The Day Of The Dead

The Day Of The Dead seems an appropriate time to remember with fondness Jerry, Pigpen, Keith, Brent and Vince and to post a playlist of the 15 Deadsongs now in the Marconium (sorry, Dorian).


I’ve chosen different versions of the songs than I would normally, and even thrown in some post-1980 versions, so maybe there is something you might like in there….. I was tempted to keep the sequence in which they were A-listed, but the last couple just had to appear at the end, given their lyrics.

1. Ripple (Sep 26 1980), picked for Gifts and Giving.

2. Alligator (Feb 14 1970), picked for Reptiles.

3. Uncle John’s Band (May 4 1972), picked for Community.

4. Dark Star (Aug 27 1972), picked for Super Solos.

5. The Eleven (Aug 24 1968), picked for Numbers.

6. China Cat Sunflower (Nov 11 1973), picked for Surreal Songs. I Know You Rider, as ever, follows it.

7. New Speedway Boogie (Dec 20 1969), picked for Concerts. Robert Hunter’s reflections on the Altamont tragedy, played here for the first time, 14 days after the event and a few miles distant from it.

8. St. Stephen (Jun 18 1976), picked for Philosophers.

9. Franklin’s Tower (Oct 10 1989), picked for Inheritance.

10. The Music Never Stopped (Apr 21, 1978), picked for Mood-changing Music.

11. Truckin’ (May 13, 1972), picked for One Word Titles.

12 . Jack Straw (May 17, 1977), picked for Intriguing Narratives.

13. Victim or the Crime (Oct 8 1989), picked for Chicken and Egg Songs.

14. Touch of Grey (Jul 9, 1995), picked for Ages. From the last Grateful Dead concert: ‘We will survive….

15. Box of Rain (May 26, 1993), picked for Kindness. ‘Such a long, long time to be gone and a short time to be there.’

Sorry the sound levels are rather erratic….

4 thoughts on “The Day Of The Dead

  1. Way past the check-in window for this post, I know, but there are a couple of gems already in this November’s giveaway ( the Weather Report Suite/Stella Blue from the 5th and today’s Attics Of My Life, for instance. The intervening Music Never Stopped has some fine elements too, as does the 1st’s Dark Star. All have wonderfully fragile moments of not-quite-knowing-where-we-go-now-but-going-there-anyway…… (and some not-quite-in-tune guitar).

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