Sounds on Sunday 14

More diverse new sounds to wake up your Sunday – thanks to all contributors. Have a listen and let me know what you think, in the comments below – please also mention any new music you’d like to share. Details as follows:

Andy Leung – Lights – “Andy Leung is an artist, music producer and contemporary composer. He was the youngest composer commissioned for the London Olympics 2012 and Cultural Olympiad, and featured on BBC Television and Radio. He has since performed in Europe’s best live venues and festivals, including Jazz Café, Koko, Bestival, Outlook and Southbank. In 2016, he released his debut full-length electronic live album ‘New Cola’. The work re-imagined the erhu (traditional Chinese violin) for the 21st century and was a ground-breaking work that marked a new era for the erhu. This is the second song to Leung’s lifetime project, in which he will release a free new single on the last Friday of every month for the rest of his career.  To get priority access to the project, sign up here:”

The Captain’s Son – Walking Around Purposely – “The Captain’s Son is Paige Byrd, Jarred Hayden and William Hopkins. Together they have the ability to blend catchy warm guitar melodies, laid-back harmonizing vocals and upbeat drum rhythms, reminiscent of early California surf pop. Hailing from Springfield, Missouri, the band formed after Byrd and Hayden started playing together as teens. Hopkins later joined the band and after realizing they shared the same passion for music, it encouraged them to continue their journey together as The Captain’s Son. The Captain’s Son self-titled EP is set for release March 10th.”

Chase McBride – On The Other Side – American songwriter and visual artist with four solo albums already under his belt, this is a single from his new album “Cold Water”, released on 18 January 2017. My favourite this week.

Greytail – Raven – Electronica / Dance. “Bring headphones”. This is all I know.

D-ROCKSTEADY – Wandering: “With his first single, ‘Wandering’, we are brought into our own unique world with use of subtle voices, percussive textures, and sounds of natural ambiance.  Breathing, murmuring, and other vocal elements are used to guide us through a journey of ups and downs; whether it provides a soundtrack to the journey of our ongoing lives or simply that of the wandering that exists in our own minds. D-ROCKSTEADY plans to release a four track EP: ‘Wandering’ set to drop late February 2017.”

Ruta Loop – Around You – From a young age Lithuanian singer Ruta Loop (real name – Ruta Zibaityte) challenged herself in many different musical projects on Lithuanian TV (Ruta was one of the finalists of “The Voice of Lithuania”), radio and has been a backing vocalist for a lot of famous Lithuanian singers. This is her debut song, created only by her, using her voice and a loop station.

Jordyn Cooper – Make Me Feel (EP)

“Hi, my name is Jordyn Cooper. I’m an independent soul/pop artist based out of Tacoma, WA who travels regionally through the WA, OR and CA circuit … In short, my music is an eclectic blend of indie rock infused with good soulful vibes.”

Love Ghost – Forgive Me – “Inspired by the 90’s grunge subculture, Los Angeles based Love Ghost successfully pays tribute to the most influential genre of alternative rock, while creating a unique and modern sound. Having grown up together, the five-piece are able to poignantly express both the hardships and joys of suburban teenage culture within their music. The band was formed by 15-year-old frontman Finn Bell who demonstrates a maturity beyond his years with his soulful lyrics and arrangements. Despite the band all being teenagers, their raw musical skill creates a nostalgic triumph of distorted guitar melodies, heavy drums and emotionally stimulated lyrics. Love Ghost’s musical composition is inspired by a mix of old universal horror films meshed with iconic grunge artists such as Nirvana and Alice in Chains.”

Funeral Casket – Heavy Darkness (EP) – “My name is Joshua, and I go by the artist/producer name Funeral Casket. I’m an Industrial Metal musician from Delaware … My style of music is Industrial with heavy Doom elements. I … use heavily distorted guitars and drum machine rhythms paired with Industrial Noise and FX to create the sound of a dark factory churning out nothing but blood soaked rubble. I call it “Industrial Death Factory Music”. I use art and horror themed concepts to build a unique story behind each of my musical releases. I release my music as 3 chapter horror stories divided into 3 tracks. Building a story around the music draws the listener deep into the dark, twisted depths of my world. I recently released my new 3-track EP titled “Heavy Darkness: The Legend of the Night Eaters” on Bandcamp and … I’m planning to release 1 EP per month this year.


4 thoughts on “Sounds on Sunday 14

  1. I liked the Captain’s Son and Chase McBride. As for Joshua aka Funeral Basket, he should take a look at RR, this week’s topic being Doom.

  2. Nice contrast between those three openers. Andy Leung, Captain’s Son and Chase McBride. All hugely enjoyable (to me) in very different ways.
    Nothing I disliked this week but those were definite favourites.

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