Slint and Lift to Experience – discuss

Hey everyone.

I hadn’t intended for my first post on The ‘Spill to be this.  However, I’ve had a few weeks of musical discovery. First, I came across Slint having never heard of them before.  I read an interview with Aiden Moffatt of Arab Strap where he hailed them as one of his favourite bands. I instantly fell in love with their only album, Spiderland.

And today I’ve come across Lift To Experience for the first time. I’ve been listening to their only album The Texas-Jerusalem Crossroads this afternoon. There is an uncanny similarity between the two albums I think. So, not knowing anything about either band I thought I’d get you more knowledgeable music nerds to tell me what you know, provide critique and opinion. Are there any other bands like these two one-album wonders I should know about? Discuss….

Slint – Breadcrumb Trail
Lift to Experience – Just as Was Told
(Don’t know how to embed videos on my phone…Soz!)

Earworms 6 March 2017

15472511 - grainy and blurry image of human-like beings approaching.

If anyone out there is new to Earworms, the concept is very simple – just send us an .mp3 of something that has caught your ear recently, and that you’d like to share, to It doesn’t have to be new, in fact we don’t usually include new music here unless the wormbank is low, that’s reserved for “Sounds on Sunday” or other individual posts. Anyway, here’s another musical selection box for you – many thanks to all contributors, and hope you enjoy the sounds.

Martin Green (featuring Becky Unthank) – I saw the Dead – severin: Here’s another album I only know about because of R/R. Stumbled across it while searching for songs about accordions. Leeds Lily filled in the details about it being based on a stage show. I love the Unthanks and all their works so Becky’s voice on this is a bonus. The song itself is alternately creepy and manic. Which seems topical for some reason.

Ryuichi Sakamoto – Energy Flow – glassarfemptee: Japanese composer and musician Ryuichi Sakamoto  (formerly of Yellow Magic Orchestra) has been hugely influential, affecting the path of electro and hip hop with his eclectic mix of computer game music, soundtracks, and electronica. Then he released a pure piano album, BTTB (back to the basics), and this track was the first-ever instrumental number one hit in Japan.

Vaishnavo Jana To – Pt Ronu Majumdar – Ravi Raman: Pt Ronu Majumdar is a noted flautist and he is playing this 15th century bhajan, which was one of Mahatma’s favourites. The thoughts of the ideal man expressed in the poem became his credo. Those interested can read more:

Andy Prieboy – Tomorrow Wendy – tincanman: It is complete now, she’s been diagnosed with AIDS and it’s the 80’s so it doesn’t have a name yet and there’s no cure or relief.

The History of Colour TV – Wreck and As Grey As Park Can Be – AliM: The first and second singles from this Berlin-based trio’s “Something Like Eternity” LP, due for release on 17 March via France’s Crane Records. “Something Like Eternity is an album of sparse, immediate performances captured live in studio. The room seemingly reverberates to a wide dynamic range of sonic tapestries ranging from fleeting moments of near-silence to elongated passages of guitar meltdowns, loaded with emotion.” LP pre-order: 

Sturle Dagsland – Nzinga – AliM: “You should really check out the new song from the Norwegian Band Sturle Dagsland. It’s completely insane.” Well, how could I resist? Much improved by not watching the video, I feel. But perhaps I’m just sensitive.

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