Sounds on Sunday (16)

More diverse new sounds to wake up your Sunday – thanks to all contributors. Have a listen and let me know what you think, in the comments below – please also mention any new music you’d like to share. There’s a Soundcloud playlist for the first six tracks, followed by individual links to the other six tracks on Youtube, etc. Details as follows:

Sidizen King – Stuck in the Middle: The latest from Sidizen King, “The song takes the perspective of a guy who believes the girl he’s seeing wants commitment that he isn’t ready for. As the song progresses, he sheds his “player” persona and realizes that he actually does want exclusivity. The last verse finds him confessing his feelings to her – fully expecting her to reciprocate – when to his surprise, she’s the one who isn’t ready to commit. The song is meant to be fun on a superficial level but a careful review reveals a more serious sentiment … (i.e.) “a commentary on the non-committal nature of courtship in the “millennial” era and attempts to examine the feelings that come with being on either side of a relationship where one person wants more than the other.””

Puzzle – Little Black Book: Released on 17 January, lead single from upcoming EP Babylon, “Little Black Book” is a song about unrequited love and casual encounters magnified in the context of the digital age. (I sense a theme here – see Sidizen King, above).

Brandyn Burnette – Escape: Brandyn Burnette is a progressive soul producer/singer-songwriter from St. Louis, Missouri currently living in Los Angeles. This self taught, 3rd generation musician has crafted his own sound and style and found success writing hits for such artists as MKTO and Jake Miller as well as opening for such artists as James Bay and John Mayer.  His current project Cosmos & Creature has amassed over 10 million streams on Spotify and the latest single debuted at #3 on the Spotify Global Charts.

PATHS – Neoprene: Debut single released on 21 January – “Recognised for her craft for perfectly melding together infectious vocals and compelling soundscapes, PATHS has also developed herself into a one woman audio-visual live performance. She utilises synchronised custom LED lighting on stage. Her first performance takes place on 16th February at Output, Northern Ireland’s annual music showcase and conference in Belfast.”

My Native Tongue – Traffic: “My Native Tongue is comprised of 3 triplets; Mitchel, Garrett & Spencer Fraye. They’re from the Simi Valley near LA and have been in bands together since they were seven. They grew up watching their older sister’s band practice and perform – they actually would do load in/out and soundcheck for her bands around LA venues – that’s how they learned to play. (This is) the lead single on their (forthcoming) new EP … The EP was 100% written, recorded, produced and mixed entirely by the brothers themselves.”

Salt Petal – Telephone:”I wanted to send you the new single from surf rock (Los-Angeles based) collective Salt Petal. The band has received tremendous support from stations such as NPR’s KEXP and BBC. They have also been profiled in Billboard and featured on MTV Tr3s.  Their new single was just premiered via the 405 today”.

Orouni – Nora: “New song sung by Emma Broughton, backing vocalist for Bon Iver when he played in Paris last September. “Nora” has numerous strong melodies, parts and chord changes, which make it “a future classic” according to a recent live review. Its lyrics were inspired by Norwegian playwright Henrik Ibsen‘s A Doll’s House.”

Serena Richelle – So Bad: Debut single from this 17-year-old singer from Leicester. “As a trained singer, dancer and actor, Serena has performance written on her heart. Taking control, she booked herself into the studio, recorded, distributed and promoted the song herself. Gaining radio coverage a week later having been championed by BBC Introducing.”

Sweet Lu – “You’ll Never Find (Another Love Like Mine)” (Lou Rawls cover):  “Atlanta-based internationally acclaimed Jazz vocalist and recording artist. Sweet Lu’s new project is called “Meet me at the Crossroads” and it is set for release in mid-April. The first single off this project (is) a Jazz version of Lou Rawls’ “You’ll Never Find (Another Love Like Mine) … Sweet Lu is an artist whose debut release afforded him placement on the CMJ Top 40 (American Chart) Jazz Chart in 2011, in addition to glowing reviews in industry standard publications like Jazz Times, All About Jazz, Cadence Magazine, including airplay on XM/Sirius.” 

Laurence Nerbonne – Nos Coeurs: “Sweden inspired-pop (with) a slight hip hop twist” … (in the video) “a feverish youth celebrates its uniqueness in a motley loft. Nos cœurs wants you to feel what it’s like to spend the night in a frantic Montreal, to have your head spinning at the rhythm of a love perpetually renewed.”

Aaron Taos – Off My Mind: New artist out of Brooklyn, NY, this is his new single, released on 24 January.

Mary Weiss – Evil Baby: ““Evil Baby” is a new protest music video against Donald Trump’s presidency. It is sung by Brooklyn songstress Mercy Weiss. There are scenes from the recent women’s marches in New York City and Washington. This is not a dull political lecture; “Evil Baby” is irreverent and fun. (It) is from the Mercy EP, a collaboration of Mercy with Christopher Pellnat (me) available on Bandcamp:  Mercy is an unsigned singer-songwriter.”




4 thoughts on “Sounds on Sunday (16)

  1. I think Mercy Weiss was my favourite this week – even though I probably wouldn’t have guessed any Trump connection without the accompanying video. And the prompting here.of course.

    Of the others:
    Tracks on the player, Salt Petal was the one that really stood out for me. Quite enjoyed Paths and My Native Tongue too. Others not too bothered about.
    Yootoob vids, I really liked Orouni and Laurence Nerbonne. Serena Richelle and Sweet Lu pretty good too (lovely bass sound on that last one) . Sorry I have no more constructive feedback. This is all just after a first listen through.

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