Earworms 6 February 2017

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Good morning … another luvverly bunch of worms for you – many thanks to all contributors … please keep calm and carry on sending your worms to earworm@tincanland.com, a small patch of continuity in a topsy-turvy world.

Sonic Youth – Superstar – CaroleBristol: I never knew that this even existed until about a week or so ago. It is Sonic Youth covering Superstar, which was made famous by The Carpenters, but was originally written by Bonnie Bramlett and Leon Russell. This version was for a Carpenters tribute album, but is apparently disliked by Richard Carpenter. I say “Meh” to Mr Carpenter, because I think it is rather good.

The Orioles – Teardrops on My Pillow – severin: A doowop oldie from one of my Jubilee and Josie compilations. Popped up on iTunes shuffle recently and sounded rather earwormy to me. Hope it does to you too.

Marcus Carl Franklin – When the Ship Comes In – Ravi Raman: As I said on the Films on Musicians thread, I really enjoyed the film on Dylan, especially the songs.  This is one of the many lovely covers and is by the actor/singer who played “Woody Guthrie”. 14 years old!

Kauan – Ommeltu Polku – glassarfemptee: Kauan are a Russian post rock band that do a lot of stuff in Finnish. Ali posted a track recommended by Fuel last year, with a link to an excellent album on Soundcloud, of which this is the first track.

Kevin Morby – Singing Saw – tincanman: Both the title track of last year’s album and one of the instruments it is played on, Morby fashioned his suitably somewhat ominous soundscapes after daily twilight and midnight walks in the hills northeast of LA.

Brent Dowe – Down here in Babylon – goneforeign: From a Lee Perry session. You probably know Brent as the lead voice on  “The Rivers of Babylon”. (This is a different version from one used previously – Ed.)

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8 thoughts on “Earworms 6 February 2017

  1. Some great music here. The Sonic Youth track was on the album “If I Were a Carpenter” which also features Shonen Knife’s version of “Top of the World”. Not every track is as good as those two but it’s definitely worth a listen.
    More later (you always say that).

    • Second listen! Still love the Sonic Youth cover, which I hadn’t heard for years.
      Marcus Carl Franklin was great in “I’m Not There” and sounds pretty damn good here too. I do have the soundtrack album but for some reason I don’t remember listening to this track very much.
      That’s what comes of putting everything on iTunes and listening on shuffle half the time I suppose. I must play this one all the way through soonest.
      Kauan I had never heard of but it was quite beautiful. The Kevin Morby song was indeed both atmospheric and ominous. I liked it even more the second time so a grower I think.
      Brent Dowe – lovely bit of classic reggae to finish.

  2. D’you know, I haven’t listened myself, either – at least, I’ve listened individually but not all together. So I will go forth calmly and do it now.

  3. The Orioles – Teardrops on My Pillow This is nice. I do like a bit of doowop.

    Marcus Carl Franklin – When the Ship Comes In Not bad at all. Dylanish.

    Kauan – Ommeltu Polku Yes, I followed these up from Fuel’s track last year. I really like what I’ve heard on Soundcloud. This is very nice, in fact the whole album is very enjoyable.

    Kevin Morby – Singing Saw Cor! This is brilliant, atmospheric stuff. Absolute stand-out track this week.

    Brent Dowe – Down here in Babylon It has that classic Scratch sound about it. Brent Dowe was in The Melodians in the 1960s. Nice rocksteady track.

    As you may have guessed already Kevin Morby was my favourite by miles.

  4. Yet another good set. Sonic youth were not what I expected, but a lovely cover, so I share Carole’s rebuttal to Richard C. The Dylan cover was good too, but I find it hard not to long for the original. The song seems very apt for current times, as ever with early Dylan. Indeed, the current times are leading to many a teardrop on many a pillow, from Mogadishu to Idlib. But The Orioles are a balm to be applied liberally. And you can’t go wrong with a bit of reggae, and this Brent Dowe track was new to me. I share Carole’s enthusiasm for the Kevin Morby track. It was this week’s fave, not least for the originality of it. The soaring saw was like a theremin, and the long scuzzy outro was treat.

  5. Liked both Sonic Youth and Orioles. The Teardrops song is so different from the one I have, which is more pop, and so the one I listened to the most.
    Kauan: may be a dumb question but what is post – rock? A genre or a time period? And while reggae, even mellow reggae, is cool I’m totally taken up by the Singing Saw. Wow, to conceive, practise and play/record on that needs serious chops. Great stuff.
    (Apologies to all for the delayed response to the playlist but life has been “very interesting” here)

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