Tune of the Week #7

The rule is simple for newbies or stragglers – pick a tune you heard this week and want to share, and add it to the playlist.  Could be a new release, discovered or rediscovered oldie, a tune you stumbled across, or what you’re listening to these days.

Add Your Tune Here

Haven’t really listened to anything this week, but i heard this in the Whole Foods Store and it hit the spot.  In fact, i’ve listened to it a few more times since.

30 thoughts on “Tune of the Week #7

    • It might be harder on a phone. What *should* happen is that when you’re signed into youtube and then click on the text link, there should be a prompt at the top of the page that tells you how to add your tune. I can’t remember if you have to add the playlist to your own though.

      You can just post it here if you can’t figure it out, and i’ll add it for you.

  1. I’ve been listening to a lot of choral music over the last week or so. I’ve been in two minds what to pick. Let me know what you think of the piece that I have chosen. It is the Fantasia On Christmas Carols by Ralph Vaughan Williams.

    The alternative was Gerald Finzi’s Intimations Of Immortality, which is also on YouTube in case you want to hear it.

  2. OK, done it, somehow.
    This version of Linda Rum‘s Vampires has only been online a month, and I’m a hefty chunk of those play nos. But I decided yesterday – for reasons that will become clear next month – that is ISN’T going to make my Festive Spill final three.
    I bloomin’ love it though. Only the keyboard player’s [unintentionally] comic moustache stops it from being perfect.

  3. I haven’t found anything new. Even the simple aspects of life, like buying provisions or meds, are so stressed now that I just want to veg out when I get back. Don’t even read or watch the news, just visit RR, Song Bar and here. For reading material I turn to the older columns in the Marconium.
    Been listening to a lot of Dylan and Cohen covers especially the I’m Not There soundtrack re- the former. Ritchie Havens, Calexico, Sufjan Stevens, John Doe … there are many good Dylan songs there, Only new acquisition is the Blues volume of the Pure … series. It has an excellent version of Killing Floor by The Raised Flag. So I have added that.

  4. I’ve paid only partial attention to Lampchop over the last decade or so, but their new album, FLOTUS, is a beauty – much better than something by a group of Nashville 50(?)-somethings who’ve just discovered a Vocoder ought to sound.

    The electronics are relatively restrained on opener “In Care of 8675309”. I would add it to the playlist, but Google/YouTube is being a dick (not your fault Amy – I sign in to my YouTube account, then it asks me to sign in to my Google account, then it says there’s been an error and won’t let me do anything).

    So here’s the song (it’s a long ‘un):

    • I’m trying to add that to the list, but the video is blank and it says it’s not available. Doesn’t look like just a country issue either. And no other to be found on the youtubes at the moment. I’ll have another look later to see if it’s just a temporary glitch.

    • I’ve pretty much grown to detest Vocodered tracks – even some of my favorites from when it sounded new are now instantly switched off. It’s one of those things that you imagine if bands are still going will be doing 25th Anniversary records ‘with re-recorded vocals – no vocoder’ as a selling point.
      I love the gruff sound of Lambchop – I’ll give the album a go, but I’m already in trepidation!

      Well done on getting Jens L’s – ‘Maple Leaves’ into an A list – one of the first songs I really, really wanted people to take notice of back in the old days of RR – glad you took on the task of championing it.

      • I hear ya, but I think Lambchop use it with taste and without losing any of their personality. I was more shocked when he started singing falsetto, but that worked out OK.

        And yes, I took notice of Maple Leaves back in the day 😉

  5. My relationship with rap is sporadic and not always an easy ride but – the new Tribe Called Quest album sounds like it is going to be a belter. This track (We the People) is so relevant and up to the minute I’ve been listening to it all week.

  6. There are some times in life when only all-female grindcore extremity will get you through…

    …have put Flagitious Idiosyncracy in the Dilapidation on the playlist

  7. This year’s 30 Days Of Dead is keeping me entertained. They’ve found some late-era stuff that’s pretty hot (despite Garcia’s voice).

    • I haven’t listened to much latter day Dead (maybe because of Jerry’s voice), but in some of the stuff i have heard, some truly lovely latter day Jerry guitar seems to make up for a lot of the, uh, deterioration of the vocals.

  8. Have had my first sick day in over 3 years this week, and rested up again today on my day off. Listened to Lauren Laverne talking to actor/singer Riz Ahmed who was really fascinating (he also wrote a great essay which is featured in a fab book called The Good Immigrant btw). She played a song from a session he did with his collective…or band…or fellow musicians, not sure what you’d call it. They are called Swet Shop Boys and described as Anglo American but their music is definitely rooted in their Asian heritage. Anyway thought I’d share that, because I quite liked it! Enjoy.

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