Box of Delights II – A Podcast

Open cardboard box closeup

Ha ha! I think I finally conquered Garageband and worked out how to make a podcast, even though there is no podcast button anymore!

Here is a very hastily constructed podcast that I made tonight as I was opening a box of my own records that I had sent myself from England.I don’t think I made quite the right music selection choices, but hey, that’s the way it goes sometimes! Enjoy!


3 thoughts on “Box of Delights II – A Podcast

  1. I loved this! Thanks for sharing it. Really liked the Garbage track. I found your last podcast post when I was scouring the archive for stuff to share, but it didn’t seem to work any more for some reason. You could do a regular feature – something from the box…I’d listen!

    • Thanks! I might do a couple of genre themed ones with records from the box. It will give me a chance to listen to them again properly after all these years.

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