Sounds on Sunday (6)


This feature aims to bring you some new sounds selected from the many submissions we receive. Please let me know what you think in the comments below, and / or recommend any new music you’d like to share.

We start today with an album, “At Least we Had Fun”, from TWRR, a Parisian duo (Benjamin (vocals/machines) and Guillaume (choir/drums)). The press release says that: “Their work is influenced simultaneously by … Radiohead … Nicolas Jaar … Hot Chip and … A$AP Rocky. Nevertheless, the singular touch of Benjamin and Guillaume can be found in each and every track … These tracks are called Feels Like Home – a galactic and powerful piece – Water Frozen – which reminds us of Alt-J – A Man That I Don’t Know – magnificent flight close to trap music – On My Own – which is marked by a gracious piano ending. Each track is hiding (a) story coming from a personal experience of the two Parisians. This album is also the result of their curiosity, which led them to multiply the musical projects and to perform on a lot of different stages in France, from festival Printemps de Bourges to the iconic Maroquinerie in Paris. All the tracks of “At Least We Had Fun” have a great potential of radio plays, given the mix between the underground touch and the commercial side, close to a band like Foster the People or the clever musical side of Woodkid. The critics – from Inrockuptibles to Time through Stereogum – have already recognized this French break out, and they find in this band a modern gem, able to provide new sensations.”

On to a selection of sounds now, in a Youtube playlist:

Slater Slums – In Her Heart: A three-piece out of Huntington Beach, Calif., who came together in 2014, bonding over their common influences in ’70’s and ’90’s rock music.  They released a debut EP, “Fired Up” (available on Spotify, ITunes, and Amazon) earlier this year, and this is the first single “In Her Heart”.

Yossarian – Talking Too Loud: This London-based 3-piece band spent last year touring the UK, Europe, Asia and Australia. Ash hails from England, Joaquin from Argentina and Sam from Australia. Following their third crowdfunding campaign, they recently released a new album “Light Up My Head” and this track, “Talking Too Loud”, was recently released as a single.

The Bland – The Winner: An Americana band … from Sweden! “Some say they are the music world’s best-kept secret, others that they merge the 1970s with the 2010s in a way making both nostalgics and reformers sigh as of pleasure” – Sveriges Radio. Very earwormy.

Acid Waves – Oxygen: From Mexico, this talented duo started up in Yucatan in 2015 and not only play but also record and mix the sounds, and make their own videos. Instruments include synths, bass, guitar, drums and vocals, and they have been compared to Tame Impala, Ratatat and Justice.

The Settlement – She’s Alright: “A five-piece rare alternative/folk outfit, sticking to their southern stomp roots. Their journey is to develop and spread an Australian folk/roots sound, never to be pigeon- holed. Fuelled by fiddle and strong rhythm their music is bound to invoke! An exciting year looms … in 2016, with … festival gigging, and the release of their debut album.” The video is “reminiscent of a ’90’s Orgy (champagne, bacon, condoms filled with glitter).”

BA. – Kūną palikai/atsibudai: This translates as “Leave body / Awaken, according to Google. From Lithuania, BA. are Benas Aleksandravicius (vocal, guitar); Jonas Butvydas (drums) and Jean-Paul Marat (guitar). “BA. gained their first big recognition in 2013 with … their first video clip “Tai ne zmogus” (EP “Raktas”) produced by visual artists TWODICKS. A year and a half after, BA. released their second video for the song “Sugebet pasikeist”, which finally broke the ice for the band’s popularity. The successful collaboration with TWODICKS played a major role in “BA.” national acknowledgement. Together, these videos combine a trilogy – and this year release “Kūną palikai/atsibudai” (EP “SAULESUZTEMIMAS”) is the last part of it.”



4 thoughts on “Sounds on Sunday (6)

  1. I ran though the playlist just once Ali, so these thoughts are on spec as they say among the wheelers and dealers.
    I liked Slater Slums though I think their writing could do with a sharp boost in quality. The Bland was the best of the lot though I’m intrigued by the last BA. Thanks for doing this.
    As for a find there’s a sound track from a recently released movie about a corrupt politician molesting three girls and then having them prosecuted as the criminals. This song sort of enhances the bleakness of what the girls are going through.
    Why is this happening is the basic theme of this song called Kaari Kaari, that is composed by Shantanu Moitra (I’ve shared his music here). Anyway the singer is from the unfortunate Baluchistan – Qurat-Ul-Ain Balouch and written by Tanveer Ghazi

    For a verse by verse meaning

  2. Another first run through the list and I also liked The Bland most of this week’s offerings. Rather liked Acid Waves too but I think I need another listen to all.

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