Earworms 21 November 2016

12427568 - human dream like scene in organinc windows

I’ve been allowed out, since the last Earworms post. I went to see John Fairhurst at the Trades Club in Hebden Bridge – he’s described as “the Wigan Jimi Hendrix”, influenced by blues, rock, and sarod master K.Sridar, with a voice reminiscent of Captain Beefheart. Amazing guitarist. He played solo for the first half of the set, then with Nuno Brito on drums and Nina Harries on electric upright bass for the remainder. I am impressed, so here is a youtube playlist for you:


Now to the earworms, another great selection this week. Many thanks to all contributors, and please keep the worms coming to earworm@tincanland.com.

Kauan – Valveuni – abahachi: I’ve loved this track ever since Fuel suggested it for my first stint as RR Guru, on Winds, and since the band have just made the whole album available on SoundCloud (https://soundcloud.com/kauan/sets/aava-tuulen-maa) I’ve been prompted to shout about it again. Magnificent, epic, evocative, and much too short…

Emily Hall – Eternity – severin: From the album Winter 2014. Emily Hall is a composer who has worked with a number of different vocalists, classical and popular. This song features words by Rimbaud and is sung by Olivia Chaney. What were the chances of me not sending it in to earworms? All prejudice aside (honest) I think this is sublime.

Masala Coffee – Kaantha – Ravi Raman: My latest find. A local band called Masala Coffee and made up of eight sessions musicians. “Kaantha (a girl’s name) look at life. There are a thousand interesting things there,” is what they are singing. A new sound and I thought an interesting share for The ‘Spill.

Seasick Steve – That’s All – glassarfemptee: For some reason I’ve being listening to a lot of blues today. Can’t think why! The impending Trump presidency has driven me to the blues. Here’s Seasick Steve – “Freedom for most, is just a word – like toast. But you take it away, and you’ll learn to sing “I want to fly like a bird”.

Steve’n’Seagulls – Paradise City – AliM: I took the dog to the pub the other night, and some chums were talking about this Finnish bluegrass band, who were playing in Manchester on Friday. They do banjo covers of rock and heavy metal songs. How could I resist this laid-back version of the Guns’n’Roses classic?

Shannon Curfman – Oh Well – DsD: I’m feeling the need for power chords and volume at the moment. This Fleetwood Mac cover hits the sweet spot. You know the phrase “It’s not big and it’s not clever”? Oh Well may not be clever, but ye gods, it’s big!

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17 thoughts on “Earworms 21 November 2016

  1. Great mix. I only come across music like Kauna – Valveuni and Emily Hall – Eternity here or RR/Song Bar especially Emily Hall. Sublime is right.
    GHE – what can I say – sometimes the blues get you and sometimes you get the blues (how’s that for a twist). I have some of Seasick Steve’s music including this song. Like him a lot.
    Though I know this song, Shannon Curfman’s Oh Well is my pick for the week. We are getting bad news almost daily so I too have need for power chords.
    The Steve’n’Seagulls song doesn’t play Ali. It gets stuck at 00:45 mark. I’ve heard them play AC/DC before, never GnR.

  2. Today, I am sitting in my little office/library/den/personal space watching the rain pouring down out of a steely grey sky. Utterly depressing, so I am hoping for some music to dispel the gloom that surrounds me.

    Kauna – Valveuni Ah, this is lovely. Are they Nordic? I shall have to Google them. Apparently, they are actually called Kauan and are Russian and started out as a doom metal band. This, happily, isn’t doom metal and is gorgeous and atmospheric post-rock. I shall toddle over to Soundcloud later and listen to more of them.

    Emily Hall – Eternity More atmospheric beautiful music. I love the counterpoint.

    Masala Coffee – Kaantha Amazingly, the rain has stopped but the skies are still lowering. The music is lightening my mood, though. This is rather fun and the musicianship is excellent.

    Seasick Steve – That’s All I have a couple of Seasick’s albums, but I haven’t played them in a long time. This isn’t on either of them, but it is rather good. I think the attention paid to his unusual guitars gets in the way of his real feel for the music. Yeah, this is good.

    Shannon Curfman – Oh Well It lacks the finesse of Fleetwood Mac and I am not in love with the vocal delivery, but I get the overall appeal. It is what The Yardbirds used to refer to as a “Rave Up”. I miss the cowbell on the original before the riff comes in, though. The slide playing is more George Thoroughgood than Jeremy Spencer.

    Steve’n’Seagulls – Paradise City Quirky? Catchy? Kitsch? Probably a bit of all three but fun stuff. Not as good as the slow banjo-driven version of Black Dog that Robert Plant did on his tour with Alison Krauss, though.

    I mentioned Black Dog deliberately, because it leads me on to Black Cat and John Fairhurst. Cool segue, eh?

    His voice reminds me more of Howling Wolf than Captain Beefheart but he’s pretty good and he’s got the Elmore James riffage down pat. There is a bit of Tony McPhee going on there too.

    Ooh, the second track is a lot heavier, but still good. I like the third one even more. He is a good blues player. I’d happily go and see him live. I shall listen to the entire playlist later.

    Lots of good stuff this week all round. I think, though, that my favourite two were Kauan and Emily Hall.

  3. I liked the Kauan track a lot. Very moody and atmospheric. Masala Coffee almost equally entrancing. The other three on the player all fine in their various ways although maybe not so much my taste. I have also only got as far as the first three John Fairhurst tracks and really liked that third one, Obnox Stomp.

  4. Evening all.
    Kauan?! One of the Prof’s Festive Spill picks last year was a Kauan track, that I liked very much. Whenever it pops up on the Walkman shuffle I ALWAYS start off thinking it’s iLiKETRAiNS.
    Got some admin to do before bed, so setting this lot off whilst I do it …

    • Eternity is lovely. Kaantha went down better with me than it did with DsMam, who came into the office whilst it was playing – sorry, Ravi!

      Neither of the Steves’ songs are going to become my favourites of theirs, I’m afraid.

      So the unsurprising winner for me this week, by a country mile, is the Kauan.

      Don’t have time for either the rest of their LP or the John Fairhurst tonight, but I’ll try to get there tomorrow.

      Cheers, and goodnight everyone.

  5. Nice to see Kauan again. “Sorni Nai” their latest album is one 52 minute song. And really good. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MJwsXmM8tsc I know they are completely different, but listening to Rachmininov makes me feel the same way. .

    For me, Valveuni means lucid dream. The Linklater film “Waking Life” was translated as Valveuni, which makes sense.

    Ohhh! Dark lyrics have a really good translation of the album’s lyrics: http://www.darklyrics.com/lyrics/kauan/aavatuulenmaa.html


    Silently transcending into emptiness,
    The warmth that passes through my palms,
    I let this hot zephyr of plains carry,
    Though forests and waters, to you…

    Let this wind possess you,
    Answer with a smile, whisper that we are again,
    On deserts of snow, on covered paths
    Where only the wind roams, we walk…

    Wings of birds leave marks on the snow,
    Dead pine needles lines on the ground,
    The wind will blow all excess away,
    And we see
    Us embroidered in time…

  6. Nice set, as ever, gang. ‘Power chords and volume’ (Oh well) I can understand as a balm for our wounds, though I think I prefer calmer vibes to soothe my troubled soul, so Kauan hit the spot best of all, and I will download the new album. Emily Hall was lovely and pure, as runner up. Steve’n’seagulls reminded me of the parodic style of the Ukelele Orchestra, whose Teenage Dirtbag had me in stitches. Masala Coffee were an interesting hybrid, though I didn’t really get on with the vocals as much as the backing. And I enjoyed the uncomplicated RnB of John Fairhurst. The Wigan Jimmy Hendrix, eh? Does every Northern town have one? Onwards…

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