Twelve Albums of 2016


Another Christmas has come and gone.

Yesterday was a quiet family day, no dramas, food cooked properly, everyone contented.

I think most of us agree 2016 has been by most measures a dreadful year, high profile deaths that keep on coming, ongoing terrorism, sporting controversies, Brexit, US President elect, plight of refugees and migrants to highlight a few.

This is a season of good cheer and I for one feel there have been some of the best records released for some time during the course of the last 12-months. I thought I’d take time to share some of my favourite musical releases of the year:

Artist Album Song
Black Stone Cherry Kentucky Cheaper to Drink Alone
Lumineers Cleopatra Ophelia
White Denim Stiff Ha Ha Ha Ha (Yeah)
Alter Bridge The Last hero Crows on a Wire
Tremonti Dust Dust
St. Paul & the Broken Bones Sea of Noise All I Ever Wonder
Brian Fallon Painkillers Honey Magnolia
Whiskey Myers Mud On The River
Kings of Leon Walls Reverend
Rival Sons Hollow Bones Hollow Bones Pt 2
Frightened Rabbit Painting of a Panic Attack Get Out
Biffy Clyro Ellipsis Friends and Enemies

Some have featured in the Festive Spill lists or on the Song-Bar’s Vinyl Tap and I appreciate not everything will be to everyone’s  / anyone’s taste but if you want something different from your normal Boxing Day Fare then taste a little of Leavey’s 2016 favourite albums.



4 thoughts on “Twelve Albums of 2016

  1. Thank you, Leavey, I shall give these a listen, I’ve only heard them on the festive spill so this will be interesting. Happy New Year!

  2. 1, 4 and 9 are the only ones I have and listened to. And individual songs from some of the others via the Spill playlists. So thanks for the intro.

  3. I am still meaning to get the Brian Fallon album and see him live asap as I’ve listened to the album hundreds of times on youtube this year and really rate it, will check out your other suggestions too, thanks !

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