RR Films: Smiling And Laughing

Sh*t is just about to get real: Theresa is actually stating something like a position on breakfast and the Donald is about to get the keys of doom in his tiny hands. So let’s get the fun out of the way now, with films that induce Smiling And Laughing.

To put it another way, what are the funniest films you’ve ever seen? For me, in recent years, it is Team America: World Police. Fuck yeah!

What are your favourite funny films?

22 thoughts on “RR Films: Smiling And Laughing

  1. Fuel: I came across this on YT, which seems to be a reprise of the Living In Oblivion DVD interview I mentioned last week, with Tom DiCillo and Steve Buscemi. It contains the LiO genesis story.

    • Cool. Had forgotten about Johnny Suede. Will watch the rest of this later – didn’t feel like engaging after the 80’s 12″ blog (that was draining in the end).and was also busy with real life.

      • I’m just glad you got here eventually! That RR did look to be a huge task, no matter how much you love the music, and real life can occasionally be a tad intrusive, I find…

  2. What’s keeping a lot of us sane here these days is the Joe Biden memes all over the internets. Dude should have the one getting sworn in this week. But you want films. Obviously spoiled rotten for choice here, so going to have to find a way to knock it down. Smiling isn’t going to be enough, it’s going to have to induce deranged belly laughs. As an American with an American sense of humor, that leaves out the wink wink nudge nudge type. Still spoiled rotten for choice for stupid American comedies, so i’ll go for Harold and Kumar go to White Castle which had me in tears nearly the whole time.

  3. I don’t really do belly laughs and I’m not a great fan of obviously comic stuff. Not to say I don’t have a sense of humour, I just tend to laugh more at subtle or absurd humour. Warped, probably. I’ll go for “Oh Brother, Where Art Thou?”

    • Dond. I love the absurd stuff also. I have a very decent print of The Firemen’s Ball. Fantastic satire. If you have not seen it check it out.
      Though I am also a big belly shaker as well. About the only stuff on TV I see are AFV, Just for laughs, and Wile E Coyote/Road runner. But as the topic is open for rich pickings I will go for the Pink Panther movies, with Peter Sellers and Herbert Lom. Here’s a classic scene.

      • dond! I actually considered the PP films, those had me in tears as well. There are things in the old comedies that you really couldn’t get away with these days. The little yellow friend in the PP movies, the “have you ever seen a grown man naked” in Airplane type.

      • Just had a look at that 2010 post, amy. Those were the days, eh? 75 comments from loads of involved Spillers (including sowc and ejay!), nomming plenty of good films. As Ali noted re: Earworms, The Spill ain’t wot it used to be……

      • I do like the Pink Panther but I think I’ve seen the films too often now. My dad used to love Laurel and Hardy and Charlie Chaplin – they used to make me laugh but I think that was mainly ‘cos I was laughing at my dad, laughing – very infectious.

  4. There are quite a few old films that still make me laugh 30 years after I first saw them, like Manhattan, I’m Alright Jack (which has one of the greatest casts of British comedy actors ever), Dr Strangelove, His Girl Friday, Broadway Danny Rose and Animal House (which was almost inspirational back when I was younger!). As for more recent films 2 spring to mind – ‘Sideways’, which is not only funny (with a brilliant performance by Paul Giamatti) but bittersweet too and ‘The Guard’ (which I think I nommed for independence) starring the brilliant Brendan Gleeson as a very odd Irish policeman !

  5. I very rarely laugh out loud at films – or anything else, come to that, I’m a miserable git basically. The ones that have made me laugh the most are so obvious as to be cliches. Here’s the top three:

    1) Way Out West
    2) Life of Brian
    3) Some Like it Hot

    Just looked at Amy’s link and my taste in comedy hasn’t changed very much!

  6. The funny film I probably enjoy the most (not sure if that’s the same thing as the funniest film I’ve seen, but it’s got to crossover)is This Is Spinal Tap. All the better when it completely goes over some people’s heads.
    The first time I watched it my dad asked what it was.

    “This Is Spinal Tap” I replied.

    “Do you like them then?”

    I explained it to him, He then half watched the rest of the film and at the end asked me if \I was sure it was a spoof.

  7. I love a good goofball/grossout, pretty much more than any other type of film!

    Farrelly brothers are ace (Kingpin, Something About Mary) and I even like a good Adam Sandler (Happy Gilmore, Billy Madison) I’m not ashamed to say! Parker and Stone are great too. Team America is amazing and Orgazmo and BASEketball are just as good (in fact BASEketball is probably in my all-time top 10 films!).

    I laughed a lot at last year’s Sausage Party too……and even liked Grimsby (I like Sacha Baron-Cohen when he does a straight up fiction film – The Dictator, Ali G in Da House, but don’t care too much for making usually quite nice people look stupid – Borat, Bruno).

    Haven’t seen Harold and Kumar (but feel like I should have done), so that will be on my list to watch this week…

  8. Donds for Spinal Tap, a work of enduring genius. Like Ali, I tend to go for wry amusement more than belly laughs, let alone the whole gross-out comedy genre: so, lots of Coen brothers (O Brother, Intolerable Cruelty, Burn Before Reading, Hail Caesar), comedy dramas like When Harry Met Sally and dramas with comic elements like The Philadelphia Story, lots of musicals. Parody films: Mars Attacks! is great, Robin Hood Men In Tights has its moments, but has to be Der Schuh des Manitu, still by far the best comedy Western even if some of the jokes are very specific to the Karl May films from the 1960s. Oh, but also the brilliant Galaxy Quest, superbly acted by all concerned.

    If it wasn’t for the fact that Mrs Abahachi hates it, the film that would get me through the next day or do would be The Muppets…

  9. Having seen a few of my possible options already mentioned, I am going to mention two other.

    Firstly, Mel Brooks’ Blazing Saddles and secondly the 1976 Richard Lester comedy, The Ritz.

  10. Huge donds for Galaxy Quest, which is probably a better Star Trek film than most of the Shatner period Star Trek films.

  11. Hee! Hee! Galaxy quest. I’ve watched a lot of children’s movies these past few years and I have to say my first thought was Minions.

    I’m currently watching a box set of Early Doors and I love that… But for films, donds for Some Like it Hot and I remember laughing my head off at Knocked Up but I think that was partly because the ex’s mother arrived unexpectedly and decided to watch it as well. Oh! She was embarrassed.

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