Spill Awards 2016 – Nominations open

We’re still here! At the end of last year, it seriously looked as if RR would be no more, and so the mood at the traditional end-of-year awards was distinctly downbeat. But we have survived, and the optimistic among us might claim that we’re stronger than ever, with a whole load of new people joining in each week, even if they haven’t for the most part made it across to the Spill. And I have a new job, so am less personally miserable than I have been over the last couple of years. So, let’s party!*

This is Stage One of an increasingly complex and laborious process designed to maximise the expression of the Voice Of The People; no, it never works very well, and numerous people end up throwing their vote away because they haven’t paid enough attention to what’s really going on – but anything’s better than leaving it in the hands of those arrogant liberal ‘experts’. Anyway, if the result is unclear we can call on a team of practised Russian hackers to manufacture a few more votes for suitable candidates.

Okay: Stage One is nominations, from which I construct a set of short-lists on which you get to vote. The categories are listed below; please send me your suggestions (as many as you like, especially in the Album of the Year category) by email to abahachi(at)hotmail.co.uk, by 12th December. You’re also welcome to send suggestions for additional special awards, which may then be added to the programme.

Album of the Year

Film of the Year

TV Programme/Series of the Year

Hero of the Year (says he, optimistically)

Villain of the Year (too many to count…)

HAPPY Event of the Year (there must be some…)

Important note. Things are not going to find their way onto the shortlist if only one person nominates them, however brilliant you think they are – we’re in lowest common denominator territory here. So, (a) please don’t yell at me about this; (b) think of this not as the nomination of your absolutely favourite albums, films etc., but as the nomination of those albums, films etc. where at least one other person on this blog is likely to agree with you. As I said, you can nominate as many as you want, so you don’t have to omit all the obscure stuff you loved – you never know, someone else may have loved it as well, and we always do seem to end up with a fairly eclectic list. But if you nominate just one obscure thing and expect it to get included through the sheer force of your conviction, you’re liable to be disappointed, and to become cross, and to yell at me.

*Yes, I know the rest of 2016 has been fundamentally crap. All the more reason to blot it out with a bit of gratuitous hedonism.

8 thoughts on “Spill Awards 2016 – Nominations open

    • Do we really want to dwell on the negativity of deciding whether Brexit, Trump, Fillon, coup in Turkey, Syria, possible election of open fascist in Austria, potential melt-down in Italy… sorry, where was that going? Do we really want to go there? As for deaths, the risks are (1) confusion over reasons why we’re voting for A over B – life’s work, world-historical significance, what a/he meant to me? – and (b) all a bit undignified voting for top dead person. I’d be inclined to propose a separate thread where we can all talk about the alarming number of great musicians etc who’ve died this year, and what they meant to each of us, without making it a competition.

  1. Nominations submitted. A restricted set, as I decided the best way to get through this uber-shitty year would be to keep my head down and ignore it as much as possible.
    One nomination I felt I ought to make, but haven’t is for the Red Hot Day Of The Dead compilation. I bought it soon after release, but on arrival, DsMam nicked it off the post pile and stashed it with Santa. So I haven’t even heard it once, so in good conscience can’t honestly nominate it.

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