Tune of the Week #5

A fine playlist from last week.  It works like this – pick a tune you heard this week and want to share, and add it to the playlist.  Could be a new release, discovered or rediscovered oldie, a tune you stumbled across, or what you’re listening to these days, and add it to the list.

Add Your Tune Here

Caught up with a few more 2016 releases this week.  Heard a Roxy Music cover in the drugstore, still have no idea who it was.  Who knew there were so many covers of More Than This.  Listened to Stuart Staples somewhat passably channel Brian Ferry, but kind of unimpressed by the Tindersticks this year.  Animal Collective has to wait for another time, as it was a bit too bouncy for my current frame of mind.  On the other hand, DIIV’s Is the Is Are was lovely and perfect.  Was sure my pick from this week was going to be something from Aussie psych rockers King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard, which is another from my printmaking teacher’s playlist.  The languid God is in the Rhythm  could be a long lost White Album outtake, while this year’s Robot Stop kicks it up a few notches.  But i’ll be perverse and put up this one. Sorry, but it rocks – Raga rock with a bit of Iron Butterfly.

19 thoughts on “Tune of the Week #5

  1. Love the DIIV CD – one that my daughter likes along with Real Estate and Wild Nothing. :). Anyway, in a guitarish mood, so I added Black Twig’s Sunday TV which is short, jangly and thrashy: reminds me of Felt.

    • definitely sounds like a “lawrencey” vocal going on. but lacking the brummie twang. good track.

      i didn’t quite love the Diiv record. really wanted it to have a darker sound that I think they capture live. maybe I got it wrong though and about time for another listen 🙂

      • Dunno. I maybe wouldn’t call it dark, but for all of that pretty guitarwork, I got a very melancholy vibe out of it all. I do think that I would have been better listening to it in chunks instead of all the way through. Sometime past the halfway point it started to grate a bit.

      • You know, I’ve never listened to it all the way through – 10 to 15 minute trips when I take the children to hobbies and back. Perfect listening for summer driving but now that I’ve changed to the louder winter tyres, I’ll probably return to the noisy and fast stuff… The kids don’t like that so much.

    • Different beasts, are they not?

      I always felt that earworms needed to have a history, something contemplated by the person who nominates them – those earworms might be new to the listeners – but a favorite and treasured track to make it qualify… even if it was only the past week that it was discovered by those that shout them; they do so with depth of understanding to the track.

      This – (and it’s a valiant effort by Amy to keep the ‘spill franchise going after the splitting of the mothership into ghettos – taking our time away from here) is: ‘a new release, discovered or rediscovered oldie, a tune you stumbled across, or what you’re listening to these days’ that quote is about instant gratification – a quick hit – a track that might well wear thin in another weeks time – it’s not an earworm (yet), it’s not a classic (yet) – it might never be. It’s a shout out – a question of a track – is it good? – is it whatever? – but whatever it is; it’s worth a 3 minute ‘Tune of the Week’.

      • Exactly, it’s nothing curated, nothing pondered, nothing thoughtfully assembled into a coherent playlist. And there’s a temporal factor there too – it may take a few weeks till your tune makes it put in context and onto the worms, and it would take a lot more time till the 12 or so tunes a week we put up here make it on – this is a quick and cheapo hit. It’s a chance to give a listen to something new and decide if you want to check it out more. It’s a collection of drive-bys and passing whims.

  2. I’ve added Beth Hart’s Love Is A Lie, a new clip from her latest album Fire on The Floor. It is 3 a.m. here and I’ll write more later when I check in through the day.

    • This was uploaded on her official YT channel just last week along with another. Her voice seems to have mellowed a bit. Nice slow burning blues.

  3. I took receipt today of a reissue of the Ghost Trade by Camberwell Now, one of the bands that followed This Heat. so i’ll put one of the tracks from this up.

    • How do you find such music Ali? I could not and would not have discovered or listened to this in my net crawls. Thanks.
      * and are you okay with Earworms account for the coming week or should I make a deposit?

  4. I found a live version of “Morning Dew” with Bonnie Dobson and Robert Plant from 2015. Bernard Butler is on guitar duties and Danny Thompson is playing double bass.

  5. After this morning’s nightmare US/world-impacting news, can someone please add The Bellrays’ Stupid Fuckin’ People to the list for me?

  6. This week I came across a most excellent track by psych/folk/rock combo Wolf People. The track is called Nigh Witch. Their album, Ruins, is out tomorrow (Friday 11th), but this track would have been excellent for the RR scary things topic. The lyrics are all the more disturbing because the singers voice is almost angelic sweet. I love it!

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