Sounds on Sunday (4)


Quite a variety for you this week, I hope you find something new to enjoy. Please let me know what you think in the comments section below, and don’t forget to recommend any new sounds you’ve heard.

Tired Lion – Agoraphobia – Aussie band Tired Lion released this on 28 October. They say: “If you sit back and take in the energy of what we are playing and what it’s all about, it’s a direct view into the looking glass that is collectively our lives – be it happy, sad or confusing. We’re passionate about bringing to people a fresh take on what is a nostalgic sound.”

Wade Bowen – Saturday Night – For Americana fans, Texas country artists Wade Bowen and Willy Braun (Reckless Kelly, Braun Brothers) are touring the UK in November, starting at Borderline in London on 10 November and taking in Brighton, Bristol, Nottingham, York, Leeds, Manchester, Liverpool and Glasgow.

Thanks Light – Family Jewels – Also from Texas, Thanks Light released their new album “Psychonauts”, from which this track is taken, on 14 October. “Thanks Light has previously been compared to Man Man At the Drive-In and Modest Mouse with a dash of outlaw country!

Chickn – Shifting Time Blues – something very different, “Greek Dionysian band Chickn recently released their self-titled debut album, on October 10th via Inner Ear Records. Chickn is a modular music band formed during the Christmas holidays of 2012 in Athens. Bringing together an assemblage of musicians whose primary work has been influenced by Eastern Mediterranean music, psychedelic and kraut rock.” I shall certainly be listening to more.

Katie Kim – Salt: Katie Kim is the pseudonym of Waterford singer Katie Sullivan, who performs slowcore, ethereal, ambient folk/pop. Katie has been putting the finishing touches to her third full-length album entitled “Salt” and is excited to announce a release date of the 14th October 2016”.

Cal Kehoe – Fiasco: “Cal’s “live looping” styles have been compared to Andrew Bird, Ed Sheeran, Tune Yards, Reggie Watts, KT Tunstall, and Keller Williams, however Cal brings his own distinct and unique style and interpretation to the stage. His performances are a blend of original music and interpretations of some of the greatest music of our times … e.g. …The Grateful Dead, Allman Brothers, Phish, Marvin Gaye and Michael Jackson, Bruno Mars and Lorde.” New EP “Batting Practice” is available now.

Hare Squead – Long Way To Go:Long Way To Go’ showcases the unique dynamic between the smooth delivery of rappers Tony Konstone and E-Knock and the soul-laden vocals of singer Jessy Rose. The trio met in their hometown of Dublin through a mutual love of skateboarding and have made a distinct impression in Ireland this year, playing to huge crowds at Longitude and Electric Picnic festivals in the summer before a sold out show at Dublin’s Button Factory in September.

Chyomin – Growin’:  The Chicago-based psychedelic blues band will soon be releasing their first single “Growin” from upcoming LP “Rambler”, due out on 22 November. Here is a preview.







5 thoughts on “Sounds on Sunday (4)

  1. Tired Lion – Agoraphobia I am not really much of a grunge fan, so this wasn’t really my thing, but it seemed a well-constructed song.

    Wade Bowen – Saturday Night I’ve heard this before and I like it. In fact, I like it a lot.

    Thanks Light – Family Jewels Ooh! This one is nice. I like the unhinged quality about it. Texas garage psych is great.

    Chickn – Shifting Time Blues Intriguing, atmospheric intro. I am liking this already. Is it 1969 again? This is great. Half way through it has a kind of Baba O’Reilly feel to it in the long instrumental phase. In fact, it reminds me of post-Tommy Who quite a bit, with early Hawkwind and Floyd mixed in. I’d happily sit through more of this sort of thing. Brill.

    Katie Kim – Salt The description “slowcore, ethereal, ambient folk/pop” had me interested before it even started. This was absolutely wonderful stuff, elusive, shifting sounds that just demanded attention.

    Cal Kehoe – Fiasco The mention of Ed Sheeran worried me, but it didn’t sound like him, so that was OK. This was alright, but it did sound like a pastiche of a lot of mid-70s power pop. Not sure that I’d call Bruno Mars and Lorde some of the greatest music of our times, though.

    Hare Squead – Long Way To Go I liked this a lot more than I thought I would. I enjoyed the 1980s R’n’B vibe to it and the rapping reminded me of MC Solaar a bit. It could easily be a radio-friendly single.

    Chyomin – Growin’ Chicago-based psychedelic blues? Oh, yes please. That sounds right up my street. I did like the singer a lot. His sleazy, somewhat menacing delivery was just right, reminiscent of Tom Waits, and the wah-wah (autowah, maybe?) guitar added the perfect feel to the song. Would I buy some psychedelic blotting paper from these guys? Maybe, but only if they promise to put the switchblade away first.

  2. Thanks for the comments, there is some interesting music here. I really like Chickn, for all the reasons Carole has so eloquently given, but surprised myself by liking Hare Squead too, although rap isn’t usually my thing. This isn’t to say I didn’t like anything else, but these were the two that caught my attention.

  3. Quite a varied selection. I liked Tired Lion, Katie Kim and Chickn (on a second play) rather a lot. The others all ok although Wade Bowen and Cal Kehoe weren’t really to my taste.

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