Earworms 5 December 2016

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Cracking selection for you this week, comes in like a lion and goes out like a lamb. Nothing much to report this week, except that I discovered that there is a village called Triangle. Apparently it was previously called “Pond” – which was all very interesting but not terribly helpful as I was meant to be in Mytholmroyd. But I digress – Christmas is coming, about time we had some Christmas Earworms to dispel the darkness. Please send any likely contenders to earworm@tincanland.com by Thursday 15 December, and I’ll do something festive with them on the 19th. Thanks all.

Roy Buchanan – Green Onions – Ravi Raman: I’m sure you are all familiar with this track, either via Blues Brothers or Booker T. This is a master of the Telecaster and a much less known guitarist. From a compilation album called Guitar On Fire. Wait for a couple of minutes to go before the drama begins.

La Femme – It’s time to wake up 2023 – glassarfemptee: French psych-pop band La Femme are all over the place just now. This track, “It’s time to wake up 2023”, is from their 2013 debut album, “Psycho Tropical Berlin”. It has a relentless Krautrock feel. I just can’t stop playing it! Maybe it has a message for the American electorate?

The Temperance Movement – Modern Massacre – DsD: Continuing my current trend of needing loud, here’s a short, sharp shouty rocker from DsD fave singer Phil Campbell’s current band. The album’s been out all year, and I STILL haven’t got round to buying it. :o( (Subtle hint for Christmas pressie? Ed.)

Sturgill Simpson – All Around You – tincanman: In 2006 Van Morrison swooped down upon Nashville to tick making a country record off his bucket list, pooped his trousers, and left. Sturgill’s 2016 “A Sailor’s Guide To Earth” is how it could have been.

Ella Fitzgerald – Whisper Not – goneforeign: “Whisper Not” is perfectly suited to Ella’s style, or is it vice-versa? This must be one of the most difficult songs she ever tackled, just listen and try to anticipate Benny Golson’s melody and notice how she’s always on it. On the wonderful out-chorus, Ella takes a major departure from the entire melody, looping over, under, and around and weaving a fantastic line of notes with the lyrics, by Leonard Feather.  As always, she’s on Verve and produced by Norman Granz. Ella Fitzgerald – Vocals / Sweets Edison – trumpet / Bill Perkins – Tenor Saxophone / Jimmy Rowles – Piano / Al Viola – Guitar / Joe Mondragon – Bass / Shelly Manne – Drums / Marty Paich – Arranger, Conductor.

Moddi – A Matter of Habit – severin: From his “Unsongs” album. Cover versions – some translated, some with new tunes – of songs which have been banned by various authorities. This one written by Israeli author Alona Kimhi and musician Izhar Ashdot.  Banned from radio there for showing disrespect to the armed forces. Here’s a Youtube link to the original version. 


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12 thoughts on “Earworms 5 December 2016

  1. Roy Buchanan – Green Onions As the owner of two Telecasters, Roy Buchanan has always been a favourite of mine. I just wish that I could play like Roy. This is superb, absolutely incandescent playing.

    La Femme – It’s time to wake up 2023 The return of psychedelia to music has been one of the joys of recent years. This has a sort of trance feel to it, along with the Kraftwerk-style repetition.

    The Temperance Movement – Modern Massacre Nothing particularly innovative here, but an excellent workmanlike rocker all the same. Good fun.

    Sturgill Simpson – All Around You Gosh, it really does sound like the Grumpy One from Belfast, doesn’t it? This has a lovely gospel-like feel to it. The horns are great. I like this a lot.

    Ella Fitzgerald – Whisper Not Ella can do no wrong. In my opinion the greatest female jazz singer of all and definitely the greatest interpreter of the American song book. I’ve not heard this one before. What a treat for the ears!

    Moddi – A Matter of Habit A new name to me. I looked him up on Wikipedia. He seems like an interesting person. I really like this track. I particularly like the way it builds and extra layers are added.

    A great selection of ‘worms, but it has to be Ella for me.

    • It’s like he is painting sounds with the guitar. I hadn’t listened to this in a long time, almost as if my shuffle algorithm was stuck on the Blues Brothers version. RB popped up on Thursday and I have played it again and again. To make up for lost time. Glad you enjoyed it.

  2. I have not been able to listen either to Earworms or Sounds of Sunday. The state chief minister passed away and we are battening all the hatches so to speak. The last time this happened TN shut down for a week.
    All new names to me excepting Ella. Will listen later tonight. Thanks everyone.

  3. Moddi and Sturgill Simpson – what a great way to get introduced! Liked both La Femme and Temperance Movement, not something I would pick up normally. I have the Ella song and it is always a pleasure to listen to again. Lovely set. Thanks Ali. Haven’t got round to Sounds on Sunday.

  4. I like them all, hard to pick a favourite. La Femme and Moddi are completely new to me and both excellent. Roy Buchanan is amazing, ditto Ella. the Temperance Movement are suitably rocky and I prefer the Sturgill Simpson to Van Morrison (not a huge fan of the latter).

      • Mytholmroyd? Nothing exciting – went to an antique fair where a friend had a stand, selling furniture – I just helped out with moving stuff (when I eventually got there!) The name “Mytholmroyd” means “Clearing where the rivers meet”, apparently.

  5. Interesting mix. I’m not sure there would be any version of Green Onions that I couldn’t like, but I tried to block out the familiar tune, to focus on the extraordinary guitar playing. Sturgill Simpson had a nice honeyed Nashville sound – and as Carole said, the horns are super. And yes, very Van as well. ‘A matter of habit’ from Moddi is powerful, disturbing and beautiful all at once. All the more upsetting given that the Israeli government couldn’t tolerate the criticism. My pick of the week.

  6. Matter of Habit, my pick of the week also and I’ll endorse GHE’s comments. Great to hear a significant song on that subject; Here in the land of the free everyone’s terrified of upsetting the Jewish community, we never hear anything like that.

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