Earworms 30 January 2017


Good morning, a wonderful bunch of worms to start the day and to take your mind off world events for 30 minutes. Hope you enjoy the music; thanks to all contributors and please keep those worms coming to earworm@tincanland.com.

Tom Speight – Willow Tree – AliM: Released on 26.01.17, this is the lead track to be lifted from his new EP of the same name, due for release 10.03.17.  Joining forces with Jessica Staveley-Taylor from The Staves, their voices compliment each other well. Speaking about the track, Tom says: “We recorded around 11pm at night … all huddled around playing live next to each other … there was something really special about it because it felt so human. I was listening to a lot of Laura Marling and Damien Rice around the time and I think their methods definitely help shape this EP.” https://soundcloud.com/tomspeightmusic/willow-tree/s-YnzfN

Edgar Meyer and Chris Thile – Tarnation – Ravi Raman: Standout cut of the album called Bass and Mandolin. Don’t know anything about the two musicians, as I accidentally discovered them while browsing for some RR/SB topic.

Sleeping at Last – Taste – glassarfemptee: “Sleeping At Last” is the moniker of Chicago-based singer-songwriter, producer and composer, Ryan O’Neal. This track is from the soundtrack to a film about a charity bringing sustainable clean water supplies to developing countries. I hope you find it as beautiful as I did.

Samaris – T3mp0 – severin: I saw Icelandic combo, Samaris, at Camden’s Jazz café recently. Despite some sound problems they were fantastic. This is from their third album – the first to have lyrics sung in English. Previously the singer had sung the words of old Icelandic poems. Comparisons have been made with Bjork (of course) and occasionally Portishead but, I think, they have a sound of their own.

Nightwatchman – Black Spartacus Heart Attack Machine – tincanman: All the poop going on in political circles these days cries out for ass-kicking protest song replies, and Tom Morello is just the man for the job. “Mick Jones of The Clash referred to his main guitar as a ‘heart attack machine’ and I named my new jet black acoustic axe ‘Black Spartacus’. And [we] have each others’ back, so foes of justice better start trembling in their boots.”

Lee Morgan Quintet – Sidewinder – goneforeign: The Sidewinder is a 1964 album by the trumpeter Lee Morgan, recorded at the Van Gelder Studio in Englewood, New Jersey, It was released on the Blue Note label. The title track, “The Sidewinder“, was one of the defining recordings of the soul jazz genre in the ’60’s, it became a jazz standard and it was on the air constantly on the fm jazz stations, consequently by January 1965, the album had reached No. 25 on the Billboard chart. It was recorded by Rudy Van Gelder in his parents’ house in Hackensack, New Jersey, where a control room was built adjacent to the living room, which served as the musicians’ performing area. The dry acoustics of this working space were partly responsible for Van Gelder’s inimitable recording aesthetic. Bob Cranshaw, bassist, died at the age of 83 on November 2, 2016 in Manhattan, Van Gelder died in August 2016. I think the rhythm section creates a wonderful drive throughout and the three soloing musicians interactions are amazing.

7 thoughts on “Earworms 30 January 2017

    • Sorry about that, I’ve amended it now. I got hooked by the Martin Green track and had to investigate the album on iTunes – I like Lau, I like Aidan Moffat … I must have got carried away. All sorted now! Worms are boxed, too.

      • Briefly:
        Tom Speight – Loved it,. Quite gentle but not soporific. I like the way it builds in intensity.
        Meyer/Thile – An amazing piece of music. Quite complex but compelling.
        Sleeping at last – Another winner. Love the contrast with the drumming and the strings. I don’t know if I’m going mad but I thought of Mike Oldfield a few times.
        Nightwatchman – Well that’s a change of mood but still works with the rest. I like the way he spits out the title.
        Lee Morgan – Over 50 years old but it still sounds bang up to date to me. Fantastic sound.

  1. Works beautifully as a list, the first four flowing into one another, building up with Black Spartacus and then GF’s worm weighted against them. Lovely. Played them on loop and liked them even better.

  2. Tom Speight – Willow TreeI like The Staves a lot and I was looking forward to hearing this. Gosh, isn’t it a lovely thing. Truly excellent. A very nice song.

    Edgar Meyer and Chris Thile – Tarnation This is beautiful. There are a lot of modern classical influences at work here and in places the mandolin reminds me of Bela Fleck. Superbly accomplished music.

    Sleeping at Last – Taste This follows on brilliantly from the previous track and it is equally accomplished music. Ii definitely sounds like a piece of soundtrack music but that isn’t a problem because it is rather lovely. It reminds me a bit of Explosions In The Sky.

    Samaris – T3mp0 Yes, it does remind one of Bjork but only superficially. It also reminds me of some of the things that Ravi posts, but I think that is in the percussion. I like the fragile trip-hop vibe but also the drum-and-bass electronics, which have a delicacy you don’t usually associate with D&B.

    Nightwatchman – Black Spartacus Heart Attack Machine I am a huge fan of Tom Morello as a guitarist and it is good to hear him being politically-engaged again. I like his work with Audioslave but it lacks the politics of RATM. This came as a huge contrast to what had gone before, but I definitely like it.

    Lee Morgan Quintet – Sidewinder The Sidewinder is a terrific album. I used to own it on vinyl, so it was inevitable that I’d get a CD of it at some point, and I finally got round to it a couple of years ago. I love this 60s Blue Note sound. You hear the influence all over the place, especially in the more cerebral kind of hip hop.

    Lots of lovely music (as usual). I think though, that my favourite was the Tom Speight>/b> one with Jessica Staveley-Taylor.

  3. Always nice to have a list where I’ve not heard any of them before. Willow Tree is a nice mellow song, the duet working well, with a good riff. Tarnation was superb, a helter skelter with a hint of the Appalachians! I’m beginning to wonder if there is musical rule that if it’s from Iceland, it’s gonna be a goodie. This applies to Samaris, with a haunted foggy sound that suits the weather we are having. Then a real change of gear, with Nightwatchman, a Dylanesque roar of protest that suits the political weather. I really hope he’s right that “history is not made by presidents…or billionaires…Might threw a little money ’round/Wonderin’ who can be bought/Well I’ll stand or fall right here/In my country, in my home/I ain’t alone no more” Yeah, he’s not alone. Time will tell if we will overcome. Then thank god for the soothing balm of the Sidewinder, born in a time of hope, not fear….
    Pick of the week – Ravi’s “Tarnation” – my sentiment precisely!

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