Slint and Lift to Experience – discuss

Hey everyone.

I hadn’t intended for my first post on The ‘Spill to be this.  However, I’ve had a few weeks of musical discovery. First, I came across Slint having never heard of them before.  I read an interview with Aiden Moffatt of Arab Strap where he hailed them as one of his favourite bands. I instantly fell in love with their only album, Spiderland.

And today I’ve come across Lift To Experience for the first time. I’ve been listening to their only album The Texas-Jerusalem Crossroads this afternoon. There is an uncanny similarity between the two albums I think. So, not knowing anything about either band I thought I’d get you more knowledgeable music nerds to tell me what you know, provide critique and opinion. Are there any other bands like these two one-album wonders I should know about? Discuss….

Slint – Breadcrumb Trail
Lift to Experience – Just as Was Told
(Don’t know how to embed videos on my phone…Soz!)

29 thoughts on “Slint and Lift to Experience – discuss

  1. I have Spiderland and it is an album I like a lot, but I have to be in the right frame of mind for it. I know absolutely nothing about Slint as a band, and I’ve never heard anything else by them. I bought the album because I like Mogwai and Godspeed You! Black Emperor and someone told me that if I liked them, then I should give Spiderland a listen.

    As for Lift To Experience, I’ve never even heard of them before. The track you posted is an interesting listen. It has something of GSY!BE about it, without being totally the same.

  2. These are two of my all time favourite albums. Incidentally, Slint does have one other album, though it’s nothing like as good as Spiderland, and Josh T Pearson had considerable success with his solo album, Last of the Country Gentlemen. Both bands have re-formed and played live fairly recently. Lift to Experience played live last year for the first time in 16 years when Guy Garvey persuaded them to play at Meltdown. The new, remixed version of The Texas Jerusalem Crossroads has resulted from the acclaim they received last year.

    Another one-off cult album is Neutral Milk Hotel’s second album, In the Aeroplane Over the Sea. Try that if you don’t already know it.

  3. Both very fine, but don’t really see much of a connection between the two: Slint sit in the space between post-punk & post-rock, whereas LTE are more shoegazey.

    You might want to try The For Carnation for post-slint doings. & it never hurts to check what Steve Albini is up to

    • In the remix, “now as God intended”, LTE come across as much more droney and noisy than the original release. Josh has also cleaned up his act, he’s off the booze, cut his hair, trimmed the beard and dresses in white, complete with cowboy boots and white Stetson. His mordant sense of humour is still intact, thankfully.

    • Fair post-punk v shoegaze comment, I still hear a lot of similarities. Maybe it’s just the use spoken voice rather than singing through some of the tracks (if you know what I mean) that makes them sound alike to me. Have earmarked The For Carnation to listen to tomorrow. Thanks.

  4. nice post, both great albums.
    you could try the unwound album – leaves turn inside you. like spiderland, it’s one of my favourite albums. essential.
    faraquet – the view from this tower is a really good “math rock” album. a little different to the two mentioned but some great moments.
    i think bitch magnet were compared to slint though i think more noisy and less atmospheric than spiderland and there was a good band called Tar who were a bit like that sound. and bastro in that sort of genre.
    there was a track on the oranssi pazuzu album from last year that reminded me a bit of slint called havuluu. that album is so good!

  5. Hi Sarah. I can hear a similarity in the two bands, but I haven’t anything useful to say about either. Just here to report that I’m glad you’ve posted on the ‘Spill and I’ve been enjoying the tweets.

  6. Thanks Sarah, really enjoyed those, though they’re not the sort of thing I usually listen to – and it’s music that demands attention, not something to put on in the background.

    I’d never heard of Slint, and I’d never heard Lift to Experience, though have picked up some Josh T. Pearson tracks around here – though they didn’t prepare me for this. Will definitely listen more.

    Not sure I have anything to recommend in this vein, except to echo Mnemonic’s recommendation of In The Aeroplane Over The Sea as an essential cult album. I bought my brother a Neutral Milk Hotel t-shirt for Christmas, and now get regular ads for them on my Facebook news feed. Which says something about both the sophistication and the uselessness of targeted advertising.

    • Cheers Barney. Neither is the sort of thing you’d put on to get a party started! Well worth the effort of listening to them though. I’ve found them both extraordinary.
      Like the t-shirt thing, it’s a great album cover to be featured on a top.
      The analytics of social media platforms like Facebook are really beginning to grate on me lately, they feel quite scary too and often not very intuitive as you suggest…it reminds me of The Sun newspaper bombarding my twitter timeline with promoted ads a while back – clearly their analytics hadn’t noticed me tweeting, as a fan, about Liverpool FC……

    • Ah the Becky Unthank track was an Earworm this week too, how beautifully circular! Will check the Yann Tiersen during my lunch break. Thanks Ali!

  7. Great post!
    Not much to add, except that, like Mnemosene, these are two of my all-time favourite albums too.
    Spiderland is just perfect from the Will Oldham photo on the cover to every track inside.

    LtE is one of those one-off, cult albums that only come around every decade that just can’t be copied of recreated (I haven’t heard the remastered version, but the original seems just about perfect to me).

  8. OK, that Lift to Experience album is quite something.

    I notice the song titles read as a poem:

    Just as Was Told
    Down Came the Angels
    Falling from Cloud 9
    With Crippled Wings
    Waiting to Hit
    The Ground So Soft
    These Are the Days
    When We Shall Touch
    Down with the Prophets
    To Guard and to Guide You
    Into the Storm

    Anyone know of any other albums that do that?

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