Tune of the Week #6

Simple rule for newbies or stragglers – pick a tune you heard this week and want to share, and add it to the playlist.  Could be a new release, discovered or rediscovered oldie, a tune you stumbled across, or what you’re listening to these days.

Add your tune here

I couldn’t really listen to any music this week.  Not even a Lenny Cohen tune, whose music i have yet to properly explore, but someone must have.  Save for this one that Fintan sent me for post-election constipation.  It’s the only Clinton i ever want to hear from again.

22 thoughts on “Tune of the Week #6

  1. I’ve been listening to Lal Waterson this week, following my recommendation of a song of hers in the Song Bar. I sent for the book/CD with her home recordings and it came today. I’ve chosen one I’d never heard before called Anna Dixie – it’s a true story which happened in the early C18, but it’s got mixed up with Richard III somehow, which is why I picked it, because I’m going to visit his tomb tomorrow.

    [Hmm – can’t add it to the list though!]

  2. As it happens, I found something yesterday which fits the bill perfectly.

    It is the title track from the album Lighthouse by Russian prog duo Iamthemorning. This is a wonderful ethereal piece, with a lot of Kate Bush about it.

  3. I keep hearing this on the radio, I find it quite inspiring – Sia – “The Greatest” ft. Kendrick Lamar (have added to list). So much s*it going down everywhere and my son’s in hospital for the 39th time, I need some inspiration!!

  4. I have only just caught up with the (groan) Norwegian singer Moddi Knutsen who has released an album of covers of songs which have been banned at various times – including Strange Fruit and Pussy Riot’s Punk Prayer. I’ve added the vid of the latter to the list.

  5. Have been luxuriating in the long-coveted triple vinyl of Prurient’s “Frozen Niagara Falls” masterpiece that I got for my birthday (the big four-oh!) on Sunday.

    Have added the long opening track to the playlist. Enjoy the beauty of the simple piano juxtaposed with bubbling darkness and aggression beneath the surface.

      • Thanks Amy – I know in the grand scheme of things I’m still a youngster….but there is something about crossing that particular threshold that does make me feel kind of old!

    • happy birthday!

      i got that album last year though tbh other than a day listening to it whilst painting my shed i’ve struggled with it. have to try again at some point.

  6. I found some top notch raga rock over the weekend and was going to suggest that. But just yesterday when I went searching for the Stax album tincanman mentioned in Earworms I found this instead. Mavis Staples singing I’ve Been Buked (nod to RR here eh?) with the North Mississippi Allstars for a 2014 movie called Take Me To The River.
    If anybody is interested I can box the raga rock. It’s a group of eight youngsters who have got together as Masala Coffee. So far they had only been doing cover songs but now they have performed for four movie tracks and they have really blended street sounds, Carnatic music and studio rock.

    • What’s up with RR and the buke? I’m way out of the loop there.
      I’m out of the loop on the Song Bar too. A few weeks ago the topic came up and I just totally blanked. Couldn’t think of a thing, and it’s been that way since. Guess my brain is just elsewhere these days.

      • Some joke behind which I see tincanman’s fine hand. Story is some reader went “I’ve been rebuked” to which tinny said to be rebuked you have to be buked first. Both topics closed now of course – Barbryn hosted Elegies at SB and pairubu RRSA Farm Produce.
        Here’s a taste of Masala Coffee (which I first heard in a chai shop!)

      • Amy: just in case you didn’t know – Suzi is hosting Songs about Misunderstanding at Song Bar. Please try and join in … Cheers

      • Thanks Ravi, but my head just doesn’t seem to be there, my brain has taken off to do it’s own thing. Which isn’t a bad thing. After wrestling for a few minutes, it managed to cough up the Animals, which was probably the first tune up there if it isn’t already zedded.

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