RR Films….Named After Women

Two days after millions of women all over the world marched to protest against his misogyny, Trump enacted his revenge on the weakest and most vulnerable of them. By following the Republican tradition of banning any aid agency that receives US cash from providing counselling or referrals for abortion or advocating for access to abortion services in their country, the maverick outsider has ensured the death and suffering of untold thousands of women and girls.

So let’s counter with a celebration of films about women, specifically those named in the title. It’s a wide and varied field. Some (Ida, Philomena) have cropped up in previous topics but the choice is still vast. I’ll pick a German film that stuck in my mind from 2013, Lore, about a girl protected by her Nazi parents who discovers reality in 1945.

What films named after women would you recommend? Feel free to go for something lighter than my choice!

35 thoughts on “RR Films….Named After Women

  1. I wore a dress at the weekend, in a rare attempt at “making an effort”, and my son said I looked like “Matilda”. So I’m definitely not nomming that (or wearing that dress again – not quite the look I was after) … nor am I nomming “Amelie”, ‘cos I’ve nommed that before – so I’ll go for “Coraline”, a strange and moody girl who discovers a disturbing parallel universe, and realises she’s not so badly off after all.

  2. I would have liked to suggest Matilda, but that’s really not a woman’s name right? At least for the topic.
    There must be scores of movies that fit so I will stay with India and go with Mili, a defining moment for Jaya Bhacchan among others.

  3. Many choices available including Mouchette by Robert Bresson which is a tragic tale of a schoolgirl who is bullied and eventually commits suicide, Marnie by Alfred Hitchcock, to my mind one of the most underrated of Hitchcock’s films and The Lady Eve, an absolutely brilliant comedy starring Barbara Stanwyck as a con artist who gets her hooks into Henry Fonda, the heir to a brewing fortune, and ends up falling in love with him !

  4. I nommed Thelma and Louise before so I’ve tried to think of something else. I will go for Gilda which was Rita Hayworth’s first starring role.

  5. I don’t know what the rules are here for nominating. I certainly haven’t nominated much on the films thread. So I’ll go for these for starters, both feisty and based on real women. Does that count? Erin Brokovich and Veronica Guerin. Both women who worked tirelessly for justice and truth. And if films about real women don’t count how about Juno? Granted, is about a teenage pregnancy, but before the music is awesome!!

    • Cool. I once chose Erin Brokovich for another theme – very good movie. Veronica Guerin is ace too. I chose (Karen) Silkwood by bending the rules a little and because I was feeling political. believe that Trumps “alternative facts” and his first attacks on the climate change and restricting access to information will end up with a lot more Silkwood type cases.

      The way he’s now suppressing dissent from places like Badlands National Park and banning agencies from using social media to update information strengthens that belief. Plus the fact that the likes of the Keystone and Dakota Access pipeline projects are being revived means that the US and therefore the rest of us will be needing a lot more Silkwoods.

      ‘I probably would’ve recommended Mildred Pierce otherwise.

      • All awesome reasons to nominate Silkwood. The Dakota Access Pipeline is an absolute disaster for the communities affected, I read a lot about it last year and was horrified at some of the stuff going on around this project. This morning I read about yesterday’s censorship of the Badlands Nat Park twitter feed, the global gag rule makes me feel sick and this morning’s top news is all about this bloody wall he intends to build. My 13 year old son just laughed and said “Mum, I’m not sure how to react about all this any more – I think it must be all a big joke” it’s not though is it? Crap happening in the UK is equally as depressing. I feel like I’m sliding into a 1984 style nightmare.

        Still, there will always be the tunes eh?

      • …and he’s stopped all funding for environmental projects (including air quality monitoring), the Wall is rearing its ugly head again, he’s inventing illegal voters…..

        The danger is that I turn every Trumpcrime into a film topic. Is this cathartic or masochistic?

      • Sarah. My son was also wondering what is going on. It’s not a joke. I was dismissing it as beyond satire before and hoping that the apparatus of government would reign him in. But he is doing what he said he would do and behaving as he always has and using the apparatus of government to do it.

        Chris: Sorry, for ranting here but the main sites are now just too full of trolls/people who lead debate in other directions and spoil it. Films often deal with extreme characters in unusual situations and Trump is very aware that all eyes are on him and he doesn’t give one shit about what we think. He doesn’t give one shit about the rule of law (unless it suits him) and empirical evidence (unless…). He is the psychopathic antagonist. He doesn’t care about life. He just wants to be the ultimate ruler or the last big man standing as the world falls. I think he’s living out his cinematic dreams.

        Cheerio for now.

  6. Can’t remember who recommended ‘Victoria’ at the end of last year, but it ended up as one of my films of the year. The one-take trick was amazing of course, but the acting and dialogue (in my more serious, professional persona I wrote a blog post about the positive representation of non-native English speaker to non-native English speaker language depicted naturally in the film) and everything else was so good too.

    Thanks to whoever recommended it and thanks to Amy for last week’s Harold & Kumar suggestion – I ended up watching 2 of them!

  7. How lefty film-goers have changed (along with the slow disintegration of Woody Allen’s reputation): at one time, I’m pretty sure Annie Hall would have been first out of the gate……

    • Julia was one i thought of, which i didn’t actually see. Also Shirley Valentine, ditto. And I’ve never been a Woody Allen fan.

    • Annie Hall was one of the films I mentioned in Amy’s older thread about films that make you laugh. It was the only film from then that I left out when we did the same topic in this series last week. Not intentional I must have just blotted it out.

  8. Trying to decide between the weird combination of female empowerment and sexist exploitation that is Barbarella, and the weird combination of creepiness and great songs that is Gigi…

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