78 thoughts on “Festive ‘Spill, 2016: #2’s

  1. I like playlists where I haven’t even heard of a third of the artists, and have only previously listened to a sixth of the songs!

  2. Goddammit! Just lost a post. Thought I would just “agree with” the Kate Tempest; ended up loving it. Almost skipped the William Tyler (9 minutes?!); glad I didn’t – it’s staggeringly beautiful. Teenage Fanclub do Teenage Fanclub gorgeously. Loved the Slow Club. I think I’ll feel likewise about Andrew Bird after another listen… but as ever, so very much to enjoy! Will check out the second half of these tunes tomorrow.

    • As for the second half of the tunes, particularly enjoyed Linda Rum, Chip Taylor, Steve Mason (that was proper lovely), A Tribe Called Quest and King Creosote (obvs).

      Had been guessing nominators as I went along but I see the list is now up. The only ones I got right were Pairubu and nilpferd. Tsk.

  3. Only got as far as song 7. Will have to catch up tomorrow. Also surprised at how much I liked Kate Tempest. I hadn’t really listened to her before.
    Having failed to find any (untreaeted) tracks from Lemonade on YT or Spotty I have now heard two that I like. The CD has been in my “save for later” folder on Am@Β£0n for ages.

    • However did you guess? Probably my most listened-to album of 2016 – although for me there’s a bit of a gulf between his songs (solid 7/10) and hers (9/10).

      • Just put my 2016 songs into an itunes folder and selected plays: Slow Club get 5 of the top 10 most played including the number one spot*
        Rebecca nails my fav two tracks on the album (In Waves being one of those) – but I’m quite suprised to find Mr. Watson has caught up in plays. Plus, some of their backing of each others tracks elevate them from slush to purity, just by joining in at that perfect moment of satori.

        *obviously this only counts computer listens – so it is geared towards music that I can work to – although SubRosa, Shit Robot, City Yelps and the soundtrack to Belgica** are right up there competing!
        (** never seen it – but I obviously like the soundtrack)

  4. Blimey! Green Day on the Festive Spill! This can’t be right?

    Looks a very interesting selection and will be back later once I’ve listened through.

  5. Oh, I just surprised myself by liking a song by Biffy Clyro. I do love the way this list runs, it makes me hear things differently. Thanks again for the artwork, saneshane and compiling, shoey.

    • That’s the second time you and one or two others have had a problem with one of Ravi’s.

      Seems to be working fine on IOS & Windows – but thought it odd that there’s no track time given for his tunes. Put it down to different tagging, but it may be something else. No idea what though.

      • Yes, I guessed it would be Ravi’s track. Not a problem, though, because when it is boxed, I will be able to hear it then.

  6. Listened through for the first time and my current favourites are:

    William Tyler
    YesBodyElse (tfd nomination?)
    Slow Club
    Ryley Walker
    King Creosote (DsD nomination?)

    Cheers everyone and especially Shoey and saneshane.

  7. 1 Raviramen
    2 Shoegazer
    3 Bishbosh
    4 Carolebristol
    5 Leaveitallbehind
    6 Glasshallfempty
    7 Magicman
    8 Treefrogdemon
    9 Garethi
    10 Barbryn
    11 Bethnoir
    12 Abahachi
    13 Debbym
    14 Alfiehisself
    15 Saneshane
    16 Nilpferd
    17 Blimpymcflah
    18 Pairubu
    19 Darceysdad
    20 Vanwolf
    21 Shivsidecar
    22 Arteesane
    23 Panthersan
    24 Tincanman
    25 Mnemonic
    26 Alimunday
    27 Severin
    28 Toffeeboy

  8. Wow! A classic set of festive twos, where to start, so much that I enjoyed here….the Beyonces, Kate T. was amazing, Jamie T is still alive! the Dinosaur track, Riley Walker, William Tyler (incredible), Babymetal….I could go on – all great and finished off with an amazing King Creosote track – I didn’t get that KC album, it seemed to come and go in my local record shop in a flash and I missed it, will have to rectify that ASAP.
    Liked the Steve Mason too – I read a terrible review of the album and gave it a swerve, is the album any good?

  9. Couldn’t wait any longer – snuck my laptop onto the client’s wifi to listen to the KC & the William Tyler. Kenny’s song IS lovely, and I’ll echo Shane’s comment on it and the album.
    But the WT: Oh wow! … Add another name to the new fan list.

  10. Haven’t had time to listen to these yet – not enough hours in the day – particularly looking forward to hearing the Steve Mason and William Tyler tracks.

    I’m glad so many of you are enjoying King Creosote – the album is yet another KC classic and this is just one of several standout tracks – I could equally have gone for The Love Life for example (sample lyrics: Your jealous accusations know no bounds, Scarlett Johansson was never in my house…).

    Of course, I owe my love of KC to blimpy (of this parish). I bought Bombshell on Ed’s recommendation but didn’t really listen to it for several years. Once I got to know it and couldn’t get enough; then From Scotland With Love came along and I was hooked. I’m gradually buying up the earlier albums – only about 50 to go now.

    Steve Mason might well be on the set for ‘SpillFest 2017 but there’s only one person who can headline…

  11. Lovely to hear Tempest living up to her potential.

    The Biff, Radiohead, Fannies, Slow Club all bands I love but haven’t caught up with this year – this is great!

    Echoing the Tyler love, it’s like a soundtrack to an imaginary 1989 indie road movie where nothing happens, slowly.

    Beyonce I LOVE THAT ANDY WILLIAMS sample and that it’s the Yeah Yeah Yeahs. Such is the DNA of modern pop. I kinda wish Rostrum had kept this one for Vampire Weekend.

    I also love a country duet, nice one TFD.


  12. Big highlight for me on this set was the Babymetal track, what a riff. My daughter really liked it too (although it gave her an earworm and now she can’t sleep.) Great video as well.

  13. Always hard picking a Festive Threesome. I left several tracks covered in tears on the cutting room floor. So very pleased others have compensated for my disloyalty in not including the likes of KC and Andrew Bird. Glad to hear the love for William Tyler – there’s another track from the album on Earworms 12th Dec. Sharing finds like this are what the RR community is all about. Now to listen to the other gems….

    • … another track from the album on Earworms 12th Dec

      Yep. Got it. Didn’t have time to listen last week, so glad I d/led. Will listen right now.

  14. I had a really hard time whittling my faves down to a mere three this year. Lisa Hannigan, Laura Gibson, This Is The Kit, Aiofe O’Donovan, Mayes and case/lang/veirs were all in the running, but the one song I was sure of was my #1 choice. So imagine my horror when Shoey mailed me back that it had already been taken! After an hour or two’s wailing and gnashing of teeth, it occurred to me that I hadn’t ever shared that song with the blog, which meant This Particular Someone had found it all on their own and liked it enough to include it in the Festivities, which is a Very Good Thing.
    Good on yer, DsD!

    Seefahrerlied would not only have been my #1 choice this year, it would have been my #1 choice last year (it was recorded in August 2015) but I wasn’t allowed to share it with anyone back then. It’s also the song I want the kids to gather and sing to me when I’m lying on my death bed, assuming that luxury will be granted me (but not for a bit yet, please)! This song is emotionally charged for me, because it’s my son singing with friends. Video here if anybody’s interested.

    Sorry for the essay. I also loved King Creosote, of course, PJ Harvey and Babymetal. Panther’s Terminal Dream was rather lovely, too.

    • Sorry, Debby!
      Yes, ’tis true, I found it of my own accord, following YT links one night after I’d played Her yet again. The song’s refrain, when sung his’n’hers in this fashion, is one of the most achingly romantic couplets I’ve heard in many a year.

      But to add to the wailing & gnashing, my picking Seefahrerlied was also a mini-compromise, because it allowed me to include BOTH Linda and Sam in my three picks. I’d spent ages vacillating between Rum’s Vampires (actually already listed on The Spill: I added to Amy’s Tune Of The Week #7 playlist – https://thespillblog.co.uk/2016/11/22/tune-of-the-week-7/ ), and Mayes’ Her, which Debby posted up back in the summer (can’t find The Spill link for that).

      I’ve bought both artists’ EPs (well I say bought – the Mayes family haven’t seen the colour of my cash yet, but they will), and I urge you all to do the same. Sam is fast becoming one of my favourite male voices.

      Here’s her Vampires: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ys5J0eOSc_s

      and his Her: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xYx-ZYj38R8

      G’night all. Got the #2s onto the memory card, and tomorrow’s job has moved from East Lancs to the other end of the East Lancs, so to speak, thus giving me more listening time on the commute.

  15. finally able to get through the list over 3 or 4 listens so it was a bit disjointed. again a really great collection. i only knew the Bowie, PJH and Kate Tempest tracks. I think KT is amazing. favourites were the king creosote, andrew bird, rabbit foot capers and half waif tracks but many others i liked almost all outside my usual listening choices. i mean i just don’t do beyonce normally.

    and to echo that the artwork is fantastic and very christmassy.

  16. The Andrew Bird track was the standout for me that and the new “Prog friendly” Dinosaur ! Dear lord, is 2017 going to be the new 1971 ? I do hope not.

  17. Wow – that might be my favourite Festive ‘Spill collection ever. I enjoyed everything there, and want to listen to most of them again right away – except the 1s have just appeared…

    Kate Tempest blew me away – I was aware of her, but hadn’t paid much attention before – will do now. I’d also not yet listened to anything off Lemonade, but will put that right on the strength of these tracks.

    The Andrew Bird track (which Suzi playlisted on the Song Bar a few weeks ago) is brilliantly clever, and Fiona Apple plays her part to perfection. Also loved the William Tyler. Jamie T was great fun. Loved Ali’s pick too. And more, and more…

    What a playlist! Thanks all. Time for the 1s…

  18. Late as always. Great list – highlights for me were Green Day; Radiohead; William Tyler; Beyonce (the second track); Babymetal; Linda Rum ft. the Boy Wonder (Sam Mayes); Half Waif; X.Y.R. and King Creosote. Thanks everyone.

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