60 thoughts on “Festive ‘Spill, 2016: #3’s

  1. 1 Alimunday
    2 Bethnoir
    3 Shivsidecar
    4 Toffeeboy
    5 Carolebristol
    6 Raviramen
    7 Shoegazer
    8 Alfiehisself
    9 Panthersan
    10 Magicman
    11 Treefrogdemon
    12 Blimpymcflah
    13 Bishbosh
    14 Pairubu
    15 Severin
    16 Debbym
    17 Barbryn
    18 Vanwolf
    19 Saneshane
    20 Garethi
    21 Leaveitallbehind
    22 Abahachi
    23 Glasshallfempty
    24 Nilpferd
    25 Arteesane
    26 Tincanman
    27 Darceysdad
    28 Mnemonic

  2. Thanks for doing this again Shoey – really looking forward to listening to them all tomorrow. Will you be putting mp3s in the Dropbox folder? And does anyone have last year’s Festive Ones and Twos? I’ve got all the Festive Spills since 2011 but I’m missing the Ones and Twos from last year…

  3. Thanks for putting these up, as always a pleasure to hear what everyone has been enjoying. I shall report back when I’ve managed to listen to a few more 🙂

  4. Enjoyed a first listen through. I’ll give it another spin tomorrow. First thought is I must investigate the Anohni album. I had only heard “Drone Bomb Me” before which I also liked.

  5. Let’s see …
    Mon – Manchester & back (passing Trafford Centre exit each way) – prob 140-150 mins;
    Tues & Weds – Preston & back each day – around 6hrs total;
    Thurs – Burnley & back, so only around 100 mins; whassat then . . .
    Ten hours in the car this week. Break out a fresh SD card: it’s Festive Spill on the car stereo all week!

  6. Seasons Greetings one and all and many thanks to Shoegazer for our annual Festive Spill Jamboree and also a tip of the hat to Saneshane for the artwork.

    Guessed No. 27 before I saw the posy of who had suggested what track. Pleased to see Frightened Rabbit make the threes have been listening to that album a lot but had to leave it off my final selection.

  7. The thing I like the most about the Festive ‘Spill is that I get to hear music that I otherwise wouldn’t, often by people I’ve never even heard of before. I might not always like all the pieces, but it is interesting to hear what other ‘Spillers find exciting, important or just fun.

    This list of Threes has been fascinating. Lots to enjoy. Bring on the Twos and Ones!

    Thanks again to Shoey for putting this all together. It is a task of epic proportions.

  8. Annoyed with myself for not having got round to nominating anything. I think I would have struggled to pull out 3 tracks anyhow, some awesome stuff out this year.
    I’ve loved listening to this eclectic mix – thank you, Shoegazer, for putting it together. I particularly liked 2 & 24. And I surprised myself by getting to the end of 14 still with a grin on my face; what a fantastic din!
    Off to listen to the festive tunes now!

  9. Really enjoyed the first listen through. Highlights for me were:

    Alan Hull Songbook
    The Fiction Aisle
    The Hidden Cameras
    Ulrika Spacek
    Jack Francis
    Lisa Hannigan

    And best of all, Let’s Eat Grandma which I absolutely loved!

  10. Cheers all – as ever! On a first pass through the first half of this lot, I particularly enjoyed choices from Toffeeboy, Ravi Raman, Shoey, Panther, Blimpy… Honourable mention too to tfd’s totally topical tune.

    • Eek! Next lot are up and I’m still not finished the Threes. Of the second half, I particularly liked the Monkees, Allen Stone, Amber Arcades, Baby Queens, Lisa Hannigan, DBTs… but really, so much to enjoy! FWIW, my choice from the Anohni album was “Why Did You Separate Me From The Earth?”, which I (rather arbitrarily) awarded fourth place in my list. Mainly because I thought the album would be well enough represented by others!

  11. Thanks to shoegazer for orgainising this once again. Standouts for me were Ravi’s track, Garethi’s and that up and coming new group “The Monkees”, I think they will go far.

  12. My favourites were Cult of Luna, Santhosh Narayan, Cats Eyes, Be, Baby Queens, Lisa Hannigan and Anohni. All good listening though and thanks to Shoey for putting together as ever. Looking forward the the twos and ones.

  13. Love the artwork and a fine fine start!

    Favourites for me were Cult of Luna, Be, Banks & Steelz, Let’s Eat Grandma, Anonhi (should give that whole album a proper listen), DBTs, Go Go Penguin and Hanako of the 14th Toilet!

    ….all ace though!

  14. Cheers Shoey and everyone else for contributing. had a quick listen on Sunday – amazing as ever. only knew the Warehouse and Let’s eat Grandma tracks, both great esp the latter which with the Warpaint and Anohni were initial standouts for me. Has Antony/Anohni ever done a bad track, always sounds incredible. So much more I individually liked but it’s the collective listen that makes it so interesting.

  15. Not listened yet but thanks shoey for putting this together, and thanks to all contributors – looking forward to listening later.

  16. This has never happened to me before, but I ended up still liking my own choice best! Lisa Hannigan narrowly missed a place in my own Festive three, so it was grand that ghe included her for me. I also really enjoyed Jack Francis, Angelina and Santhos Narayan.

    Thanks Shoey & the Spillers – this is my favourite part of the year!

  17. Yes, a gazillion thanks to Shoey. I had assumed his pick of Norwich’s finest (Let’s eat grandma) was an ArteeSane nom! Loved that one. And Cat’s Eyes too. Not listened to all of them yet, but so far a great mix. I have often found the threes are the best!

  18. Loved my commute today! Got through whole thing twice, though not in this play order as my memory card saved them alphabetical by nominator.

    Top of the tree of those you wouldn’t necessarily expect me to like were Angelina, Allan Stone, Megson, Baby Queens and particularly Let’s Eat Grandma, which is fantastically moody.

    On the other hand, there were just two songs I simply couldn’t get through the second time. Neither blogger will be surprised at that. Anyone wanna guess which?


  19. That Gareth track! Must have been great to see the performance at The Hive, Kew, with 40,000 bees. I think the band is BE (on Rivertones label), and the track “One”. They were at End of the Road too.

    • Ignore my muddled gibberish. As you were – track “The Hive” by BE (The album is ‘One’.) – just confusing that it was also played at a place called the Hive…originally the soundtrack for an installation about the plight of the bees, apparently…

  20. Only just had the chance to listen – a variously wonderful and wonderfully varied selection as always.

    Very little I knew already. Particular standouts on a first listen – Let’s Eat Grandma, The Coral, Cat’s Eyes, Hidden Cameras, Warehouse, Lisa Hannigan… I could go on.

    Oh, and The Monkees – that was quite lovely. Wasn’t aware they were recording new music, let alone having Death Cab for Cutie and others write songs for them.

    Thanks as ever to Shoey for putting all this together, to Shane for the artwork, and to all of you for sharing these annual gems.

  21. Music to bake the Christmas cake to. Lots to like; Cult of Luna & Julie Christmas; Frightened Rabbit; The Coral; Rhapsody of Fire; Megson; The Monkees; Allen Stone; Jack Francis; Lisa Hannigan but the overall standout for me was garethi’s track – The Hive – Be.

  22. I’m way late to this party. Faves are Let’s Eat Grandma, Cats Eyes, Hidden Cameras, Humans Die!!!, and She’s a Cult which is so up my alley. Thanks all!

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