Earworms 12 December 2016

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Christmas is coming, thank you for the Christmas Earworms received so far. Please send any further contenders to earworm@tincanland.com by Thursday 15 December, and I will do something cheesy with them in “Earworms” on Monday 19th, all being well. Thank’ee.

Rabbitfoot Capers – Greyfriars’ Street – AliM: Rabbitfoot Capers are from Bristol, and are also featured in “Sounds on Sunday” this week. I like them because they’re “different”; I like this track because it quotes from one of my favourite Emily Dickinson poems, and therefore sticks in my head.

Walter Trout Band – Girl from the North Country – CaroleBristol: A while back, we had a version of “Girl From The North Country” by Roseanne Cash. Here’s another version that I’d completely forgotten about until I stuck the CD “Prisoner Of A Dream” by The Walter Trout Band, which I hadn’t played in years, on in the car this morning. It is, in typical Walter Trout style a bit a of a guitar fest.

William Tyler – I’m Gonna Live Forever (If It Kills Me) – glassarfemptee: There’s a lot of love in ‘Spill quarters for the Silver Jews. SJ and Lambchop member William Tyler has a solo career producing marvellous intricate guitar instrumentals. His latest album “Modern Country” is on my shortlist for the festive fifty. See what you think.

Magic Numbers – I See You, You See Me – tincanman: I heard these referred to as ‘dorkpop’ and, well, if the cap/shoe fits… A better description would have been ‘earwormy’, but this, from their 2005 self-titled debut, predates us.

Loudon Wainwright – Talkin’ Bob Dylan Blues – goneforeign: A part of Loudon’s history, one step removed from a Nobel prize. I know he could use the cash better than Bob.

Santhosh Narayanan: Bongu Kichan – Ravi Raman: This is the story of ‘Selfie’ Shekar who assumes he is in a relationship, only to find out he isn’t really. The lyrics are in Chennai slang and the task of translating it first to Tamil and then English just defeats me. Santhosh, who has sung and composed the music, is one of the music directors who has been making waves of late.

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9 thoughts on “Earworms 12 December 2016

  1. Rabbitfoot Capers – Greyfriars’ Street I’ve not listened to “Sounds on Sunday” this week, yet, so Rabbitfoot Capers are an unknown quantity. I have to say that I am enjoying what I hear a lot. Excellent, atmospheric stuff.

    William Tyler – I’m Gonna Live Forever (If It Kills Me) Some seriously good guitar-playing here. I love the almost endless spawning of new phrases and variations. So very clever.

    Magic Numbers – I See You, You See Me The Magic Numbers seem to have come in for a lot of negativity from some parts of the music media but I’ve always liked their music. I remember this from when it first came out. Nice song.

    Loudon Wainwright – Talkin’ Bob Dylan Blues No, sorry, I still don’t like Loudon Wainwright.

    Santhosh Narayanan – Bongu KichanThis didn’t play, but I found it on YouTube. The music sounds like it could have been written for a Lionel Bart musical. It is quite an oddity, isn’t it? Weirdly, I could imagine the Funboy Three recording it.

    What did I like best? Tough decision, but I think that it is a tie between Rabbitfoot Capers and William Tyler. Both were excellent in different ways.

  2. Storm Vardah just made landfall at 4 pm local time and we’ve been living out scenes from an end of the world movie, mains knocked out, emergency lights, AM radio and occasional scans of the net. So can’t listen or comment till hopefully tomorrow. I have heard very little of Walter Trout but like his music. And William Tyler sounds very interesting.
    But im going to hijack the thread coz I just found out that as of last week I made 50 A listers for 2016. FIFTY! And if I see out the year with a couple of more Earworms I will have made a very cool double. I’ll really have something to write home about.

  3. Really liked the Rabbitfoot Capers track. Even more on a second play. Quite insidious. Enjoyed the Walter Trout guitar playing too. Although, for some reason, the change of words at the end annoyed me. Not sure why. I’m normally happy for people to take a song and make it their own. Maybe I’m just in a funny mood. Anyway, fine otherwise.
    I really enjoyed the William Tyler tune too. I admit I know pretty much nothing of his other stuff with the bands GHE mentions. Ditto The Magic Numbers; I’m really out of touch, me I quite enjoyed their track though, without being mad about it. .
    I like a lot of Loudon Wainwright’s stuff but this was a bit of a filler I think. Good fun but he can do this kind of thing in his sleep.
    Bongu Kichan was a bit odd but in a very good way. Change the accent and I could imagine it being in Fiddler on the Roof. OK, change the language too. Liked it a lot anyway.

    Probably pick Rabitfoot Capers as a favourite.

  4. No duds here. Rabbitfoot capers were a bit europop/cassiotone for me at the outset, though the latter half was much better, with jangly guitars, cello and backwards looping, and a moody and insistent songstress – and a good slow outro. Despite what I have said before about not usually liking covers, I did like the Walter Trout effort. The Magic Numbers track was good straight-ahead pop of a high calibre. The last two were enjoyable but rather novelty numbers – can’t think I’ll listen again, I’m afraid. So pick of the week by a short head is the Magic Numbers.

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