RR Films: Forgiveness

This is an attempt to stave off yet another wave of weltschmerz, as the Syrian army and its murderous allies wreak revenge and the Donald puts his last old white man (and friend of Vlad) in place…

At the risk of sounding like an old hippy, we don’t half need some forgiveness and understanding at the moment and, despite it being the traditional time of year for that sort of thing, it doesn’t look like any is on the horizon. Much could be learnt from Adi Rukun, the quiet hero of The Look of Silence, who tries to find the humanity in those responsible for his brother’s – and about a million other Indonesians’ – death.

What films about forgiveness would you recommend in these dreadful days?

9 thoughts on “RR Films: Forgiveness

  1. Of course Unforgiven was the first thing that popped into my head, because this is just where we are as a planet these days.

    However, i’ll go with The Bad Lieutenant. Harvey Keitel tells the nun that he’ll kill the attackers who raped her with a crucifix. The nun says it’s unnecessary as she’s already forgiven them in her heart. Keitel then has a vision of Jesus and begs forgiveness for his (numerous) crimes.

  2. Struggling to think of something, although many films carry some element of forgiveness in the story. I’ll go for “The Voyage of the Dawn Treader” where Edmund (a prig) is punished for his stupidity and greed by being turned into a dragon. He then saves the ship and its occupants through various adventures and is forgiven by Aslan (who turns him back into a boy), his cousins, and the Narnians on the ship (not to mention Reepicheep the mouse). OK it’s an allegory and it’s easy to be cynical about it but when I was a kid I was captivated by the story (without making any “Christian” associations).

  3. In Broadway Danny Rose the Danny Rose character (Allen) manages a number of entertainment acts including a “has been” singer whose career takes a sudden upturn after a number of years. The singer’s girlfriend persuades him to change his manager as he has the chance of more success and this leaves Danny Rose struggling to survive. At the end of the film as the girlfriend’s (Farrow) guilt gets too much for her and she tries to renew her friendship with Danny Rose he initially rejects her then forgives her. It’s a great and funny film with a message for all of us !

  4. I, like Ali, am struggling with this one. I think that the best I can manage is any one of the various versions of A Christmas Carol because despite all of his failings, his avarice and his misanthropy Scrooge’s nephew Fred forgives him and welcomes him into his home for Christmas.

  5. Hmmmm… maybe this is too difficult. I’d probably struggle to recall too many other films that fit the bill. How depressing!

    So please just suggest some films that indicate humans really are capable of listening to each other and making some attempt at understanding and co-operation, despite their differences. Like The Visitor:

  6. I can’t think of a good one where person A forgives person B.
    Plenty of reconciliation films though where both parties forgive each other or put aside differences.
    This year there was Rams but I’ll go for David Lynch’s “The Straight Story” because it was so out of character and because I was so surprised at how much I liked it.

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