Sounds on Sunday 13

More diverse new sounds to wake up your Sunday – thanks to all contributors. Have a listen and let me know what you think, in the comments below – please also mention any new music you’d like to share. Details as follows:

Dayana Stöhr (DALLAN) – Me and My Love: Singer/songwriter from Switzerland – new single for release on January 27. “In her songs she describes situations that she repeatedly finds herself in. Particularly themes such as loss … what comes after the happy end and how to cope with it without breaking apart. She has been singing for as long as she can remember. However, for a long time she did not do so publicly. It took her a while to divulge the very personal experiences she had expressed and processed through her music.” Her first EP “Decade” was released in February 2015.

Benjamin Chapman – Touch My Heart: Another song from Benjamin Chapman, this is a pop dance track he wrote “with the desire to get people to dance. This would be my “Coachella set closer”. It starts off soft and ends with a bang.”

Glowing Mourning – Disorienting Chatter: I know nothing more.

IveBenDubbed – Annihilate: Electronic dance music producer from the USA, he says: “I produced a gruesome heavy dubstep track” – and here it is.

Flexuptown – Bank: Debut hip-hop track from Domi, aka Flexuptown, a solo artist who is moving from Rotterdam to New York having dropped out of college to concentrate on making music.

Keroscene – Like the First Time: “London-based rock band described as an “inferno of sound that’s worth the burn” by NME.” “Following the success of the ethereal single ‘I Can’t Do A Thing‘, drawing from more of the post-punk elements of Keroscene’s eclectic sound, ‘Like The First Time‘ is a darker and more brooding piece. The track lurks slowly from the initial tribal inspired rhythms and electronic soundscape into blistering guitar ruckus while preserving clear catchy, pop-groove styled percussion.” My favourite this week.

Delafaye – Time and Money: New single from previously featured Delafaye (Andrew Shockley).

Captain Wilberforce – Good Times You Said: The new Captain Wilberforce album “Black Sky Thinking” is out on 27th March 2017. “Full of crafted alt-pop; timeless, cultured tunes that ear-worm their way into your life. With a new permanent line up – Simon Bristoll (Songwriting, vocals and guitars), Carl Banks (Drums), Rob Simpson (Guitars) and Massimiliano Borghesi (Bass, vocals), the band has forged a reputation for compelling melodies, cascading harmonies and crafted lyrics; these tunes ooze class, self-belief and a relaxed confidence that comes with years of song-writing experience.” Tour dates to be announced soon.

The Invisible Teal – Freedom CE (George Michael tribute): Todd Hoover, Phoenix, Ariz.-based music teacher occasionally records and releases original material under the name The Invisible Teal. “In light of George Michael’s recent, premature death, I have posted a cover of his song “Freedom ’90,” significantly tweaked and retitled “Freedom C.E.” I have always been intrigued by that song’s message of liberation from past reputations and consequently preconceived notions; as a longtime music minister who left the Church and now identifies as agnostic, I took that message and made it my own”. (Extraordinary. Ed.)

Ryan Chernin – Ashtray Kisses: Forthcoming debut EP ““You Know Who You Are” is the culmination of a year’s worth of work … a sultry collection of songs about life, love, and loss. “What was most important to us was to take our time with it and really make sure it was perfect every step of the way,” Chernin explains. “It was about selecting the right people.” That list of people includes producer John Eugenio, mixer Chris Davies, and SNL guitarist Jared Scharff.”

4 thoughts on “Sounds on Sunday 13

  1. I liked Keroscene too. And I found this over the new year when I was on a Kabir binge. Supposed to be a singing style that has all but disappeared. The song, style and story are explained in the beginning of the video and in the description.
    It might not be to everybody’s taste. There are other versions of this story of star crossed lovers but I thought Spillers may want to check this.

      • Maybe why it is disappearing. 🙂
        You may like this though, they have a YT channel called Maati Baani and some are pretty cool. The guy on the guitar and the girl who is singing collaborate with musicians from different countries and genres. Here it is a folk musician from the Kutch area of Gujarat.

  2. Dayana Stöhr (DALLAN) – Me and My Love Quite nice but I have a nagging feeling that I’ve heard similar songs before. It could be radio-friendly on the right station.

    Benjamin Chapman – Touch My Heart I think that there is a degree of hubris in talking about having a “Coachella set closer”. It is like Masterchef contestants saying that it is their ambition to run a Michelin-starred restaurant when they’ve never even worked in a professional kitchen. Having said that, I like this track. I think that it needs a bit more oompf to really have a floor-filling sound, I think, but it is a decent enough sound.

    Glowing Mourning – Disorienting Chatter This one sort of passed me by a bit. I’ll have to listen to it again.

    IveBenDubbed – AnnihilateIf I’d ever wondered what gruesome heavy dubstep might sound like, now I know. Funnily enough, it was OK. It made me think of Cabaret Voltaire and This Heat in a funny way.

    Flexuptown – Bank This sounds to me like electronic hip-hop by numbers. Pass.

    Keroscene – Like the First Time Gosh, guitars. Are they still a thing? Yeah, I like this one a lot. Definitely the best track so far.

    Delafaye – Time and Money Actually, this is pretty good too. Two good tracks in a row. Things are looking up.

    Captain Wilberforce – Good Times You Said I don’t know about timeless, cultured alt-pop, it sounds a bit like Britpop to me, one of the more contemplative album tracks that don’t sound like the chirpy singles. It is OK, well-written and wearing its influences lightly. Not hugely my sort of thing, though, but I did like the guitar climax.

    The Invisible Teal – Freedom CE (George Michael tribute) I didn’t really know what this was going to be like at all. It sort of sounds like a Space Oddity-period Bowie track mashed up with something by Van Dyke Parks. I think that extraordinary pretty much sums it up.

    Ryan Chernin – Ashtray Kisses I’m going to apologise for not liking this, because I am hearing a cleverly put together piece of smart pop, but it doesn’t move me. It is well played, well-written and nicely-produced. I am sure that many people will like this.

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