Festive ‘Spill, 2016

Radio 1 DJ and pioneering champion of alternative music John Peel (1939 - 2004), March 1972. (Photo by Len Trievnor/Express/Hulton Archive/Getty Images)

Radio 1 DJ and pioneering champion of alternative music John Peel (1939 – 2004), March 1972. (Photo by Len Trievnor/Express/Hulton Archive/Getty Images)

For the 9th time, here’s how it works:

– Any members of the RR Community, old & new (Including quitters, splitters & fence sitters), can join in by selecting their 3 favourite songs of 2016 (or very late 2015) & rank them. New songs from the year preferred, rather than a 2016 deluxe reissue from back-in-the-day. In short, our mutated version of John Peel’s famous end of year listener selected favourites.

– Send your secret ballot, along with mp3’s or mp3 links to shoemail@cfl.rr.com. We could Spotify the thing, but historically folks seem to want to lay their hands on some mp3’s. One at time seems to work best if sending mp3 files by e-mail.

Within a few days to a week, you should get confirmation back that your choices are entered. If someone has beaten you to something you can make a replacement pick – vote early to make your 1st picks stick (& help me avoid a last minute Xmas rush).

Once we’re done bouncing e-mails, results will be playlisted on the ‘Spill, sometime(s) before Christmas. Let me know in comments what days & times will work best for most of you. It would be nice to have some shared listening time together – something we’ve gotten worse at in recent years (although it is a busy time of year).

28 thoughts on “Festive ‘Spill, 2016

  1. Email – or, at least, first of a number of emails – sent.
    It’s been a f@£kin’ HORRID year in too many respects, and I’ll drink to the end of it (in many senses of that phrase).
    Sadly for the rest of you, my musical picks reflect that, so I’ll apologise in advance: sorry!
    Off to bed: double-shifting again tomorrow, on jobs a full 3hour drive apart!!!! [And I would like to be at least half-awake on Wednesday! ;o)]

  2. I’m with DsD on the basic unspeakable crapness of 2016, but there has been at least some decent music, and I’ll sort out my tracks at the weekend.

    Any views on organising another Spill Awards this year? I know last year’s was a downer, as the threat to RR was getting me down almost as much as my job, but I can imagine being a bit more cheerful now. But equally maybe it’s played out, or someone else wants a go…

    • It’s a time of year @abahachi that has degrees of difficulty and happiness for people. DsD is busy, Shoey does the Festive, you do the Awards, Ali does playlists, there’s topics and puns, someone posts an apple cider recipe, and it’s all necessary.

      New year! New RR! New job! New spirit! What say you?

      ‘SPILL MANAGEMENT: Can we post this, legally?
      Me: Sure, if it’s not done in “an obviously recruiting manner” we’re clear? He has to know how we feel. We’re a community. Power to the peop..
      SM: Enough
      Me: What if we offer him a hotel roo

  3. Excellent.

    There’s been so many great new releases this year alongside a couple of disappointing albums that I had ‘high expectations’ of. Nevermind I’m sure we’ll have an eclectic selection of tunes to listen to over the festive period.

    From a splitter occasional fence sitter

    • Already having difficulty culling it to only three!

      This means there’s no room for Tremonti, Frightened Rabbit, Brian Fallon, Lumineers or even Alter Bridge!!!

      • Nor in mine, at the moment. (Shoey has had notification of 2/3 of my picks; I’m leaving myself a little wriggle-room on the last one!)

    • would be good if we did a collective session, though I always wonder about a Friday (23rd I think) as I’m usually out on the piss. otherwise should be ok most evenings.

      btw did my choices arrive Shoey, if only in written form for the timebeing?

      • We can pick 3 slots between 19 & 23: Mon, Wed, Fri or Wed, Thur, Fri.

        Place your votes & start time preference. Majority rules (unlike US election).

        • FWIW, my vote would be Mon / Wed / Fri, just to give me a better chance of finishing one playlist before the next appears.
          Thanks again Shoey.

      • cheers Shoey, was just checking that email worked as I never use it. 2 day gap seems a good idea if people are around those days.

      • Sorry. My suggestion ignored staying clear of VW’s Friday night piss-up. How about Sun, Tue, Thur? Would also avoid clogging any plans Ali may have for Earworms on Monday.

  4. If anyone wants to post a link on Mothership & that other place, please go ahead.

    Phone is saying storage full & may not be able to reach RR tonight.

  5. Just leaving a note for Shoey that I have seen this, along with a huge THANK YOU! of course. I’ll be really eleventh hour this year, I just can’t make my mind up, but I will be sending you music to add to the Festivities.

  6. Wotcha folks! Popped back for this thing wot really makes it the most wonderful time of the year. Have sent three through, Shoey – and thanks as ever for organising. Lemme know which of them are already taken and I’ll send some more! bb x

  7. Sorry Shoey, catching up – will send you my picks – don’t mind what day, but yes, it would be good to avoid Monday 19th assuming people are going to send me Christmas worms. Thank you!

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