66 thoughts on “Festive ‘Spill, 2016: #1’s

  1. Final round! Will let you guess who picked what for a while. Files to follow for all you completists & cherry-pickers. Can’t believe we’ve been doing this for nine years – time flies when you’re having fun, I guess. Will also drop an updated Festive Spreadsheet, listing all tunes from these reindeer games (787, so far). Thanks again to for your selections, listening in & commenting. Merry Christmas & Happy New Year to you all

  2. I’m really too tired tonight. Finished work for a week, and my body has realised it’s been running on empty for a while. I’m almost glad I’ve got Boxing Day off, unlike those I was working with today (@Mr.Annal – Romelu says ‘Hi’. Didn’t see Ross to take him to task about his assault on JH last Mon eve.)

    But I will say a big Thank You to Shoey for curating again. I have a photo I wanted to share in lieu of saying the words, but bloody WordPress keeps loading it rotated 90^ for some reason, so I gave up. Anyone know where I can find some functionality to edit that? Anyway, apologies for the emotional downer of my #1pick, and goodnight.

    • Thank you Neville – the pictures are in dropbox (artwork and shoey pic) if you want a j-peg for a screen saver over the festive period… or to print off a Hip Hop Highland cow as decoration yourself.

      The cattle image is being worked on as various non-christmas images – will let you know in what format!

  3. Really appreciate the efforts of shoegazer and saneshane with curating, compiling and delivering this festive musical feast.

    Will listen and report back but I’m guessing that Ravi’s is the Kings of Leon track.

    Hungry No More is tfd’s

    The Yes track MUST be alfiehisself

    Going to go with either Shivsidecar or shoegazer and the Okkervil River tune?

    Don’t think Barbryn would choose two Slow Club tracks so I’m going with saneshane

    Blimpy for The Gloaming

    Can’t work out DsD’s for the life of me!!!

    Going to plumb for severin and the Bowie tune.

    Toffeeboy and The Trashcan Sinatras

    Possibly tincaman [Ed. Where is he?] and Hobo’s Lullaby – Billy Bragg & John Henry

    That’s me stumped.

    Enjoy the festivities whether it’s airport taxi driving, slumped in front of the TV, cooking, with friends or with family but most of all enjoy the music.

  4. After an initial listen I enjoyed these very much, in particular:

    Phrenesis – possibly nilpferd’s choice?
    Kings of Leon – though it didn’t play!!!
    Heron Oblivion
    Slow Club

    • Cheers Leaveitallbehind, yep, the Phronesis was indeed my pick.
      I saw them play this track live 11 days before they recorded it as heard here. They have a long-standing reputation as an awesome live band, which they certainly are, but I think the new album proves they can also perform in the studio.

  5. Well, of that lot, I am mostly enjoying Moddi, Trashcans (of course – on my list of possibles too), Billy and Joe, Kings of Leon, Slow Club, the other Christine & The Queens (yes, the first one was me – I cheated and bought the French-language release, from 2014, which doesn’t include Safe & Holy) and The Gloaming.

    As so often the way, I think I preferred the 2s and 3s but lots to enjoy here – and only one I had to skip! Thanks all – and Shoey and Shane in particular! Happy Crimbo. xx

  6. Great stuff, again. Confident about some of these – others are a process of elimination…

    1. Nilpferd
    2. GarethI? Whoever it is, you should have introduced me to it sooner – loved this, and the album sounds fascinating.
    3. Magicman?
    4. Lovely… undoubtedly ToffeeBoy.
    5. Ravi
    6. DebbieM
    7. Carole
    8. Bishbosh (preferred this version to Tilted too)
    9. Blimpy
    10. DarceysDad (such a moving song)
    11. Er…
    12. Pairubu
    13. Panthersan (having been uncharacteristically mellow with his #2 and #3)
    14. Loved this. Going with Severin, but could be Bethnoir.
    15. Tincanman
    16. Loved this too. Shoey?
    17. tfd, obvs.
    18. Leavey?
    19. GHE (beautiful… going to investigate further)
    20. Arteesane
    21. Ali
    22. Bethnoir
    23. Could have been me. But Saneshane.
    24. Alfie
    25. Abahachi
    26. Vanwolf
    27. Mnemonic
    28. Shiv

    • arTEEsane is pretty impressed with your deducing skills.
      saneshane is pissed that you took all the Slow Club love during choices for the 2nd best songs! (makes mental note to reverse order next year – because gaining emotional acceptance and affection because of your taste in other people’s creativity on the internet (…breath…) is the only way to judge one’s importance in the world now-a-days) …. looks at clock, realises that this is typed at a sensible hour and should be deleted – but knows that once trump*o*twit(ter)*o*clock rolls around – I’d press send anyway.
      Then hopes everyone realises It’s a joke – as my standing in the world is entirely based on the band t-shirt I’m wearing. Obviously.

      • Ha! People’s enjoyment of Slow Club has given me a huge sense of validation over the last couple of days (although I’m slightly crushed by the relative lack of excitement over Amber Arcades and Okkervil River).

      • I had an Amber Arcades track that was a remix – hadn’t really followed it up.
        Even though you don’t need this to for any MORE validation – her album will be the first purchase I make in the new year – because I thought it was ace.

  7. 19 wasn’t me, guv – but I’d have been happy if it was. Really lovely. Coulda been DsD on one of his lyrical, tender Clint Mansell days….

  8. I’m no good at all at these guessing games but I will say I’m enjoying what I have heard (so far) of the number one choices. Only up to 10 so far.
    Thanks to Shoey for doing all of this each year and to Shane for the art.

    Fairly certain the Sexwitch track must be Beth’s as she told me about the album – although I thought it was released last year.

    My own pick has previously featured in one of Amy’s “Tune of the Week” playlists and I have nommed it on Songbar. Also sent another song from the same album in to Earworms.

  9. Might Chickn be Ravi’s pick? It’s essence of sixties, all sitar, backward loops, fuzz box guitar, kaftans and incense. From austerity hit Athens, amazingly. Back to the future!

  10. Herons and Klangstof and Slow Club and Chikn and Christine – thank you very much! 🙂

    Incidentally it was Christine’s videos that made my youngest Kit sign up for contemporary dance classes this year! Maybe one day he’ll be in her video.

  11. Heino made me smile, Sun Kil Moon made me cry, those I thought I would recognise were different and the new to me ones were all interesting, thank you everyone 🙂

  12. Have finally got round to listening to the playlist (darned internet keeps going down) and would like to leave a huge THANK YOU! to Shoey, to Shane, and to everyone who sent music in. I really enjoyed the music this year; from all three Festive lists there were only two songs I didn’t much like, I loved ALL the others!

    Merry Rest-of-the-Year, everybody, and Happy Birthday Week, Shoey.

  13. Finally got a chance to listen to these. Much to like including Shoey’s hard work and Shane’s artistry. Favourites are:
    Rival Sons (Leavey)
    Margaret Glaspy (Debby)
    Christine & the Queens (Bish) (also the second one (Abahachi))
    Parquet Courts – Blimpy
    Sexwitch – ghe
    Klangstof – Shoey
    Mary Lattimore – Garethi
    Heron Oblivion – Shiv
    Yes – Alfiehisself
    The Gloaming – Mnemonic
    Last Chance – Bethnoir

    Thanks everybody, hope you have a wonderful new year.

  14. I finally got round to hearing the last few tunes here. What an amazing bunch of tunes. There were some absolute gems mixed into a delicious Amazing Pudding (I hope some people get the allusion here) of festive treats.

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