Sounds on Sunday (5)

Welcome to this weeks new sounds, I hope you find something to enjoy. Please let me have your thoughts in the comments below, and include any new music that you’d like to share.

The first of two playlists this week is the latest “PUZZLE” mixtape from Polish jazz septet Electro-Acoustic Beat Sessions. Vocal guests include Jeru The Damaja, M.E.D., Coultrain and Ben LaMar and also some jazzy interpretations of songs by A Tribe Called Quest and Pete Rock. Sort of jazz, sort of hip-hop – not something I’m qualified to review but I listened to the album and enjoyed it more and more as it progressed – an echo of Weather Report here and there, I think. Abahachi is probably the man to go to for a critique. Anyway, it’s available for free download. There is also a press notice here, with more details about EABS:

Playlist number two features seven different artists:

TRI – “Neuronic” – Sort of lounge jazz. Sort of swing. Sort of electronic. Sort of good. From the USA, I think – this is all I know.

Transport Band – A Może By (Jazxing Edit) – I found this all by myself. Sort of Polish disco with a Reggae vibe. No idea what it’s about but it’s catchy. Google Translate gives it as “A Can To”, which isn’t helpful.

Frozen Houses – Economic Survivor – Frozen Houses is / are releasing this single on 10 November. Its fully DIY / Indie in the spirit of his / their EP. It was recorded in Porthtowan, Cornwall. Very evocative.

Grasshole – Ken Oath’s Conundrum – Karis Hawkins, guitarist and singer of rock band “Grasshole” from Melbourne, Australia has kindly given The ‘Spill access to the band’s first two new EPs: Their sound crosses a few genres including Garage/Grunge/Heavy Rock/Stoner/Punk and has a progressive tinge to it. The band will release their first full length album in early 2017 and have just finished recording bass tracks in Sweden with producer Pedro Ferreira, who has worked with huge names including Joe Strummer, The Darkness and Ray Manzarek. Here is a link for further details, they also have a Facebook page:

Tallisker – Salanfe: Interesting new single from Parisian electronic producer, Tallisker. The DIY solo project of Eléonore Melisande, Tallisker mixes Victorian and baroque style with electronic and trap aesthetics and is set to release her EP, Heliotrop on November 11th. Having won the prestigious Les inRocks magazine award last year, the artist is off to a promising start and has been compared to the likes of Bjork, Skott and BANKS so far.

SLØTFACE – Empire Records – Norwegian pop/punk band SLØTFACE will be releasing their new EP on 18 November, this is the title track. “It’s pretty much a silly song about running away to dusty record stores when you’re sick of normal life,” explains vocalist Haley Shea. “I’ve always dreamed about working in a place like Empire Records or Championship Vinyl from High Fidelity. I just think record stores are magical places for people who love music and they make me very happy.” Sounds good to me.

Gallery 47 – Mothers Plan – For fans of Iron and Wine, Ultimate Painting, The Shins, Morgan Delt – Gallery 47 is Jack Peachey, a 20-something singer-songwriter. Here is an excellent review from The Guardian in 2013: and more details from “A Badge of Friendship” (a music PR company):

5 thoughts on “Sounds on Sunday (5)

  1. On a quick listen I liked Frozen Houses, Grasshole and SLOTFACE. I will get through the first playlist soon. As for new music, I came across a group called American Wrestlers with a lead off song called Vote Thatcher. It’s okay.

  2. Quite enjoyed Frozen Houses and Gallery 47, but I’m in full goth mode at the moment due to the time of year, so nothing delighted me entirely. Thank you for sharing though.

  3. I’ve finally got round to listening to this. I have to say that the hip hop/jazz crossover is a genre that I enjoy more and more as time passes. So, I really liked the Electro-Acoustic Beat Sessions mixtape a lot. In fact, I’ve downloaded it so I can listen to it in the future. I did get a bit of Weather Report, but also odd bits of people like Donny Hathaway too, and, of course Guru and Us3. Yeah, terrific stuff.

    And on to the rest;

    TRI – “Neuronic” Yeah, sort of OK. It suffered coming immediately after the EABS mixtape, though, to my ears.

    Transport Band – A Może By (Jazxing Edit) This was pleasant enough, but I wanted more going on. I kept wanting it to get all heavy dub and echoes and reverb. It outstayed its welcome, I’m afraid.

    Frozen Houses – Economic Survivor I rather liked this one. Evocative sums it up nicely.

    Grasshole – Ken Oath’s Conundrum More grunge than prog, I’d say, with a bit of old school 80s metal thrown in. It was OK, but didn’t grip me, mainly because it sounded so derivative.

    Tallisker – Salanfe Yes, this was really interesting. I liked it a lot.

    SLØTFACE – Empire Records A fun pop record, really. Nothing wrong with that at all.

    Gallery 47 – Mothers Plan This really reminds me of something, but I cannot put my finger on what, exactly. His voice is quite annoying, but the music is quite nice.

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