Young Marble Giants and The XX – Discuss

I remember the exact moment I first heard Young Marble Giants.  I was listening to Marc Riley (one of the many former members of The Fall) on his BBC 6 Music radio show back in 2014.  He played this track called Brand New Life.  My ears pricked and I marvelled at it, thinking how fresh and modern it sounded – who could this new beat combo be?  Was I about to stumble upon the next big thing?  I was totally gobsmacked when I looked them up and found they have only ever released one album called Colossal Youth in 1980.  1980!!!!  Colossal Youth is a minimal masterpiece.  It’s so pared back yet Alison’s sweet vocals seem to lift it.  The music itself feels quite fresh, there are plenty of bands now working with that kind of under-production feel where less seems to be more (think; Sleaford Mods), so it was no wonder I thought it was a new release.

The other week, I stumbled across a comment somewhere comparing Young Marble Giants to The XX and I was like “YOU WHAT??! ARE YOU KIDDING ME??”  I don’t mind The XX, in fact I sort of quite like them, but really?  They are not even on the same level in my opinion, despite their Mercury Prize win.

It did get me thinking though.  Who can you compare Young Marble Giants to?  Maybe Bauhaus?  Possibly Joy Division to a certain extent.  Perhaps those suggestions are too obvious and tells you everything about the lack of depth to my musical knowledge.  And what do we really think of this Young Marble Giants/The XX comparison?  Is it fair?

Yet again ‘Spillers I come to you to fill in the gaps in my musical knowledge.  What can you tell me about all this and who else should I be tracking down?

Feel the love


Hi ‘Spillers.  Today has been a difficult and emotional day in the UK for at least half the population as we embark on a long road of negotiation that will see our country part ways with our near neighbours.  I’ve read some vitriol again today and know I have to ready myself for so much more to come.  In an attempt to take my mind off things I was going to ask you all to suggest some break-up songs but at the last minute have changed my mind to stay positive.  Let’s have some love instead.

Tell me your favourite love songs.  It would be good to hear of some you think are underrated or have been forgotten about or that are just special to you.

Two songs I always enjoy hearing and make my heart beat a tad faster are Gorecki by Lamb and Northern Sky by Nick Drake. So here you go, I hope they make you feel warm and fuzzy on such a day.


Set Adrift


Daryl Kellie & Jon Hart are a fingerstyle acoustic duo featuring two of UK’s best percussive fingerstyle guitar-singers. Their new album, Set Adrift, is due for release on 6 May. The YouTube videos featured here give a taster of their impressive style.

What started off as a collaboration idea to write a few songs on a houseboat, resulted in a 5-day tour on the Thames and an album’s worth of material. Set Adrift is a combination of originals and covers drawing in influences from fingerstyle, folk and jazz. It was recorded in a 17-hour stint on the boat giving it a raw and organic sound – creaks and all.

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RR Films: Money

Today sees the introduction of the new 12-sided £1 coin, so let’s have a look for films about the stuff that, it is said, makes the world go round and yet also brings evil to its lovers.

Many films cover the subject of making money – and we have covered Greed before – but I’m more interested here in stories where the money itself is the issue (because, say, its sudden loss or gain changes the dynamics of a relationship). As in 1998’s A Simple Plan, where the discovery of a big bag of greenbacks leads to a whole heap of trouble.

What films about money would you recommend?

Earworms 27 March 2017

First off, a big “Welcome back!” to toffeeboy and tfd, nice to see you both, and please drop in again! Let’s hope you encourage others to re-visit Earworms too. The idea is very simple, just send in an .mp3 of something that has caught your ear recently, to, and a few lines saying why you’ve chosen it. We have some excellent worms for you today, thanks very much to all our contributors.

Bob Weir – Lay My Lily Down – CaroleBristol: I didn’t know that Bob Weir had released an album in 2016 until about three weeks ago. Anyway, he did, his third solo outing and his first solo album since 1978. It is a rich and deep album, very different from anything he did with the Grateful Dead, and features members of The National, with many of the songs co-written by Josh Ritter. It will take a lot of listens to really get to know, but this track Lay My Lily Down is the one that has made the biggest impression on me so far.

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Sounds on Sunday 23

Good morning, commiserations to those of you on British Summertime, who are stumbling around bleary-eyed, having lost an hour overnight. Here are nineteen tracks to bring you round – thanks to all contributors, and please remember to leave your feedback on the tracks in the comments below.

Eric Brandon – Old Love: Acoustic folk / Americana from Eric’s album Old Love released on January 6th. “Recorded in both Hamilton, ON, Canada and Nashville, Tennessee … it’s a short collection of songs I’m proud to put out there … everybody’s looking for something, and I’m no exception, and I’ve always been inspired by my grandparents. My whole life they would swoon over each other with this infectious, unbreakable love that they’d parade around like a prize – whatever it is we’re all looking for, they had it. As a kid this left me hungry to find something real for myself. So, I’ve always had this hunger for an old love, true and strong at its core. This EP is a collection of songs about the chase to have this in my own heart and to seek it out in someone else. You’ll hear both wins and losses, the lessons and cost in an effort to find old love.”

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The Wheel of Your Tune

Hi ‘Spillers

I thought I’d shamelessly steal an idea from a radio programme I listen to for a little bit of fun.  The Wheel of Your Tune works like this; I metaphorically turn my spinning top to reveal a random letter and number.  The letter relates to an artist or the name of an album in my collection and the number relates to the track by that artist or on that album.  This week’s spin landed on C and 9.

My nomination this week is Brazilian group CSS and the 9th track on their 2005 album Cansei de Ser Sexy, Alcohol.

Please play along and nominate your C9 tracks.