Yes, it’s a slightly naff hashtag, but the sentiment is perfect: in these dark times, we need to try to find comfort and relief where we can, to fortify ourselves for the struggle ahead. One of my #tinyjoys this week is the fact that my aubergine and Pimiento de Padron seeds are germinating – there’s always a period of nervous uncertainty, as peppers and related species take so long to sprout (and I’m still waiting for any sign of life from the habaneros). The other is the discovery of someone in Finland who improvises Lego sculptures to jazz albums; see @AjuArchIdiot on Twitter, but also this quixotic project to get Lego to produce an actual kit of the ECM studio, complete with Pat Metheny Group…

11 thoughts on “#tinyjoys

  1. I like the Lego studio project.

    I will admit to a mental state that veers between differing degrees of depression since last June, sometimes to the point that I feel unable to leave the house, because I really cannot be bothered to face anyone. It seems to me that this is the darkest time I have ever lived through, even worse than the stress-related depression that I experienced towards the end of my time working for Evil Giant US IT Corp (not IBM, so probably easy to work out who it was), and for nearly a year afterwards.

    Unhappily, I hate this time of year at the best of times. January and February are horrible months even when the world isn’t being such a vile place.

    I need something to snap me out of this mood. It isn’t healthy.

    Sorry to be so gloomy.

    • With you 150% on this, mine’s worse cos I’m here in the midst of it. I decided to not read any online article that had either his image or his name in the heading, that sure cut down on my reading time.
      I remember about 6 months ago sending a letter to the editor of Huff post because they had 12 images of him on page one, I said ‘this only encourages him’. About 6 months later there were 36 images! I no longer count but I do wake up everyday depressed. This has also been the longest, coldest, wettest most miserable season ever.

      • Unhappily, I think we are heading for a period that is, in part analogous to the 1920s and 30s. I suppose that we can draw parallels with the collapse of bourgeois democracy and the end of the imperial age, together with the rise of trade protectionism and authoritarian regimes, but, despite what some people think, history never really repeats itself. I have no idea where any of this is going, but I don’t think it is heading towards any sunlit uplands just yet.

    • It’s a struggle. I’m lucky insofar as part of my job demands that I snap out of it now and again; I *have* to teach, it’s often energising, and I can think of it as helping to train young minds in the critical skills they’ll need to take on this rotten system. But neither anger nor depression are conducive to research and writing, so I spend too much time with writer’s block, reading too many articles trying to make sense of the world.

      • I’m not sure exactly how much sense we can make at the moment. From the perspective of an historian (even as an amateur one) being in the middle of events is a bit like being carried down a river in spate on a life-raft. It is all confusion and trying to see anything resembling patterns is incredibly difficult. Yes, one can see the factors that have contributed to where we are now, but where we end up is a closed book, unsurprisingly.

  2. Well, I have something to be very excited about… (drum roll)… TheBoyWonder might just be playing support for Ed Harcourt next week!

  3. I wish I could say something to cheer Carole up, but it’s difficult when the world seems to be going to hell in a handcart. The dark days don’t help, and I find it difficult to crack on with stuff. There are days when all I seem to do is clear up after pets and offspring and pander to their various wants. But my tinyjoys now include Pat Metheny in Lego; local friends who don’t mind my big hippopotamus of a dog, walking, and (yesterday) re-hanging the door on my kitchen cupboard, which has been off-centre for months but now shuts properly. It’s the small things.

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