Sounds on Sunday (18)

Here are some more new sounds to brighten your Sunday, nine tracks on Soundcloud and three on Youtube.

Someone has asked why these posts are not being picked up on Hype Machine, like the Monday “Earworms” posts. The answer is, I don’t know, but I’ve emailed Hype Machine to see if they will link the “Sounds on Sunday” posts as well. So we will have to wait and see.

On the Admin side, does anyone in ‘Spill land know who is in charge of the Twitter feed for The ‘Spill? It’s very out-of-date, and I have a volunteer to look after it … which would be good.

Anyway, have a listen and let me know what you think, in the comments below. Thanks to all.

Red Giant – Universal Daughter: ”I’m contacting you on behalf of Foon Promotions, an NJ based music sharing platform that connects new audiences to new music. As a fan of the music you share on The Spill, I think you’ll dig trip-hop duo Red Giant’s newest track, “Universal Daughter”. This is a new single off of their upcoming EP, to be released this Spring.”

Anne Hall – Withstand the Rain: “A brass-accompanied, jazzy slice of folk from Santa Barbara-based Anne Hall … Hall began writing songs six years ago, and has since found a natural progression. “Writing each song is like figuring out a big huge puzzle that you piece together through creativity and inspiration,” she explains, “”Withstand the Rain” I wrote fairly quickly and is about wanting the love relationship to stay the same through the good and the bad.” She wrote most of the songs from the album on ukulele, before handing them over to producer Max Gualtieri.”

D-ROCKSTEADY – Cozy: D-ROCKSTEADY plans to release a four track EP: ‘Wandering’ set to drop March 7th, 2017. This is the second single from the EP. He says: “I think you’ll be pleased to hear the unique sounds in my productions. I highly encourage you to listen to this on a good pair of headphones or on some high-fidelity sound system, or else you’ll probably miss it.”

Andre Tajchman – I am the Sun: “Born in Belgium, based in London, this unsigned indie musician has been releasing and promoting song after song over the past few years, getting featured on many blogs, hand picked by Fresh On The Net’s ‘Fresh Faves’, and airplayed on radios such as BBC 6 Introducing. His jazz and gospel influences beautifully blend with his atmospheric and electronic sounds, often compared to James Blake, Movement and Chet Faker. ‘I Am The Sun’ comments on a disillusioned generation who doesn’t want to grow up, using partying as an excuse to escape and forget about their own insecurities and responsibilities on their way to adulthood. The brutal yet captivating music video shows a young man who is having an over-dose but doesn’t want to stop dancing.”

Ray Monksy – I’m Too Confident: “I have a new single coming out on London based record label Do Better on the 13th of February. It’s going to be released on iTunes & Spotify. It’s a Flume-esque track with a James Blake vibe to it. The lyrics are based around love …” You can find out more, here:

Andy Leung – Nearly: More from Andy Leung (previously featured in SoS10 & SoS14), here with poet Chris Meade, a writer of transmedia fiction, poetry and songs, and a performer with Chris Overleaf & The Ifso Band. Chris is the founder of if:book uk, a charity exploring the future of the book in the digital age, and currently a PhD student in Digital Literature. The Nearly Manifesto comes from ‘What Didn’t Quite’, a transmedia novel about how we live with the things we nearly do. Go to to find out more – and to share your nearly stories. (This is the 3rd song to Leung’s lifetime project, in which he will release a free new single on the last Friday of every month for the rest of his career. To get priority access to the project, sign up here:

Matt Hazell – Time to go Back: “Matt Hazell is a Bristol based producer. His style draws on a diverse range of genres. These include hip hop, jungle, jazz and soul, but also artists like Radiohead, Gomez and Nick Drake. Matt’s recording roots are based in acoustic guitar. He started layering up basic acoustic arrangements around 10 years ago. Since then he has honed his composition and production skills to create beautiful tracks that include guitar, ambient synth sounds, vocal samples and hip hop or electronic beats.” This is his “1st single on Bristol, UK, independent record label ‘Tinsel Wizard records’. The track has a trip hop/downtempo vibe.” Available for purchase here:

Brudini – The Nightcrawler: “London based singer Brudini is set to release his debut single ‘The Nightcrawler’ on the 3rd of March. The first offering from the multi – instrumentalist, ‘The Nightcrawler’ is the perfect introduction to Brudini’s distinct voice and the immersive sound and world that he creates. A modern day nomad of mixed origins, Brudini grew up in Norway before moving across the globe, taking in Tokyo and Paris, finally settling in London. An emerging figure in Soho’s artistic community and regular fixture at the area’s Society Club, it is in this city Brudini’s soulful and eclectic expression truly comes alive.”

The Paper Trail – Wednesday Addams: New single – from Los Angeles, James Davidson of The Paper Trail also sings for a band called two o’clock courage. You can read more here:

Blushing – Tether: “Blushing is an Austin, TX based dreampop / shoegaze quartet comprised of two husband and wife pairs that share a love of making melodic, atmospheric music. Blushing formed in the summer of 2015 when after a few years of writing songs on guitar Michelle found a musical partner in friend Christina who brought her lifelong classical vocal training and bass- playing prowess to the project. They then enlisted the musical talents of their marital partners, Jake on drums and Noe on lead guitar … and self-released their debut EP … Tether … on January 13th 2017.”

Montana B – Lean on Me: This is another track from her EP “Alpha”, previously featured in Sounds on Sunday 12. More here on her website, including upcoming gigs.

Blaylock – Lighthouse: “Heartfelt songs and a powerful, unique voice. Blaylock has written songs … for the last 2 years with some of the world’s greatest songwriters in locations such as Stockholm, London, New York, Nashville and Los Angeles saving only the very best of songs for this solo project. His forthcoming EP is a collection of stripped back, heartfelt songs with real meaning … Blaylock has seen his songs used on 3 UK TV commercials, had radio play on Radio 1, Radio 2, Radio X and … other FM and digital stations around the world. In the US he’s seen his music used on 2 national TV shows and 1 national TV commercial … he was even once in the privileged position of being commissioned by Archbishop Desmond Tutu to write a song celebrating the life of Nelson Mandela. The song “Inyaniso” was presented by the Archbishop to the great man himself on his 90th birthday.”http://


5 thoughts on “Sounds on Sunday (18)

  1. Some nice mellow stuff here. I’ve only just signed up to SoundCloud so this is the first time I’ve been able to listen properly while I prep Sunday dinner.
    Re Twitter; maybe a shout out on RR FB page too?

  2. Enjoyed my Sunday listen. Always meaning to come back and listen to these a few times but other stuff gets i the way. Anyway, on the one listen through I think I liked Anne Hall the most.

  3. Red Giant – Universal Daughter This was OK. I liked the bass. If I have a criticism it is that it didn’t really go anywhere. I’d have liked it a bit more echoey and dubbed up.

    Anne Hall – Withstand the Rain Very Amy Winehouse and Corinne Bailey Rae sounding to my ears, which is not a criticism. While Ii was listening, it occurred to me that it might work better as a Phil Spector Wall Of Sound production with backing singers and everything else Spector used.

    D-ROCKSTEADY – Cozy Ah, this sounds promising. A nice bit of ambient chill-out. There is a good dynamic balance here. Yeah, nice.

    Andre Tajchman – I am the Sun This was OK and I liked his voice but it sort of passed me by.

    Ray Monksy – I’m Too Confident Not bad, a more trip-hoppy sort of thing than the previous track. It has enough going on to keep my interest.

    Andy Leung – Nearly I had to look up transmedia fiction because I’d not seen the term before. OK, it is a sort of multimedia thing. Pete Townshend wanted to do something along those lines back in the early 1970s with his Lifehouse Project. It failed, because the technology wasn’t there. I didn’t like the track, because it sounded like a lecture set to cheesy techno and nothing really happened. It was just repetitive.

    Matt Hazell – Time to go Back I might have to listen to this again, because it kind of passed me by the first time. Too much electronic beats and samples, maybe?.

    Brudini – The Nightcrawler Ah, an actual song. How refreshing. Yes, I rather liked this one.

    The Paper Trail – Wednesday Addams Another song. Not as good as the previous one, but OK in its own way.

    Blushing – Tether ooh! Some shoegazy stuff. Lots of guitars! And A drummer! I like this one a lot. Definitely the best thing so far. It is a bit Cocteau Twins, a bit Warpaint and a few other things in there too.

    Montana B – Lean on Me No, this didn’t work for me, because I don’t like that style of singing.

    Blaylock – Lighthouse Hmmmmm, the intro sounds like a Robbie Williams ballad, which is not good. I don’t like his voice, either. Not for me, sorry.

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