Sounds on Sunday 11 – Happy New Year!

“Good mornin’, good mornin’
We’ve danced the whole night through
Good mornin’, good mornin’ to you

Good mornin’, good mornin’
It’s great to stay up late
Good mornin’, good mornin’ to you …”

Hope you’re all compos mentis this morning and ready to listen to some new music, starting off gently with some Indie folk. Please leave your comments below, let me know what you think, and mention any new music you’d like to share. Also if you have any tips for a hangover cure I’m sure they would be very useful. Read on for more details of the featured artists:

Gallery 47 – Otherwise – first featured in Sounds on Sunday 5, Gallery 47 (Jack Peachey)’s supporters include Bob Harris, BBC 6music’s Tom Robinson, BBC Radio Nottingham’s Dean Jackson, The Guardian, Drowned in Sound and Folk Radio. Gallery 47 has also supported a number of well established acts like Paul Weller, Alice Phoebe Lou, Ian McCulloch and Andrew Montgomery as well as playing on the BBC Introducing stage at T in the Park. Gallery 47’s album Clean is out now via AWAL / Bad Production Records.

Sam Brockington – Peace of Mind – Currently based in Bristol, Sam’s alternative indie-folk is impressing the likes of BBC 6Music, Songwriting Magazine and Fred Perry Subculture to name but a few. He is also no stranger to the festival circuit, having performed at Glastonbury, Reading & Leeds, Y Not Festival, BBC 6Music Festival, 2000Trees and Dot to Dot. This is from his latest EP.

Stars and Rabbit – The House – I think this is rather special. Stars and Rabbit are Indonesian duo Elda Suryani (lead singer) and guitarist / vocalist guitarist Adi Widodo. This is the first single from their 2015 album “Constellation”; their latest single “Man Upon the Hill” was released in November 2016. I shall be investigating further.

Freja Francis – Breathe – Freja started writing songs when she was nine, with dreams of starting a rock band. Subsequently she decided she didn’t need a band behind her and since the release of her debut EP Ghosts, Freja has received praise from various publications including For Folk’s Sake, Gigslutz and The Girls Are. This is from her double A-side single, Porcelain Doll / Breathe, released in November 2016.

When Tomorrow Becomes Yesterday – Better Lands (from a project about climate change) – Jo Mango collaboration “with a number of artists (Adem, Louis Abbott of Admiral Fallow and Craig Beaton of The Unwinding Hours), researchers (University of the West of Scotland’s Jo Collison Scott, the University of Manchester’s Angela Connelly, the University of Edinburgh’s Matt Brennan and Creative Carbon Scotland’s Gemma Lawrence) as well as organisations Manchester: A Certain Future and Julie’s Bicycle to create a project that would allow art to explore the emotional connections to nature and create a platform for change.” Short documentary here (5mins) –

Caity Krone – If You Only Knew: Caity Krone is a nineteen-year-old singer/songwriter, based in Los Angeles. She wrote this at 17, after experiencing insecurities about her appearance and self-worth and a longing for human connection and acceptance. She is currently working on her debut EP. She has a lovely voice.

The Outer Vibe – Why Don’t You Listen – The Outer Vibe is a five-piece Indie / Pop band from Nashville, and this track was released in December 2016. “Inspired by the teeth-gritting frustration of not being able to get your point across to someone you care about, the urgency of this message is tangible as soulful vocals weave through colorful layers of wurlitzer piano and guitar, building tension that abruptly launches into a wall of sound in the chorus, ending with a glimmer of hope.” Their US tour starts in January 2017.

The Penelopes – Teardrop (remix) – this follows in the footsteps of the band’s previous reworks of The Cure – “Just Like Heaven” and David Bowie – “Let’s Dance.” Personally I don’t think you can improve on Massive Attack’s original, but hey, I’m old, what do I know? See what you think.

CNC – Weird Years – “”Weird Years” is the third and final EP by CNC, a Polish duo combining shoegaze/dream-pop sounds with modern electronic beats”. Here’s the Soundcloud link, I can’t add it to the playlist for some reason:

Naoise Roo – Whore – From Dublin, this is Naoise Roo’s third single from her debut album “Lilith”. The video is from acclaimed film director Bob Gallagher (Girl Band) and stars actor Aron Hegarty. Naoise says: “The song Whore was born out of a sense of longing and frustration. The idea of playing with power and submission. I think Bob’s video reflects those feelings but takes a different slant. Religion and sexuality have had centuries of conflict and in Ireland we know this all too well. But at the root of it sexuality and sexual energy are the essence of being human. I’ve often wondered where that energy goes, what that inner conflict looks like”.

Leat Haber – Wait for Me – “Leat is a self-proclaimed feminist and independent woman, and is very typically Israelian, a strong woman, this may also be because she spent two years in the army as it is mandatory in Israel, it also comes across in her music and performance style, even performing at eight and a half months pregnant whilst a war started in Israel, sirens went off before the performance warning them, but in her own words Leat explains ‘as I was so far along with my pregnancy, I couldn’t delay, and although we had a war outside, the club was full of people, it was a night to remember.’ This is from her EP, “Flying on a Kite”.



3 thoughts on “Sounds on Sunday 11 – Happy New Year!

  1. A gentle start to the year like you say. I quite liked Stars & Rabbit and The Outer Vibe, though I’ll put Freja Francis ahead of the pack. Cheers Ali. Got a couple of doozy Worms. Will send them on later.

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