Effin’ Useless Brits.

IMG_4110.JPG I’m an hour and a half into a 7 mile journey to work, but only done a mile and a half!  I put my winter tyres on the car yesterday and  left the house early to clear the path and the car of snow.  Seemed only sensible to me;  why is that not the same for everybody ?

Mind you, in a world stupid enough to vote for Brexit and Donald Trump,  it seems hoping for common sense is increasingly forlorn.

I have got the self titled album from A Winged Victory For The Sullen  playing in the car to try to soothe me – as large quantities of Jack Daniels would not be advisable at this time in the morning.

Any thoughts on any of the above,  anyone?


11 thoughts on “Effin’ Useless Brits.

  1. I’ve never made the mistake of overestimating the collective intelligence of the population at large.

    Every year, the arrival of Winter seems to herald an mass outbreak of stupidity. It is almost as though people don’t remember that it tends to get cold around this time of year.

    • The irony is that I live in a village *renowned* for its inclement weather.
      It’s been superseded, so doesn’t work now, but the old community website address for Queensbury was http://www.itsnowsuphereinjune.co.uk

      There turned out to be no cause for the queue: no rear-wheel-drive BMWs furiously spitting snow impotently (remarkably), no jacknifed artics, no junction-jamming crashes, no buses sideways across sloping carriageways, nothing. And no snow deeper than an inch on the main roads!
      Nearly three hours to do just seven miles.
      You’re right, I shouldn’t be surprised at the annual appearance of useless British poor-weather driver, but somehow they always manage to achieve a new low in application of brain-before-gear.

    • Reminds me of Alistair Darling’s laconic reproach to the overground railway companies when they totally shut down in London as a few flakes fell – “Snowfall in January is hardly unexpected”

    • Oh I had to do that, sev, as I don’t have 4 spare wheels, only tyres. But for the grand sum of £20, also including a replacement bulb for my number plate light, it’s well worth it. The tyres I’m not using live in the shed, so nothing is wasted!

  2. Blame the immigrants and the women, Rich: we all need a demographic to vent our hatred on, it seems. Hitler understood that too.
    At least Trump will do his best to ensure the climate flips over into perpetual snow/heatwave sooner rather than later….. If the nuclear war doesn’t get us first. (I am so fucking angry right now at how short-sighted and selfish the human race seems to be.)

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