The Spill Awards 2016: Vote Vote Vote!

Nominations have been received, complex algorithms have been applied, unfortunate links to Neo-Nazi fake news sites have been removed and the final shortlists for this year’s awards can now be published. Voting will continue until Christmas Day; you have one vote for each category except for Album of the Year where you have three, in the vague hope that we’ll get a clear result. Suggestions for special additional awards in individual categories can be sent to abahachi(at) Date and venue for the award ceremony itself to be announced in due course, depending on whether we can find the door to a magical Trump-free kingdom in time, or just have to hunker down in a nuclear bunker somewhere in the Scottish Highlands…

16 thoughts on “The Spill Awards 2016: Vote Vote Vote!

  1. Oh bother, I forgot to nominate again – I’ve got my list somewhere…Sorry, Abahachi. I have done my voting bit though.

  2. I have voted, except I didn’t vote in the film and TV categories because I didn’t see any of the films and none of the TV programmes either, except the Olympic cycling and rugby.

    I’ve only heard one of the albums, so I only voted once in that category.

    Is this OK?

  3. Apologies, missed the nomination phase, but have now voted for the available offerings.

    Glad to see Abahachi still enjoys putting a poll up. Thanks for doing this again.

  4. I seem to have ignored the request for a Happy Event of the Year and nominated the Tory leadership contest. But I hope Aba didn’t discount it, as it did actually make me happy for a couple of weeks, as I’m sure it did many others…. Maybe schadenfreude wasn’t the target? No matter: that’s the one category where I know what to pick.

  5. Meeting Abahachi for a beer certainly made me happier than any of the other events listed so +1 for that.

    No comment on any of the other polls on the grounds of ignorance/tactical silence.

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