Sounds on Sunday 20


Ten more new tracks for you this week, lots of interesting listening to enjoy! Please let me know what you think, in the comments below. Thanks very much to all contributors!

Montana B – Do Your Thing: More from Montana B (SoS12 and SoS18), this was released for Valentine’s Day.

Vandana – Vicious: “The singer songwriter, producer and a visual artist was raised in India, educated in London and now lives in Brooklyn having collected an eclectic tapestry of both musical and aesthetic influences over the years, all of which find a place in her music. From Portishead to The Cure, the London rave scene to Indian pop music, metaphysical and esoteric references merge with throbbing, swollen synths making for a really absorbing listen. Her new EP, Nox Anima is out April 21st but in the meantime, check out her new song ‘Vicious’.”

Pekoe Cat – Superstore: “Pekoe Cat is multi-instrumentalist/producer Kyle Woolven. Pekoe Cat is the biggest thing to come out of Belleville, Ontario, since those guys got on the news for stealing Tim Hortons cups. Woolven is driven to create and progress, so he can make better music. With the release of his new album ‘Digital Chaos’, Woolven is hoping that people will take his music more seriously than he takes himself. He also hopes to make it to 40 Twitter followers.”

Chase McBride – Days Move Easy: More from Chase McBride (SoS14) – “It is the second most anticipated track off of his recently released album, ‘Cold Water’. We have already received a lot of attention for the song from a few major publications and I wanted to extend the opportunity for you to feature it while it is still fresh.”

Samuel Larson – Blue: “From the moment he first picked up a guitar, Samuel Larsen has been entertaining crowds with his own unique brand of funk-inspired pop rock. Born in San Francisco to a father from Denmark and a mother from Mexico, Larsen’s musical interests reflect his diverse upbringing. Known for his powerful, melodic vocals and skill playing the drums, guitar and bass … (this is his) first release of 2017 … “about being perfectly in love while also being perfectly incompatible, a lullaby to the confused & hopeless romantics doused in nostalgia and funk.”

I am Anni – Break Free: “Here’s a new song from the Helsinki based popstress Anni. Perfect soundtrack for feeling hopeful after the long winter. Like usual, the focus is on her delicious vocals and the keys, this time she played her Fender Rhodes … (Anni says) … “Our mind is such a funny thing. Sometimes we get so caught up in our thoughts. We stop trusting ourselves, and start caring too much what if something doesn’t work or what others might think. Yet confidence is such a game-changer.”

Analog Candle – Scarlett’s Web: “Analog Candle … (have) … had plaudits from The Guardian, Wonderland, Nylon, Clash and Impose so far … Led by producer and singer-songwriter, Callum Plews, Analog Candle is very much influenced by early Broken Social Scene, Rilo Kiley, Xiu Xiu (Callum has worked with Angela Seo in the past) and Beach House, as well as (lyrically) by the surrealist elements of literary heavyweights like Haruki Muramaki and Franz Kafka. Heightened emotion is therefore given a front seat over realism in their new EP, ‘Winter ’15’ which is out now.”

Miccoli – Idle Stranger: “Miccoli, their name taken from the sibling trio’s surname, formed in 2010 after spending most of their childhood studying and making music. Growing up in Birmingham, England, they were brought up listening to Simon and Garfunkel, Don Mclean, The Police, Fleetwood Mac and the sounds of Motown, to name just a few of their diverse musical influences. Twin brothers Adriano (vocal and acoustic/electric guitar) Alessandro (piano, vocal and acoustic guitar) and their younger sister Francesca (vocal, piano and harmonica) have toured extensively, giving the band the opportunity to explore their musical identity …”

J.Bruno – Don’t Be A Stranger: … “From Århus (mainland Denmark) J. Bruno makes alternative bubblegum pop songs with dreamy guitar riffs, synthesizers, catchy melodies and energetic bass & drum grooves. His lyrics are about the fickleness of love and how time passes … Apart from his solo-project J. Bruno is also involved in The April Rainers fronted John Hassall of the Libertines and the psych-folk trio The New Family. J.Bruno will be releasing a single later this spring and an EP later this year.”

Sweet Lu – Don’t Forget to Remember: More from Sweet Lu (SoS16) – this is their second single, which is their version of “Recorda Me” by Joe Henderson. Lyrics were written by Lu himself. Release on Friday, March 3rd.










3 thoughts on “Sounds on Sunday 20

  1. Montana B – Do Your Thing Unfortunately, my thing isn’t identi-kit neo-R’n’B, sorry.

    Vandana – Vicious This is more interesting. I rather like the chittering drum and bass percussion track and it has a dreamy, atmospheric trip-hop thing going on. Nice.

    Pekoe Cat – Superstore With an intro riff shoplifted from “John, I’m Only Dancing”. There are a lot of ideas here, maybe too many for one song. I am not a fan of quirky indie pop really, but this isn’t bad, overall.

    Chase McBride – Days Move Easy This is a nicely-done song, stripped-back and with a classy sound. I rather like this.

    Samuel Larson – Blue: “From the moment I first picked up a guitar I made a horrible racket with it, so Samuel Larsen has more skill than I do. This is a pretty decent track. Nice doo-wop- influenced vocals and a lovely mellow guitar sound. I bet he’s got a few Prince records in his collection, mind. This is good.

    I am Anni – Break Free I can appreciate the song, but it isn’t really my thing. She is clearly talented and is good at this style of music. To be honest, though, I prefer The xx.

    Analog Candle – Scarlett’s Web I am sure that there are lots of people who will like this, but I’m not one of them, well, I wasn’t until the singing stopped. I liked the bit at the end a lot more.

    Miccoli – Idle Stranger Horrible, pretentious video, but the song was OK. I expect that they had a nice time in Venice, though. I wouldn’t buy it, but I’d listen to it on the radio. Not sure about the bell, it was intrusive.

    J.Bruno – Don’t Be A Stranger To be honest, I thought that this was dull. Not offensively dull, just a bit bland.

    Sweet Lu – Don’t Forget to Remember Ah, something a bit upful to round matters off. Much better. This is rather classy stuff and I like it a lot Lovely piano.

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