Trout Mask Replicants



This was a very bad idea. I should have stopped after The White Album and Blonde On Blonde but I had to try to be clever. It didn’t work. Captain Beefheart’s notoriously difficult/stunningly inspired double album was a step too far.

I couldn’t find a cover version for every song. The ones I could find tended to be by the same small group of people. Plus there is almost certainly a more limited audience for this one. An audience which may well have heard any available covers before. And I’m not even sure sure that’s a picture of a trout.

Anyway here it is. Incomplete as it may be, I hope you enjoy it. Suggestions of better covers welcome.*



*hang on – I meant to get the phrase “fast and bulbous” in there somewhere.

4 thoughts on “Trout Mask Replicants

  1. The only Captain Beefheart cover version that I can think of is Sonic Youth doing “Electricity”, and that song isn’t even on Trout Mask Replica

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