Earworms 20 February 2017

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More eclectic Earworms for you this week. The wormbank is getting low again, and so I have included two new releases, which were sent courtesy of Shauna McLarnon (contact@shamelesspromotionpr.com) – and very good they are, too. (Please note AMENDED CONTACT DETAILS above).

If anyone out there is new to Earworms, the concept is very simple – just send an .mp3 of something that has caught your ear recently, and that you’d like to share, to earworm@tincanland.com. It doesn’t have to be new, in fact we don’t usually include new music here, that’s reserved for “Sounds on Sunday” or other individual posts. If you’re reading this on Hype Machine, these other posts aren’t currently being picked up, so take a scroll through our blog and see for yourself. Meanwhile, thanks to all contributors, and hope you enjoy the music.

Anthony Phillips – God If I Saw Her Now – AliM: Heard this on Spotify “Discover Weekly”, and wonder why I have never heard it before. Phillips was a co-founder of Genesis, but left in 1970. This is from his debut solo album “The Geese and the Ghost” (1977). Yes it’s whimsical, but rather beautiful.

The Funky Knuckles – Moorish – Ravi Raman: suggested by a friend.  Full of wonderful bass lines and horns, this is one of many good tracks from their 2016 album New Birth.

Miles Davis – Flamenco Sketches – tincanman: Miles Davis gave his sextet sketches of scales and melody lines for the pieces on Kind of Blue and told them to improvise. It thus became a matter of legend that one of the best albums ever recorded, in any genre, was recorded front to back on the first take. This is false. Only one piece was: Flamenco Sketches.

Margie Day – Take Out Your False Teeth Daddy – severin: Doesn’t sound very hygienic to me. Still, I expect she knows best. From a compilation called Jumpin’ the Blues and ace. Hey it’s on the Ace record label. What were the chances …

Neville Staple – Return of Judge Roughneck: A catchy new release from “long-term ska royalty who blazed a bold path as a member of both THE SPECIALS (Two Tone Records) and FUN BOY THREE (Chrysalis Records) … His new double album ‘Return of Judge Roughneck’ is now available via Cleopatra Records. Please also enjoy a fun new video for the title track, filmed in Coventry and inspired by his one-time sentence to borstal (a youth detention center).” https://youtu.be/2UqRj3ekptA

Link to album: http://

Black Needle Noise – Swimming Through Dreams: Also a new release, “JOHN FRYER is known to many of those reading liner-notes and fans of THIS MORTAL COIL, of which he was one of only two permanent members along with Ivo Watts-Russell. But he’s often escaped the limelight over the past 3 1/2 decades of producing many bands on the early 4AD roster (including Cocteau Twins, The Wolfgang Press and Lush), as well as Depeche Mode, Yaz (Yazoo), Nine Inch Nails, Clan of Xymox, Nitzer Ebb, Love and Rockets, Xmal Deutschland, Fields of the Nephilim, De/Vision, Stabbing Westward, Swans, HIM, Cradle of Filth, and Jesus Jones. Today we introduce you to his latest single ‘Swimming Through Dreams’ under the name BLACK NEEDLE NOISE. This features MIMI PAGE of Delirium fame.” https://blackneedlenoise.bandcamp.com/track/swimming-through-dreams

Image Copyright: <a href=’http://www.123rf.com/profile_oigro’>oigro / 123RF Stock Photo</a>

20 thoughts on “Earworms 20 February 2017

  1. Anthony Phillips – God If I Saw Her Now I shall admit to never having heard any of Anthony Phillips’ solo work before. This is very early Genesis in feel. It has to be Phil Collins singing, surely? Funny to think it emerged into the same world as Punk in 1977. I do like this a lot.

    The Funky Knuckles – Moorish Ah! A nice bit of fusion. I do like this. It is very Weather Report-influenced, isn’t it?

    Miles Davis – Flamenco Sketches Kind of Blue was the first jazz LP I bought, if we can discount The Mahavishnu Orchestra as jazz. It is still one of the best jazz albums I own. Brilliance never dates.

    Margie Day – Take Out Your False Teeth Daddy Oh, Yeah! Big Band Blues. You cannot beat it. Swing, swagger and smut.

    Neville Staple – Return of Judge Ruffneck Courtroom Ska, a sub-genre all of its own. This is a lot of fun, but there is a proper message underneath. I am loving all the rimshots and the horns are classic.

    Black Needle Noise – Swimming Through Dreams Gosh! What a fabulous lush intro. Very This Mortal Coil, very DEad Can Dance, very 4AD, but with lots of influences from more recent times in the blend. Entrancing.

    What did I like best? Tough call, but Margie Day gets the nod, just ahead of Black Needle Noise.

  2. Much as I love the Miles Davis (any track from this album is ideal for Song Bar this week isn’t it?) I’m going with the Black Needle Noise. Totally new to me. Great selection.
    Take out your false teeth daddy/ your mommy wants to scratch your gums … hahaha.

    • Not really following your thinking here re. the Song Bar theme Ravi. Artists switching genres? Kind of Blue was absolutely a development of Miles’ first modal album, Milestones, and his mood work for Louis Malle’s ascenseur pour l’échafaud, and in a sense represented the end of a genre rather than the beginning of one.

      Not that he didn’t switch genres… On the Corner probably his most notorious such example, there are many others.

      • K.o.B. can’t really be seen as a “game changer” Ravi. I’m struggling to think of albums which developed directly from it. Miles himself almost immediately changed tack back towards the blues and the second great quintet then began deconstructing time and harmonic reference, the main thrust of the early sixties elsewhere was free jazz vs. the hard bop of Blue Note et. al. Even the subsequent Davis live versions of So What and All Blues were played in the standard hard-bop mode.

        The Songbar topic was about “artists switching to unusual genres” and not “innovations in existing genres” in any case- so for Miles as a jazz musician I guess you might consider his forays into classical (Sketches of Spain), rock (Jack Johnson), funk (On the corner), the blues (Hot Spot soundtrack with John lee Hooker), reggae (some of the Marcus Miller collabs) or hip hop (the disappointing Doo-Bop), though he pretty much played “the same” over a different backing in each case 😉

  3. @Tincanman- The various influences which play into Kind of Blue also work slightly against the “spontaneous creativity” idea, though obviously the album is a flawless work of reinvention.

    Flamenco Sketches for example actually starts with an intro Bill Evans developed out of the Leonard Bernstein composition Some other time- you can hear it in the Evans original Peace Piece, which was included on the “Everybody digs Bill Evans” album from 1958.

    So What has a riff from a 1955 performance by Ahmad Jamal of Morton Gould’s Pavanne; All Blues is said to derive from the musical accompaniment to an African dance concert Davis attended with his wife.

  4. Liked the Anthony Phillips track more than I expected since I am not a great fan of Genesis, early otherwise. The two jazz(y) tracks both excellent. Prefer the Miles Davis but that’s not a great put-down by any means.
    Liked the Neville Staples more than many of the early Jamaican court-room ska songs. One or two of those had (erm) problematic lyrics. This one was great.
    Black needle Noise was fantastic.

  5. Missed the boat, haven’t I? Treat of the week was Anthony Phillips. I had totally forgotten about his solo work, and now recall that somewhere in my lock up I have two of his albums, Sides, and the freebie that came with it – the wonderful “Private parts and pieces”. I must dig them out!!

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