Earworms 2 January 2017

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We had a soft start to the New Year with Sounds on Sunday yesterday,  but now it’s back to reality with a wake-up call from Metallica, amongst others. Thanks to everyone for the earworms, I hope you all have a happy new year, and please keep the worms coming to earworm@tincanland.com.

Metallica – When A Blind Man Cries – abahachi: The Grauniad’s little piece recently on “How we made Master of Puppets” prompted me to listen to it again for the first time in, what, twenty-five years – and searching for it on Spotify I came across this rather good cover of a relatively obscure Purple track (they do a good Rainbow medley as well…). Starts fairly straight, gets heavier.

Brix E Smith – Hurdy Gurdy Man – CaroleBristol: This popped up on my Facebook timeline. It is Dovovan’s Hurdy Gurdy Man as covered by Brix Smith of Fall fame, with her then partner Nigel Kennedy on electric violin. It apparently remained unreleased because the record label dropped Brix. Whatever the real story behind it is, I think it is rather nicely done.

Al Kooper – Season of the Witch – goneforeign: I was browsing through my iTunes yesterday and I came across this one, I hadn’t played it in years and I thought it deserved an airing.  It was on the radio all the time in the late 60’s in LA. Originally by Donovan, it was quickly recorded by everyone and this version’s by Al Kooper from an album titled Super Session which I still have. I recall reading an article about the idea of a ‘Supergroup’, this was to be the first, they were followed by CSN and Blind Faith and others. Every musician in the group was a star in his own right and they were brought together by Al Kooper, who had just left Blood, Sweat and Tears, he had met Mike Bloomfield when they recorded Highway 61 for Dylan. Stephen Stills was in the process of quitting Buffalo Springfield, so he was also invited. He recruited keyboardist Barry Goldberg and bassist Harvey Brooks, both members of the Electric Flag and with the addition of Eddie Hoh on drums, they were ready. The cut is ‘The Season of the Witch’, enjoy.

Bohren & der Club of Gore – On Demon Wings – glassarfemptee: Abahachi has delighted us in the past with Bohren & der Club of Gore. From their stunning 2000 album ‘Sunset Mission’ here is a another masterpiece of doom jazz.

The Comet Is Coming – Slam Dunk In A Black Hole – tincanman: An Economist (http://goo.gl/PTTs03) article on new jazz tapped this UK six-electronica-percussion trio, and I did find it captivating. But is it any good? This is from the album “Channel The Spirits”, a cosmic journey released this spring with tracks ranging from under a minute to 5ish.

Snarky Puppy – Brother I’m Hungry – RaviRaman: I somehow overlooked this for The Spill lists. Snarky Puppy is a jazz ensemble or collective with about 40 musicians and a revolving door policy. Their album, “Family Dinner Volume 2”, released earlier this year has some brilliant songs like this.

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12 thoughts on “Earworms 2 January 2017

  1. My one and only New Year’s resolution is to listen to the worms! Unfortunately, my naughty laptop doesn’t seem to want to play along since the Festive Spill, so fingers crossed that its Christmas rest will have improved its mood 😉
    Season of the Witch is one of my favourite songs ever, especially by Julie Driscoll, but I love Al Kooper, too.
    HAPPY NEW YEAR, everybody!

    • Thanks ghe. You too. That Bohren & Der Club of Gore reminds me of Bladerunner. I love the Metallica too, and the Brix E.Smith. Not so set on the other three but that’s just my taste – they all seem to go well together, IMHO. Although very diverse.

  2. I really like that Bohren & Der Club of Gore track – and the Brix Smith and Snarky Puppy ones were close behind. The others all pretty good too. Nice mix.

  3. Metallica – When A Blind Man Cries I’ve never heard this before. I like a bit of Metallica from time to time and this was very enjoyable, if a bit short.

    Al Kooper – Season of the Witch I’ve loved the Supersession album since I first heard it as a student and this is the standout track on it.

    Bohren & der Club of Gore – On Demon WingsCor! That was great. Doomy, but great.

    The Comet Is Coming – Slam Dunk In A Black Hole Yeah, I like this a lot. It has a quirky thing going on that works, even though it sounds like it shouldn’t (if you know what I mean).

    Snarky Puppy – Brother I’m Hungry I think that I’ve heard this before, not sure where, but it must have been on BBC 6Music, possibly on the Gilles Peterson show. Great, innit? I love the long, wig-out ending.

    All round, a terrific set of ‘worms to get 2017 off to a start. Was there one I liked more than the rest? Only by a nose, because they were all enjoyable. Leaving Al Kooper aside, because it has been a fave for decades, I think that Snarky Puppy takes the biscuit this week. Woof!

  4. What a beautiful start for the 2017 Earworms (and apologies for coming so late to the table). I quite liked Bohren and Slam Dunk though am confused by the six- … – trio reference. I’ll have to read the Economist for clarity I guess.
    Reg Metallica, I wasn’t much impressed by the new album but this Deep Purple cover reminds me why I liked them so much.
    I have quite a bit of Kooper & Bloomfield including the latter’s Electric Flag project. Beautiful share GF.
    But I’m going with Carole’s pick. Absolutely new to me so thanks for the introduction. The electric violin really adds tone.

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