Wishing ‘Spillers everywhere a very Merry Christmas

As our annus horribilis stumbles to an end, I wish you all a very Merry Christmas and hope for a much better 2017. Here’s a playlist.

11 thoughts on “Wishing ‘Spillers everywhere a very Merry Christmas

  1. Thanks, Carole, and I wish you and yours all the very best too.

    On a personal level, 2016 has been pretty darned good – my version of turning 64 is a whole lot better than the picture painted by Mr McCartney – and I am trying to persuade myself that there will be a general rise in decency and respect in 2017. As people realise that all this meanness is utterly soul-destroying and joy seems in very short supply, they will start trying to counteract the hate and lies (even if it’s with love and lies….). Maybe. With a bit of luck.

    • I wish I had your faith, Chris.
      But that notwithstanding, all of my best wishes to all of you, and I hope to see many of you for real again next year.

    • I became 61 on the 22nd. I await Mr McCartney’s predictions with interest. When I get there, I’ll have outlived my mother by a year.

  2. Thanks for the playlist Carole, happy Christmas to you and yours and best wishes for the New Year. 2016 wasn’t bad for me (she said cautiously, remembering there are still 7 days to go …!) Still in the relationship that started this time last year; sprog is growing up – mentally, if not physically; dog is settling into sloth mode and tfd is bringing kittens in the new year. What more could I ask, apart from drugs, music and booze?!

    • Sounds like my present!
      Between the 3 adults in our house today –
      Drugs = Beechams & paracetamol;
      Music = Michael Buble & Jethro Tull;
      Booze = 1 bottle of cheap sparkly as Bucks Fizz (breakfast), 1 magnum of Sauvignon Blanc (across 2 meals), either beer or port or Snowball (mid-afty), & miniatures in the Christmas crackers (to finish off our Christmas dinner this eve).
      My love to you all, and my fingers crossed we all dodge the flying bullets in 2017 – a year I’m fearing like never before.

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