RR Films: Christmas

Someone wiser and wittier than me recently described 2016 as the nightmare before Christmas, so let’s have some cheer (of the festive kind) for once: films about/set at/celebrating/avoiding/suffering from Christmas.

I’ll kick off with one starring one of my favourite character actors of all time, Alastair Sim, in the 1951 version of A Christmas Carol. I like the colorized version produced in 1989; we all need a bit more colour and/or color in our lives, I feel.

Merry Christmas (or your equivalent thereof), one and all!

What Christmassy films would you recommend?

23 thoughts on “RR Films: Christmas

  1. My favourite film, and one I’ll be watching in the next few days (as I do every Christmas) while crying buckets – It’s A Wonderful Life.

  2. Sticking with the Dickens angle, I am going to nominate my partner’s favourite Christmas film, which is Scrooge, a musical version of “A Christmas Carol” starring Albert Finney.

    Here is an excerpt;

  3. My Festive treat is to watch The Muppet Christmas Carol with Michael Caine as Scrooge.

    Here’s It Feels Like Christmas sung by The Ghost of Christmas Present.

  4. Mrs Abahachi is a big fan of Christmas films, and Christmas in general; I’m a constant source of disappointment (and worse) to her in this respect, but while I will happily skip the annual viewing of Love Actually, I do enjoy White Christmas (for the music, especially Rosemary Clooney singing Love You Didn’t Do Right By Me) and Trading Places. Favourite film isn’t exactly Christmassy, but it’s traditionally shown at Christmas in Germany: Drei Haselnüsse für Aschenbrödel, a lovely version of the Cinderella story. Finally, Christmas episode rather than Christmas viewing, but an essential part of our celebrations is now the ‘Comparative Religion’ episode from series one of Community. Merry Happy!

    • I saw a clip of Bing et al singing the title song recently and I found myself feeling rather uncomfortable. Maybe it’s the 2016 effect but I wasn’t sure it was really snow they were hoping for……

  5. And a Merry Christmas to you too! Thanks for this series – I’ve got so many great recommendations from it that I think this year I have watched more (good!) films than in any other that I cam remember!

    My Christmas film pick is A Christmas Story:

      • I had no idea there was any hype! I watched it when we got our first VHS player (around 1985?), I thought that me and my brother and sister were the only people who knew about it!

  6. Couple of my favs have already been mentioned; A Christmas Carol (I try to read it over Christmas too) Love Actually (everyone else at home hates it tho). Others I love are The Grinch and the aforementioned A Nightmare before Christmas. Die Hard is always a good one!

    • Yay! Die Hard. Love most of the films mentioned, actually.

      I’ll go for Trading Places as my feature and the short film will be Rare Exports

      Last week I turned on the TV and saw a Xmas film that turned into a horror movie. I will not be showing The Krampus to my children.

      • “If you shoot all the bad guys, your ex-wife will see you in a light.
        Your ex-wife will love you again
        Yippie Kay Yule!
        And save Xmas day.”

        And the ending even steals a bit from er… Stolen Property by The Triffids. And there’s a Lego John McClane snowglobe to buy. Everything is awesome. I’m going to Toad Hall for Xmas

  7. I remember a very creepy version of “A Christmas Carol” when I was quite young, where the door knocker turned into a live lion’s head – late ’60s or early ’70s I think, but can’t track it down. Then there was a modern cinema version about 6 or 7 years ago in 3D, which I saw with Sam – we were too near the screen and a blood vessel burst in my eye. Spent Christmas with one very red eye. But I digress, can’t think of anything not mentioned already so I will go with this 2002 version of The Snow Queen, which is snowy, if not overtly Christmassy, being rather a dark tale: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7LDlIK5QHr0

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