A Brazen Appeal For Support

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Am I trying to beat Abahachi’s system for the Spill Awards AotY selection criteria? Oh HELL YEAH!

I don’t think I need to say again just how much I obsessively lap up any music Chris Hooson puts his name to. Yet his MO doesn’t really fit with my heavy rocker sensibilities. How does that work then?

Well in general terms, I admit that, even after fifteen years of listening, I dunno! But now – finally – there’s an album that makes more sense for me to love.

This year’s collaboration with new-to-me-but-absolutely-fascinating “electronica/black-metal/post-rock/drone/classical”, “brutal orchestra” (their own descriptions) Vampillia has to be heard to be believed. Quoting from the KaraokeKalk [record label] website:

The origin of this collaboration began two months prior to the Fukushima disaster in Japan. Dakota Suite had been touring Japan with their friends from the Japanese band called ‘Vampillia’ and had been in several coastal locations in Wakayama as well as places near to Fukushima. The tsunami was very upsetting for Chris Hooson and David Buxton from Dakota Suite who then set about making music to reflect this overwhelming sadness and loss for Japan.

The Prof has stated that any album that only gets one nomination for Album Of The Year ISN’T going to make it onto his Vote poll, regardless of how passionate that one recommendation is argued. OK, let’s try to get around that: here is a link to the SoundCloud stream of the whole LP –

All I want is for someone else to Mention it in Dispatches (i.e. list it in their email to Abahachi for the 2016 Spill Awards) so that it at least makes it onto the Vote Poll.

The Prof himself may like the first half of TSINF Pt1; Japanther will definitely be moved by [the latter half of] TSINF Pt2; Toffee & Tatanka (amongst others) have made positive noises about DS before. Anyone who owns any Mogwai, Mono, Kronos Quartet or possibly even Sunn O)))) albums should find something to enjoy here.

Come on folks, what have you got to lose?


18 thoughts on “A Brazen Appeal For Support

  1. Vampillia have just released a collaborative mini album with long time Ubu fave Jun Togawa in Japan. It consists of covers of some of her classic songs and acts as part of the “35 years in show biz” year for the old gal. I understand there’s more to come in the next couple of weeks.

  2. So have I .. um .. not been paying attention during class, Pairubu?
    Have Vampillia been mentioned / recommended before and I’ve missed it?
    If so, my apologies. When I get back in front of the PC later, I must run a WordSearch for them; see if anything has previously Dropped in the ‘Box.

    • I don’t think I’ve mentioned them before. I only came across them a couple of years back thanks to a guest appearance by Jun Togawa on one of their songs. I think they’ve also collaborated with another fave of mine BiS but I don’t have those tracks ( yet).

  3. “The Prof has stated that any album that only gets one nomination for Album Of The Year ISN’T going to make it onto his Vote poll”

    That’s the tyranny of the majority! Maybe we could come to some kind of mutual backscratching arrangement?

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