Earworms 28 November 2016

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A slightly wistful and Autumnal selection to chill out to today. In similar vein, here is a new track from Uma and the Wandering Stars, a new London-based alternative band, who recently finished recording their debut EP  Trapped, which was produced by Fraser Smith from Shed Seven, and Mastered by Dick Beetham (Stereophonics, Scissor Sisters, KT Tunstall etc.). This single I Don’t Know “is a haunting mixture of indie/art rock with baroque pop elements.” https://soundcloud.com/umaspage/i-dont-know

Thanks to everyone for the Earworms, please keep them coming in to earworm@tincanland.com. where they will be made most welcome.

Angel Olsen – Intern – glassarfemptee: “I loved “Burn Your Fire for No Witness” from Angel Olsen, with it’s stripped down directness. Her latest album had this track as a featured video. Her languid voice aches with loss and longing. I know artists develop and move on, but I like this ‘cos it’s closest to the feel of “Burn…” – hints of Lana del Rey and Twin Peaks.”

Baby Queens – By The River – abahachi: I encountered this Cardiff band at the Dinefwr Literary Festival a couple of years ago (and posted a couple of tracks here, as I recall); their debut album has just been released. It’s great; lots of catchy pop/soul’RnB tunes with nice production by Cian Ciaran of the Super Furries. This track is a little different from the rest, much quieter and more mellow, but really lovely and difficult to get out of the head.

Roseanne Cash – Girl From The North Country – goneforeign: When she was 18, Johnny Cash gave his daughter Rosanne a list of 100 essential country songs in an effort to expand her knowledge of country music. “‘The List’ is based on a list my father made for me when I was 18 years old,”  “He called it the ‘100 Essential Country Songs’ and said if I learned this list, I would be truly educated. We are culling about 15 songs from the list, and re-interpreting them, with the respect of an archivist, the love of a daughter, and my own sensibility as a New Yorker for the last two decades.” “This is one from that list”.

Ebony Alleyene – Tell Me the Secret – severin: British soul/R&B singer. From her only album Never Look Back, most of which was recorded in 2003 when she was only 20. Sadly, problems at her record company (Sony) led to the tapes lying around until 2007 when another company picked up on them. A couple of extra tracks were recorded and the album was finally released to some acclaim. Since then, not a lot. I only discovered this song from the 2010 (various artists) compilation CD Luxury Soul from which I sent in a Freda Payne track several weeks ago.

Lacey Sturm – Roxanne – DsD: I’ve started to trawl the early Album Of The Year lists to see what I’ve inevitably missed. I was intrigued by how this would sound, so found it online. I’m not sure I even like it, but can I ‘eckaslike get it out of my head!? You have been warned.

Alhaji Bai Konte – Jula Jekere – Ravi Raman: Ghanaian musician. Also from the Rounder Records Story album.

Image Copyright: ulkas / 123RF Stock Photo

8 thoughts on “Earworms 28 November 2016

  1. Lovely selection. Ebony Alleyene in particular is very good. And Girl From North Country seems to be popular this week. Yet another Dylan cover that I’m listening to for the past two weeks. Not that I’m complaining.

  2. Well that was a great listen for a Monday morning. I’m not certain I exactly liked the version of Roxanne either but it’s an attention grabber all right and I’m glad I heard it – even though shorter would have been better for me!
    Of the others, not a song I didn’t really like. The first two were joint first in my scheme of things. I want to listen to more of both artists. Loved both.
    I know Bob D and Johnny Cash’s duet of GFTNC so it was great to hear Roseanne’s version. Lovely voice of course. Fascinated to read that her dad considered it an “essential country song”.
    Enjoyed the Ghanaian (or is it Gambian?) song too. Odd, ticking percussion sound was a bit intrusive for me but better on a second listen when not using headphones. It was meant to be there wasn’t it? Absolutely lovely sound in every other way. That Rounder Records CD sounds like it is worth investigating.

  3. A super and relaxing set – Roxanne apart! Speaking of which, it’s a typical DsD wig out, building to a great bit of Lacey Sturm und Drang. Shades of Stevie Nicks era Fleetwood Mac. I really liked it after a few plays. Jula Jekere was lovely, with beautiful rippling kora (and Wiki claims he was from The Gambia). Girl from the North country was fine, but I always find it hard for a cover to surpass the version I’m most familiar with in my affections – in this case, His Bobness. So, runner up is Ebony Alleyne, a lovely find. Sad tale of corporate SNAFU by Sony. Not surprised to find that she crops up in Northern Soul circles. But winner by a Welsh country furlong is Baby Queens’ ‘By the river’ – a real quirky earworm.

  4. Ooh – liked Uma and the wandering stars too. Nice bit of dream pop at the start, then builds to a soaring but restrained chunter – and I like the catch in Uma’s voice. Triffic!

  5. Angel Olsen – Intern I’ve heard one or two tracks from Angel Olsen on the radio. I liked what I’d heard and this is no different. Atmospheric.

    Baby Queens – By The River Pleasanr enough, but I think that it sounds like a backing track with the main vocals removed. What is there is nice enough, but it needs a presence up front giving it direction and some va-va-voom.

    Roseanne Cash – Girl From The North Country My favourite version of this is the one on Nashville Skyline where Johnny Cash duets with Dylan. It always makes the back of my neck tingle. This has a bit of an Emmylou Harris air about it. It is nicely done.

    Ebony Alleyene – Tell Me the Secret Not bad, but I’d like more actual soul in her voice, it is a bit bland, but maybe that should be expected in someone so young at the time. It is over-produced, though.

    Lacey Sturm – Roxanne I never much liked the original, so the stadium rock treatment was only ever going to be an improvement on cod-reggae. Having said that, the word overblown barely manages to adequately describe it. I quite like the guitar arpeggios, though. Not sure I’d want to hear it again.

    Alhaji Bai Konte – Jula Jekere This very much inhabits the same nusical world as the Ry Cooder/Ali Farka Toure collaborations. That can only be A Good Thing. Lovely stuff.

    Uma and the Wandering Stars – I Don’t Know I rather enjoyed this one. In fact, I think I’ll make it my Pick Of The Week.

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