Sounds on Sunday 21

Hi there, here’s some more Sunday listening for you. Lots of artists ask for feedback, so don’t forget to leave your (constructive!) comments below. Thanks to all contributors!

Analogue Wave – Hope:Analogue Wave is an Irish-based electronic duo, mixing dub and electronica with breakbeats, vocals and synths. After a three-year hiatus, the band have returned to the underground scene with a brand new single ‘Hope’. This is a sonic call to arms in a world spinning wildly out of control, both politically and climatically, with no hope of a positive ending in sight. Imbuing and poignant, this track has a timely message.”

Maggie McClure – Be Right Here For You: “The Norman, Okla-bred, Los Angeles-based singer/songwriter/pianist Maggie McClure has … performed more than 1000 shows throughout her career in over 40+ states in the U.S. at iconic venues such as The Hotel Cafe in Los Angeles to Rockwood Music Hall in NYC … Her original piano-driven songs empower and inspire listeners with a positive message of hope, love, and faith. Maggie’s third and newest album, Time Moves On – produced by Justin Glasco, whose work includes Dan Wilson (songwriter of Adele’s hit “Someone Like You”), Gary Jules, Tyler Hilton, and Cary Brothers – chronicles her move from Oklahoma to L.A. and centers on the mental and physical bravery it takes to push yourself in an unknown city and make people pay attention and convince them to be part of your dream.”

Astro Tan – The Jetsons: “Astro Tan is a three-piece out of Portland, OR, who hail from opposing corners of the continent; they call rural Pennsylvania, urban Seattle, and remote Alaska their homes, respectively. Perhaps their trans-continental allows for what is a genre-bending songbook that places foot in no strict stylistic camp. With primary songwriting responsibilities oscillating between Charles Tern and Sam Wegman (bass and guitars) and an exacting drummer in Jed Overly (also a songwriter), their aim is a fresh take on what they call R&A/B – or rhythm & Americana blues. This is from their recently released album, “Canary”.”

FEELS – Gates: “Here’s a new single from the Helsinki based FEELS, released today (Feb 22nd). It’s the first song out of a four track EP, that will be released later this spring. The band has always been uncompromising with their beautiful electro-pop, and it’s really starting to pay off as they’re already playing top festivals like Flow in Finland and quickly building their fanbase.”

Puzzle – Eyes Wide Shut: “One man enigma, PUZZLE, has shared ‘Eyes Wide Shut’ – a pulsing, passionate track (usually) available only as an instant grat when you pre-order the forthcoming EP, Babylon … With a cinematic soundscape and signature velvet vocals, the electro-pop wizard injects excitement and thrill into his sultry yet dangerous songs. The rousing ‘Eyes Wide Shut’ is sexually charged, making intimacy physical in hasty progression. It pounces after already released single, ‘Little Black Book’, acting as a dark exploration into unrequited love and casual encounters.”

PATHS – Right Beside You: More from PATHS (SoS16) – “Leading multiple roles in song-writing and performance under her artist moniker PATHS, the alt-pop songstress now returns with her latest A/B release of ‘Right Beside You’ that features a second track ‘Last One Standing’. Engaging much more of PATHS energetic performance characteristics, these tracks together incorporate crossovers of both serene and engaging synth-pop moments. Her ability for assembling and manipulating diverse and multi-cultural samples that match to East-Asian instruments, utter through moments of both tracks.

Jackson Boone – Don’t: “Jackson Boone is a songwriter who quietly emerged from the misty magic of Portland, Oregon. He plays lo-fi folk rock, with a sound comparable to Kevin Morby, Kurt Vile, or Damien Jurado. His third full-length studio album, ‘Organic Light Factory,’ comes out March 10th. He’ll be on tour this March with his band the Ocean Ghosts. I wanted to share with you his new track  “Don’t” which premiered on Impose earlier this week – They called it “dreamy” and praised “his vocals and velvet synths.” 

Surf Cassette – Wasted: “We are “Surf Cassette”, a garage pop band based in Milan. We’ve just released our first self titled record and we’d love to get a review from you (or just a feedback!). BIO: “Surf Cassette is a power trio, composed by Dario Dell’Aversana (Voice/Guitar), Luca Brunelli (Drum) and Filippo Colombo (Bass). Based in Milan, these three little misfits have been playing around for a while before publishing their first record in January 2017. Waves, Californian girls, dreams and seasides go with their notes mixed up with a punk attitude and “just having fun”!! It sounds garage with a bit of pop.”

Tim De Graaw – Ivory: “After cutting his teeth in the LA music scene, singer/songwriter Tim De Graaw returns to London and announces his debut EP and opening track taken from it. Recorded at Westpoint Studios (UK) and mixed at the legendary Muscle Shoals (USA), ‘Ivory’ is the first track taken from the EP ‘Three Black Roses’ out March 1st 2017, and on pre-order now. This one-man musical powerhouse has drawn comparisons with John Mayer and The Black Keys due to his knack of blending beautifully constructed vocal melodies with blues-tinged guitar licks.”

André Salvador and the Von Kings – Avenue A: “André Salvador and the Von Kings is the moniker of singer/songwriter Tim Cheplick, who records all instruments and vocals in his apartment in Brooklyn. His sound comprises original songs based around guitars, tambourines, fuzzy keys, fuzzy bass, some stupid sounds, and the odd witticism. Cheplick also performs throughout NYC, usually with his backing band.”

Campbell L Sangster – Odds are Stacked: “Filmed in St Johns Wood, London on a rare sunny day last June, the video is evocative of fifties America tinged with elements taken from more recent decades. Campbell performs alongside The Drakes – a posing gallant band of butches, bois, studs, transmen and genderqueers, whilst Edie Sedgwick lives on in the body and soul of a sun worshipping, silver-clad mother, desperate for rays to top up her tan. Meanwhile, her budding gymnast daughter is mesmerised by the arrival of Buffy, a woman in her 70s, physically strong and utterly focused. Buffy has the spirit of Esther Williams and verve of an assassin, diving effortlessly into the pool as the young girl watches, hypnotised.” Watch the video here:

Evan Taylor Jones – Love Me Now (John Legend cover): “Tragedy affects us all differently; some people freeze up, while others forge forward despite the pain. Born in the community of Inglewood, CA, Evan Taylor Jones was no stranger to tragedy. When he was only 13, his mother died from lymphatic cancer. After this moment he would not stay still, he turned to basketball as an emotional outlet. He would quickly excel at basketball in high school and became a highly sought after player. Then in his senior year during a district finals game, tragedy struck again, when he tore his labrum. While healing from his injury, Evan began playing guitar and listening to his parents’ old music. All of this catapulted him into the artists that he is today. (The) Orlando-based, heavy soul rocker and guitarist, Evan Taylor Jones is currently gearing up for the release of his deluxe liv EP, The Sunray Sessions Live (Deluxe EP). His first video, a cover of “Love Me Now” by John Legend, featuring Niko Is was released on Hip Hop DX – check out the piece HERE.”


















4 thoughts on “Sounds on Sunday 21

  1. My faves this week are Surf Cassette, Tim De Graaw and Campbell L Sangster. I agree that Evan Taylor James has a great voice but I like the original song more.

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