The melancholy!

    My favourite ever stupid phrase Things will never be the same Now now now now Now now now now Now now now now Now now now now Now now now now Now now now now Now now now now Now now now now We’re raised on a plateau but I’m forever slipping. Haunting the scene of our own repression. … These are the lands of lost contentment. Hang onto the good times. Everywhere they they come. Hang onto the good times. When and if you can.

  10. I’ve been with my mum in hospital the past few days – listening to The Radio Dept. – ‘Teach Me To Forget’ has put an interesting spin on my emotions – the lyrics are melancholy yet the music in isolation would be the basis of a banging rave track.
    Should be added to the playlist.

  11. I’ve recently discovered Radio Birdman (only 40 years too late!!) and their debut album Radios Appear which is an absolute classic, they were an almost unknown and certainly underappreciated Australian early punk band and although this song sounds more like Blue Oyster Cult the album bristles with energy and class

    Man With Golden Helmet – Radio Birdman

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