Earworms 26 December 2016


There is a wealth of music on the ‘Spill at the moment so I thought I would do a reprise of some bygone Earworms, on the grounds that the worms might get lost in the throng (and the fact that I’d forgotten it’s Monday tomorrow). I hope they permeate the festivities and that you enjoy hearing them again – if you’re feeling energetic, have a guess at who submitted what. ‘Spill points will be awarded where appropriate, and answers will appear later in the week. Normal service will be resumed in the New Year, meanwhile please send any spare worms to earworm@tincanland.com. Thank you!

Image courtesy of 123rf.com

9 thoughts on “Earworms 26 December 2016

  1. Couldn’t even begin to guess. But whoever put up the Mirabel Ceiba song – that’s a prime candidate for this week’s Song Bar theme.
    Lovely playlist, thanks for putting it together Ali. Wishing you and all Spillers the very best in the coming year(s).

  2. Fairly sure Kozelek’s version of Modest Mouse’s Ocean Breathes Salty will have been me; it’s one of my all-time faves.

    London Grammar’s Strong was new to me when it was posted up, but is now such a regular in my Walkman that I almost always repeat-play it at least twice when it shuffles in. I also sing along, which – believe me – is not something you EVER want to hear!!

    Cheers, Ali.

  3. Twas I wot sent in the Belly track, I think, way back in 2013. As to the rest…..?

    Thanks hugely, Ali, for continuing to do this, week in, week out, for soooo long. I do listen every week and I would miss t’worms if they snuck off.

    I hope your 2017 is a good one and that your amour continues (as mine has, I’m pleased to say). It does help keep the nasty world at arms length, doesn’t it?

  4. OK, OK, don’t all shout at once … quiet at the back there … George, DON’T do that …
    Here’s who sent what:

    Belly – Sad Dress – Chris
    C2C – Down the Road – Debby M
    Crystal Method v The Doors – Roadhouse Blues Remix – Shoey
    Cuban Brothers – Ace of Spades – Shoey
    Denez Prigent / Lisa Gerrard – Gortoz a Ran “J’Attends” – Bluepeter
    Diblo – Amour et Souvenir – goneforeign
    Francis Bebey – New Track-Repack – albahooky
    Gregory Porter – Liquid Spirit – AliM
    Joni Mitchell – River – AliM
    London Grammar – Strong – AliM
    Mirabel Ceiba – Guru Ram Das – DebbyM
    The Miserable Rich – Boat Song – Bethnoir
    Rachel Zeffira – Star – **
    Sam Mangwana – Zengolo – goneforeign
    Sun Kil Moon – Ocean Breathes Salty – DsD
    Una – Angels At My Door – **

    ** Pretty sure these were Shoey but I can’t find them on my lists, so they may have been taken from the festive ‘Spill 2014 or one of Shoey’s new music posts.

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