Earworms 27 February 2017


41740905 - woman eats sweets at night to sneak in a refrigerator

Better late than never for Earworms this week – another interesting selection for you. Many thanks for all contributions, please keep your worms coming to earworm@tincanland.com if you have songs you’d like to share.

4 Clefs – I Like Pie, I Like Cake – severin: False teeth back in again, the 4 Clefs are hungry. From a compilation called “The Jive is Jumping” as, indeed, it is.

Ry Cooder – John Lee Hooker for President – Ravi Raman: The album in which this features,  “Pull Up Some Dust and Sit Down”, is full of gems, and Ry Cooder is credited with playing all the instruments except drums. Published in 2011 the songs may have been written for today.

The Great American Canyon Band – Tumbleweed – glassarfemptee: Baltimore based The Great American Canyon Band is based around husband and wife Paul and Krystal Jean Masson. It says here. But I could have picked any number of their recent tracks, as they make consistently complex and engaging Americana.

Fantastic Negrito – In The Pines – tincanman: Last year the outspoken Oakland singer wrote some new verses to the traditional (Lead Belly, and others) classic as a tribute to modern day women who bury children lost to gun violence. The short film (https://goo.gl/ZGiqQ6) that goes with it is 9 minutes of your life you won’t want back.

Ocean Colour Scene – Riverboat Song – AliM: I heard this played by an excellent “covers” band on Sunday. I knew it but couldn’t place it, so I looked it up later, and was amazed to find it was by Ocean Colour Scene in 1996. Comparisons may be drawn with “Four Sticks” by Led Zeppelin, but I like it for itself.

Lauren Ruth Ward – Heart in the States – tincanman:  I don’t get to listen to most stuff hopefuls send me, but by luck I made time for this (https://goo.gl/5FhrjD). She’s an unabashed young LA rock chick who writes and sings with conviction and isn’t following anyone else’s rulebook. Oh, and she can even sing unadorned: https://goo.gl/MhYNwa

Image Copyright: <a href=’http://www.123rf.com/profile_evgenyatamanenko’>evgenyatamanenko / 123RF Stock Photo</a>

14 thoughts on “Earworms 27 February 2017

    • Just seen, from glassarfemptee’s post that I missed out on the Lauren Ruth Ward Youtube link. I think I agree with his assessment. The track listed was ok but the one that followed on YT was a lot better. Really good, in fact.

  1. Nice bluesy set this week. We once had an RR about innuendo, and the Four Clefs would have fit right in. And then we have Ry Cooder’s sexual fantasies about big mommas on the bench of the Supreme Court! And indeed John Lee Hooker would have made a way better POTUS than some I can think of. Fantastic Negrito is indeed fantastic – this moving reworking is my pick of the week. Birmingham’s finest investigate why the river has stopped in energetic fashion that fits nicely into the mix. Sadly Lauren Ruth Ward didn’t do it for me, but funnily enough the song that follows it on youtube (“Make love to myself”) did!

  2. I have had just the one listen and liked the Riverboat Song the most.
    “When I see your jelly roll, I lose all self control” had me laughing like crazy. Severin, what is the name of the album please?
    Thanks tincanman for the very interesting link.

  3. 4 Clefs – I Like Pie, I Like Cake Terrific stuff. Really good fun and it sounds like something Ry Cooder might have covered back in the 1970s. Love it!

    Ry Cooder – John Lee Hooker for President And here is Mr Cooder himself. I have to say that I have never heard a Ry Cooder track I didn’t like, and this is no exception. In fact it is utterly brilliant, and Cooder does a superb John Lee Hooker impression.

    The Great American Canyon Band – Tumbleweed This has a very spacious, wide-screen feel to it, which I like, but I find that high wailing backing a bit too intrusive, especially at the beginning. I find it jarring and I really wish it wasn’t there, at least it gets submerged into the mix after a while. Apart from that, the song is great. It reminds me of Mazzy Star a bit, but with clearer vocals.

    Fantastic Negrito – In The Pines Utterly brilliant. The words atmospheric and affecting don’t really do it justice. It packs a big emotional punch.

    Ocean Colour Scene – Riverboat Song This just makes me think of Chris Evans and TFI Friday. Very much a thing of its time, even though it nicks all its ideas from early 70s rock. The band it reminds me of most, probably because of the vocals, is Family.

    Lauren Ruth Ward – Heart in the States From the description, I was expecting some power pop, so this was a bit of a surprise, until it turned into a power poppy sort of rocker. Yeah, it was OK.

    So, where are we now? What did I like the most? It is a photo finish, but Fantastic Negrito takes it on the line, just ahead of Ry Cooder.

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