Lee Endres – “Croft” – debut album

“Born and raised in Stourbridge, Lee Endres is a songwriter who after isolating himself for 3 months on the north-western tip of Scotland is now sharing his debut album Croft.

Written and recorded in an old cottage next to the Atlantic Ocean deep in the Highlands, Croft is part of a cacophony of samples that was composed during his time there. The songs reflect the milieu of the highlands that helped depict a new honest, stripped back and organic approach to his craft. Lee writes about Dementia, alienation, self doubt as well as love, loss and alcoholism.

Embracing a nomadic nature, the past 5 years have seen him travelling around Eastern Europe and living in various cities around the world. Most comparatively it took him to rural Devon where he recorded an album that was immediately scrapped. This was the final push he needed to create a situation in the Scottish highlands to avoid distractions and to concentrate on what was needed to denude. His mental strength was pushed to the limits as he finally found the space and time to put down his scattered thoughts into fragile, brutally honest and bare songs that hide behind no guises.

For Lee it feels like his whole life has been pieced together inside the album, which is consequential to him recording and mixing it himself. This is a keyhole inside the mind of someone who has shaped his life around his music, leaving a trace of fear, guilt and obsession.”

Do have a listen, and share your thoughts in the comments below. It is perfect for a contemplative evening’s listening.

3 thoughts on “Lee Endres – “Croft” – debut album

  1. He’s a rather troubled soul, isn’t he?

    Having said that, I think that his music has a honesty and fragility that gets under the skin. I’d file this under interesting and affecting, but not for everyday listening. It reminds me of listening to Dory Previn. The hurt, sadness and struggle of living is too close to the surface to make for a comforting experience.

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