RR Films: Independence

The Office of Congressional Ethics – whose job it is to examine tales of corrupt members of the US House of Representatives – is was about to lose its independence and come under the control of those it should be investigating, until that beacon of public probity, Donald Trump, twittered about it. How comforting that must be would have been for the would-be swamp drainers: out of sight, out of mind…..

Call me old-fashioned, but I believe there are some things that must remain independent, starting with the judiciary and complaints processes. And young women, like Star in American Honey, one of my favourite recent films:

What films about independence would you recommend?

10 thoughts on “RR Films: Independence

  1. There are some obvious ones here, which I am going to ignore in favour of one of my favourite films from the 1990s, Thelma And Louise. Although the film has several motifs and is in the form of a road movie, to me it has always been about the two protagonists trying to break away from the emotional ties that bind them to their pasts and to other people. It is their desire to remain independent that leads inexorably to the shocking conclusion of the film.

  2. God, Looking for Mr. Goodbar was the first one i thought of. I hated that film though. Hopefully i’ll think of something better.

  3. Ooh..American Honey was on my longlist of things to watch last year, but got bumped somehow. Looks like I’ll have to put it back on the list.

    Just finished watching Nocturnal Animals….great story, beautifully done – don’t get the ‘style over substance’ critics, seemed like a lot of substance to me…

    • I agree about Nocturnal Animals. Style and substance, I reckon. Much, much better than A Single Man in my book.

      It does take quite a long time for not much to happen in American Honey, but I found myself drawn in completely.

  4. Maybe Etre et Avoir.

    The 2002 French documentary about the schoolteacher who runs a “one-man-show” at a little village school. And subsequently sued the film-makers because it was such a success and he didn’t get much out of it! They had already agreed a fee so he sued them for using his intellectual property. And lost. https://www.theguardian.com/world/2004/sep/29/france.film
    A wonderful film anyway and it’s sad that it led to such acrimony. The guy taught every class and mentored every child until it was time for them to go to the big school in the nearby town.

  5. Well there are a few films down the years that have dealt with independent women, like ‘Laura’ in which Gene Tierney plays a fashion designer who is constantly resisting the attempts by men to convert her into a housewife and, oddly enough, another film starring Gene Tierney, ‘The Ghost and Mrs Muir’ where she plays a widow who buys a house with her daughter that is haunted by an old ship’s captain and again has to fight off the attentions of an unscrupulous suitor. As for independence from political corruption you have ‘The Big Heat’ in which Glenn Ford fights against the local “Mr Big” who effectively runs the police dept and murders his wife, or ‘Force of Evil’ with John Garfield or ‘Serpico’ with Al Pacino as the only straight copper on the force !

    • Just thought of another, more recent, example namely ‘The Guard’ starring Brendan Gleeson as Sgt Gerry Boyle, the self styled “last of the independents” If you haven’t seen this film then I urge you to do so as it is one of the funniest films I’ve seen and Gleeson is marvellous in it !

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