Micky Fitz 1959 – 2016

Yet another loss in what feels like a very grim year. Micky Fitz was lead singer with The Business , one of the best and best known Oi bands, and one of the best known characters on the UK punk scene. He lost his battle with cancer a few days ago.


Thinking back I realised that The Business track Suburban Rebels was probably the track that got me into Oi  not least because of the aggression in Micky’s vocals.  .

I’ve got a lot of memories of the Business live – the first time I saw them doing a secret “support” slot to Special Duties in Colchester when they stole the show (I suppose it didn’t help that Duties set got cut short due to off duty squaddies trying to start a fight with the punks and skins – a memorable night); their first appearance at Rebellion forerunner Holidays In The Sun when the packed venue went wild and Micky (for once) hardly got a word in due to the succession of audience members grabbing the mic; and ending up on stage with half the audience at Bradford Rios. Micky was a great frontman who always seemed happy to encourage this enthusiastic audience participation.

I met him once or twice but we’ll ignore that as my attempts at banter backfired! He had many friends in the scene though – those who knew him paying tribute include Rancid, Dropkick Murphys, Agnostic Front and Steve Ignorant.

The playlist for anyone interested is some of my favourites kicking off with Harry May, my favourite ever Oi record.



2 thoughts on “Micky Fitz 1959 – 2016

    • No he didn’t. In fact they once did a cover version of London Calling and got the lyrics hilariously wrong, so no!
      I guess you’re not thinking of Mick Jones. There was Mickey Foote, Clash soundman who got credited as producer of their first album (although apparently wasn’t really the producer)
      There was also Mickey Gallagher of the Blockheads who worked with The Clash quite a bit.

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